Chapter 2048 Lesson

White is in a stupor.

He is lost in himself. At least that is what it looked like to the spectators. Sam just brushed on the point of attack with his palm and blew some air on it.

"It is very itchy. Are you done?"

"How did you do it?" White asked.

"It seems like you understood what I was doing. I didn't do much. You should have already guessed."

"That should be impossible. Unless you are a good, there is no way you can command energy around you to have enough understanding of it."

"Why do I need to command the energy? I can just see it and calculate it. What is the point of having a brain if you need cultivation level to achieve everything."

Sam's words stunned everyone into silence.

Even though they knew that Sam didn't mean to address them, it felt like he was calling out all of them. Including the Dean. After all, everyone there is obsessed with the cultivation levels which is often their whole identity.

Because their strength determines their power and authority. And that power determines their position.

If Olaf's cultivation is knocked down a couple of levels, the elders won't think twice before skinning alive and eating his bones to take over his position.

It is that simple. Of course, in this pursuit they often ignore a lot of common sense.

Still, some of them wanted to yell at Sam to contradict his viewpoint. But unfortunately, this is not a debate competition. It is the competition to see who beats whom.

White zoomed forward and landed a few more hits.

He didn't bother to wait anymore.




The attacks kept on landing and there is no effect.

"Come on. Think differently. I don't want to take out without you landing a single hit. That will be way too ridiculous. After all, this is the semi-final fight."

As soon as he spoke, White made another move.

His cane is aimed at Sam's head once again. Sam just stood there, bracing himself for the impact, but beyond all expectations, the hit didn't land on Sam's head, instead at the last moment White drove the cane into the ground beneath Sam's feet.


With a loud explosion a large pit was created right underneath Sam. He was not prepared for it and he slipped. White spun around in the air and sent a kick.


The kick landed on Sam's back. For the first time since the start of the fight, a proper hit landed. Albeit it is not exactly a hundred percent shot, but Sam still ate in.

In the middle of everyone's shock, Sam flew to the other side of the arena with just one hit. He regained his balance forcefully and looked at White. He had a wide smile on his face.

"You finally figured out."

White's grip tightened on the cane. He indeed figured out how to land a hit on Sam. The task to calculate and negate White's attacks is indeed insane. Sam's mind might be able to control, calculate and manipulate energy with that precision, but the drawback is, it wouldn't be able to perform many other functions.

One of that is maintaining balance or moving around.

So, once Sam lost his balance, his body instinctively moved and the calculation is halted. The attack landed.

Sam is not ashamed that he got hit.

Because this is literally the first time that he tried this method. So, he was unable to be as efficient as he wanted to be. Only when he saw White use such massive explosion did he manage to think of this technique.

Since white discovered this technique, Sam didn't bother to use it anymore. He decided to make his own move.

His body started glowing with golden energy.

White already closed the distance and threw an attack at Sam.


Sam let the attack hit him and even moved in the direction the force is moving to make more distance. As he was travelling the air, everyone could see that the golden light is slowly changing color. They could also feel the energy concentration of Sam's fusion form is very weird compared to a normal light fusion.


White used a highly concentrated recoil hit to close the distance.

It almost looked like spatial blink as he made his way to Sam and threw another hit.

The cane almost made contact. He could see the cane hitting the flesh, but he couldn't feel it.

The next instant, he felt a burning sensation on his back.

"Peak a Boo"

Sam whispered into White's ears.

White felt shivers run down his spine.


He kicked backward and used the recoil to escape. However, Sam turned into a small light beam as he chased after White.

White was stunned to say the least. Even though Sam's laser fusion gave him speed that surpassed all the times that they fought before, it is still not out of White's limits. He could still sense the change in the energy of the surroundings and he can still feel Sam's approach.

So, he is able to react and defend himself.

However, Sam's laser fusion is giving him one extra edge. It is enabling him to exploit a negligible loophole within the recoil style. When a recoil hit was made, right after the collision of energy particles, there will be a small gap in the center of the attack.

That gap is essentially a void. It is similar to the void created by Sam when he uses void style.

Sam used that small gap to make his move and close the distance between him and White.



Another onslaught of attacks from White. However, this time instead of just standing there nullifying the attacks, Sam moved around like a flash of light. He didn't aim to attack White. He was just slick with his movements and he closed the distance.

As if he is saying, that he can attack any time he wants, but he is choosing not to.

It is kind of a greater insult to anyone.

White appeared to have upper hand with only him being able to make a move. Still, he felt suffocated. Not being able to land a single hit is more than frustrating. No matter what he tried, Sam's laser form is a bit too fast for him.

If he was able to block Sam with his recoil hits, then it would have been easier, but now it is almost impossible.

"Fight me like a man. Stopping running around like a coward."

White yelled through his gritted teeth. Sam halted and looked at White with a smile on his face. Now only a lot of spectators and even White managed to take a good look at Sam's current form. He looked like he is molded out of some neon colored, glowing, slimy substance.

"Really? Resorting to these childish insults? I am doing you a favor here and this is how you react? I thought you are better than that."

Sam's words stumped everyone. They didn't understand how this is a favor. All he has been doing is running around and rubbing the loopholes in White's face. He never even bothered to attack even when he had a chance.

"You dare mock me?"


White yelled and launched another attack at Sam. But to no avail.

Sam once again slipped through that small hole and this time he came face to face with White. Laser beams shot out of his eyes and hit White squarely on his mask.

White hurriedly blocked the attack with an energy barrier and moved back.

"I am teaching you how many loopholes you have in your technique. I am not going to lie, this technique of yours is pretty unique and novel. Still, it is not efficient or effective enough.

You have already seen me block it and deflect it back at Olympian region. Now you have seen how your technique is completely useless if someone can calculate the energy and timing. I have also just shown you, how someone can easily stay unaffected as long as they have enough speed.

You should be touching my feet and thanking me for being such a selfless teacher.

But here you are throwing these insults at me.

I feel kind of hurt."

Sam's expressions and acting, even his tone of voice made White's blood boil. Indeed, Sam did everything he claimed he did. He indeed exploited the loopholes and gave all the information to White, but now by saying it out loud, he is basically revealing the weakness to the rest of the world.

"You Bastard."

White yelled and made his move. Unlike the ones before this is a special attack. The body of the cane glowed brightly and the energy was shout out like an energy bullet aimed straight at Sam.

The recoil from just that launch sent White flying away and he felt the muscles in his arm put through immense torture for that one attack.

It is a price to pay for the speed that shouldn't be of his capability. The bullet shot out so fast even Sam in his laser fusion mode could barely react to it.

For some reason, he didn't even react to begin with. He just stood there and White could have sworn that Sam was coming out of his fusion form when the bullet hit him.