Chapter 2050 Erratic White



The whole arena is reverberated with the blows of Sam and White.

The fight is neck and neck. The spectators savored the showcase of great skill in hand to hand combat. White's unique fighting technique often overshadowed his skill in hand to hand combat. Now that he is fighting against his own technique, his skill is clearly showcased.

Contrary to the feelings of the spectators, the two competitors involved are facing each other at full pressure.

Sam felt the full power of white. Every blow is aimed to kill him on the spot. White is not holding back. On the other hand, White is feeling frustrated. To the point he could feel the smoke coming out of his ears.

So far, fighting with Sam felt like hitting soft cotton.

He couldn't land a proper hit no matter what he tried. By now, he understood that he is not skilled enough to break through Sam's defenses in his current state. The only leaves him with one alternative.


He diverted the kick he was about to land on Sam to the ground and launched himself away, when Sam was about to close the distance, he gathered another special energy bullet to aim at Sam. Looking at the glowing cane, Sam stepped back and dodged the bullet.

He might not have escaped with little damage from the Sphere, but with his current level of energy expenditure, it would be stupid of him to get caught up in it once again. However, the moment he stepped back he realized that he has been tricked. White didn't launch an actual attack like before. It is a decoy and just some lump of energy shot at Sam.

White got the time he needed because of Sam's back step. Energy gathered at the palm of his hands and it caused a few cuts on his palm. The cuts formed the shape of intricate runic inscriptions at a rapid pace. Sam looked at this with a frown. The blood is not dripping from his palm, instead it started burning. White is burning his vitality and lifeforce to attack Sam.

The runic inscription is also an unfamiliar thing for most people who sat there. Sam could sense that there is some weird trick at play here. The blood burning is causing the atmospheric energy to react. The surrounding energy gathered toward White.

The Divine energy is rising and it spread out the burning blood all over his body. While that happened, White's body slowly started turning White like his name. The energy glow is very similar to the one Thor used, but only visually. Internally it is very different. Because Thor's fusion is just basic elemental fusion.

Rather White's fusion is purely spiritual energy which is not something you see everyday.

On top of that, the bloody runes of all of his body are condensing the spiritual energy and are conducting into Divine energy. This divine energy is not refined, not pure and not stable. It is a makeshift temporary strength.


He kicked the air and came at Sam.

His moves didn't change. His technique didn't change. But each hit is filled with Divine energy and not just a small amount that is used by most of their peers. It is a pure Divine energy attack.

Sam spread his own divine energy around. His Divine energy reserves are huge compared to most of his peers. In the starting stages of Divine Plane, it is common practice to not use the Divine energy that much.

They were almost always reserved for trump cards. Sam never had to use many trump cards. But since the other party is playing with divine energy it is only fair if he also uses it.


Both of their hits are connected. Sam negated White's recoil hit. The shockwaves sent shivers down the rest of the contestants' spines. They didn't believe they could take on that level of attack. At least not without paying a price. However, that is just an exchange between Sam and White.



Every exchange sent tremors through the earth. Slowly, everyone noticed that Sam is being pushed back.

After a flurry of exchanges, a hit landed straight on his face.


Sam was sent flying through the air and left a large crater on the ground. White made his way to Sam and was about to hit him. But the next moment…


The earth cracked and a large stone wall blocked his approach. White was caught off guard, but he didn't stop.


With a single punch, he destroyed it to smithereens. Sam stood on the other side as he examined his face. His jaw bone cracked. It is almost on the verge of being broken. His teeth are loosened and some of his gums are crushed.

He is bleeding.

"Fucking hell."

He muttered as he dodged the knee aimed at his face.

"That would have hurt, you know."

White landed and he looked at Sam. His mask covered up his expression, but Sam thought there is a good chance there is a grin behind that mask.


Sam dodged a few more blows. All of them aimed at his head. White is fast and the moves appeared crazier. His defense started showing many holes. Sam is tempted to make a move in between, but White is becoming faster and faster. He is certainly not at his limit.

Sam wanted to gauge the other party a bit and make a move.

However, White decided to speed up the fight and he achieved this not by increasing his own speed, rather….

"Come and fight me your cowardly Bastard."

Sam raised an eyebrow. The voice of White seemed a bit different. It is rasp and erratic. *SWOOSH*

He stepped to the side and nullified another one of White's attacks. It is filled with bloodlust.

"Come on. Fight me, you bastard."

Sam didn't give in. He might have gone tolerant, but that doesn't mean he became a saint. It is very hard to control himself when someone is trying to kill him while taunting him. It is almost an impossible task.

White almost landed a punch on Sam's face. He deflected it with his backhand. The hand slipped past Sam's shoulder and White fell forward toward Sam.

"Why are you not fighting back? Did your balls go bust?

I heard you don't like the word Bastard? Why are you not reacting then?"

White whispered in Sam's ear. Sam frowned.

He never revealed this information to anyone.

White wasn't done though.

"Are you going to fight back or should I start dictating some coordinates?"

Sam looked at him with a confused gaze.

"300. 4387.23.."


Sam finally threw a punch. White deflected it once again with his own recoil hit.

"You finally reacted."

Sam's face is cold. He is angry. "How do you know those coordinates?"

Sam asked. Everyone else is also surprised. This is the first time they saw Sam lose composure. He was always calm and collected. He even beat the second-grade formation competition like he was walking in a park.

This is unlike him.

"Why? You are scared that it will be revealed? If you really want information, why don't you come forward and beat it out of me?"

"You don't have to ask.

It's my mistake giving you hope of beating me. I shouldn't hold back anymore."

"Come and try it out. You bastard."

White lunged forward, and all of a sudden Sam's body changed. He activated fire fusion. His fist met with White's and the golden flames concentrated in the point of attack. White wasn't worried, which happened to be a big mistake.

Because at the same second, he felt fire elemental energy behind him. Before he could react, an explosive energy hit him. The attack is not exactly strong, but it is very similar to Sam's hit which is used to nullify the recoil hits.

White was pushed forward towards Sam because of the explosion.


Sam gave a spinning kick to White's Chest. Needless to say, it is a recoil hit coupled with his golden flames. For the first time ever, White felt the true horror of what his recoil style was capable of.

At the point of attack, the divine energy Sam used dispersed and collided, but since it is fire elemental energy, the concentrated attack was much more explosive and corroded his body. It is unlike a regular explosion, the fire energy corrupted his energy circulation and invaded his channels.

However, that horror doubled when he was flying from the impact of the attack only to be met with another attack on his back that came out of thin air.

This shocked not just him, but also every other spectator that witnessed it.

White flew forward and Sam met him with another hit.


He flew like a broken kite and another attack manifested out of thin air as it hit him in the back.


A few more volleys went just like that.

Sam used resonance and played tennis with White. At the same time, Olaf sighed with his eyes closed. This is what he feared would happen. From the start, he realized that this fight was not as even as people thought.