<Ding. Crimson Abyss has been challenged to a guild war>

<Ding. Do you wish to accept this challenge? Yes/No>

"What the fuck? Are you serious? Bro! Are you seeing this?" Rey almost flipped out on seeing the message.

It had only been a few minutes since the guild had been made visible for all purposes, but in this short time, someone had actually sent them a war notice? Who the heck was this crazy lunatic?

He turned to see what was Liam's reaction as he found the guy oddly silent, but as soon as he did, Rey completely froze.

His gaze shivered as he saw a bone-chilling coldness in the person's face. Liam was angry, and he had never seen Liam this angry before.

But wasn't this just a guild war notice?

He was also quite upset about it as it seemed like the other party was underestimating Crimson Abyss even though they were the top guild back in the game, but it was still not enough to warrant a reaction like this?

After all, they had done something similar back inside the game as well and even come out victoriously. So it was the other person who should be worried?

It took Rey a couple of seconds, and it finally sunk in.

That was right. This was no longer a game, and they no longer had infinite lives.

And this person had sent a war notice...

It meant that they had decided to fight with them to death?

Rey shivered once again. The realization hit him hard. This was an extremely cruel thing to do, especially at uncertain times like these. Humanity was supposed to stand together, not fall divided like this.

Even though he was pretty sure that it was not them who were going to be on the losing side, it was still a huge deal. Who was this person who was determined to jump in front of their truck and commit suicide?

His gaze lingered on the notification, and he finally paid attention to the finer details, starting with the name of the guild that had challenged them to war!

"Messengers of God?" Rey became even more speechless.

What kind of a narcissistic name was this? Just who the heck were these people? Where did this guild suddenly crop up from?

And why on earth were they picking a fight with them of all the people? Haven't they heard of Crimson Abyss before? Were these idiots? Rey's head hurt.

He then shook himself, snapping out of the confusing thoughts. It was simply no use trying to understand the inner workings of an idiot's brain!

He read the details again and saw that the challenge gave them 5 days to prepare in case they accepted it.

If they win, then the enemy's territory would belong to them from now on, and if they lose, then their territory would belong to the enemy from now on. There was no other additional penalty or reward of any kind.

Rey turned to look at Liam and saw that he still had the same bone-chilling gaze. "Bro... ummm... we..."

"We are going to accept this." Liam coldly replied.

There was also an option to decline and that did not have any penalty like the one inside the game. However, a guild could only decline three times, and a challenge could be issued every 45 days.

So even if the guild decided to challenge them again and again mindlessly, they could still go on for a good 100 days without having to worry about this issue. This would also give them more time to prepare.

For others, this might seem like the better option, but Liam knew more about what the future held compared to others.

In 100 days, everything would change, and then guild war would be the last thing on everyone's mind. They would probably not even have to go through with this.

But at the same time, the kind of people that issued a war at a time like this should not be allowed to continue to live.

"We are going to accept this and massacre the other side. Completely." Liam repeated his words.

This time around, things were beginning to unfold very differently. In fact, this might not be the only guild challenging them.

So Liam was determined to give a good demonstration of what happens when someone issues a guild war challenge, treating people's lives as nothing.

"They want a war? We will give it to them."

Rey could see that Liam was quite set on this decision, so he did not say anything else. He also agreed with Liam in the first place, so there wasn't anything else to say.

'Yes' was the only answer here, and if they showed weakness or sympathy to the other side, then it was only going to come back and bite them later on. So Rey silently nodded.

Deming, on the other hand, was curious about something else. "Mr Liam, do you by chance know this guild back when the game was ongoing?"

"Huh? No, actually we never heard of this guild." Rey answered instead. "Why do you ask, Deming?"

"The thing is... I am not sure. But these people sent us a challenge so suddenly and so soon that it almost felt like they were waiting for us? I mean, waiting for our guild to upgrade? I don't think that this war challenge is so straightforward. They might be plotting something."

"Oh?" Rey nodded. "Now that you mention this, it does make sense."

The two of them looked at Liam for his opinion, only to see that he was grinning wildly. "No."


"There is no need to have any doubt." Liam laughed. "This was done specifically to challenge us, and I am pretty sure who is behind this challenge."

Both Rey and Deming were shocked but seeing Liam's mood, they did not ask anything else.

The three of them continued to walk silently out of the magic shop as Liam casually raised his hand and accepted the challenge with a big grin.

"It looks like we are going to war in 5 days!"