Seeing Mei Mei shamelessly picking the best item out of the pile, Shen Yue also did not hold back and dashed ahead with her cheeks burning brightly.

She picked up the pair of daggers, which lay at the top of the pile, emitting a mysterious ominous lustre and had the aura of something incomparably powerful.

"Thank you." She shyly bowed to Liam before walking back to her position again. The two legendary items were gone just like that.

The duo started caressing their long-lost items lovingly, with visible joy and excitement in their eyes. Others couldn't help but feel envious as they watched this scene.

Shen Yue twirled the daggers in the air and made a couple of moves which left a deep impression on anyone who saw the electric power seething in the air.

Even Lan Deming, who was calm, composed, and stable earlier, couldn't help but feel his heart agitate as he watched the daggers hissing like a pair of vicious snakes. As an assassin, his hands itched, wanting to hold something like that at least once in his life.

Mei Mei as well, did not stand simply. As soon as she placed the crown on her head, she could feel the strong currents of mana coursing through her body and an insane power and strength seeping into her.

This was from the stat boost provided by the Emerald Crown. She immediately started producing a ball of pure mana and, the next second, dispersed the same ball as several tiny dots of mana visibly landed on everyone in the room.

What was interesting was that when these tiny dots of mana landed, everyone could feel a breath of fresh air seeping into their lungs as if they had been energized.

"Yesss!" Mei Mei did a small fist pump in the air.

She had been trying to achieve this skill on her own for a while, and now she had finally managed to take the last step and finish the skill to perfection.

<Ding. You have learned a new skill - [Blessing of Mana]>

[Blessing of Mana: All stats of allies are increased by 1%]

Mei Mei's eyes gleamed like twinkling stars as she swiped the notification away with a giggle.

Liam, naturally, received the buff as well and gave an encouraging nod to his sister. He had not been paying much attention to her, but she was still working very hard.

In reality, he wanted her to live a peaceful life and make a lot of friends and have a decent childhood. However, he also did not want to control her too much.

Was it even possible to have a childhood in the current world?

He walked over to her, gave her a big hug and kissed her gently on the forehead.

Almost everyone knew how much Liam doted on his sister, so they did not have much of a reaction, but some of the new additions to the team stared at this scene in shock.

Even this insane monster has a side like this to him?

Watching Liam like this was very humanizing for them, but no one dared to forget who he was underneath all that.

Lan Deming once again changed the opinion he had about Liam. As a brother, he also understood the man's intentions.

As these few people curiously watched the heartwarming interaction, others did not stand around idly. After all, items were at stake, and the good ones were bound to go first!

The two legendary items were clearly out of their reach, but there were still other things in the pile.

Alex and Shin Soo picked out some armour for themselves. Shin Soo also grabbed a shield and a broad sword.

He sparred with Alex a lot and copied a lot of her moves, and essentially learned everything from her, so their weapon choices were also the same.

Next, Ning Xi took a pair of swords and some leather gear for herself.

With her slender nimble figure, she was training to be a dual sword wielder. The leather armour and pants stuck closely to her body and gave her a seductive wild appearance.

Mei Mei and Shen Yue also stopped marvelling at their legendary items and went in for seconds to pick up some armour.

Hoping Liam wouldn't notice, Rey also sneakily switched out his bow and took some armour as well.

Berat, Kim Hyun, Kang Mina, and Chung Hee, everyone else as well started helping themselves one after the other.

Back in the game, Berat was simply in charge of trading, but now after the world changed, he no longer wished to remain the same.

While the game was still there, he had taken some pointers from Liam and trained in sensing mana and casting spells, even though he did not focus on levelling.

Right now, all that knowledge was helping him and paying off big time. He was able to cast a good few spells without officially learning the skills. These were simply basic spells, but that in itself helped a lot, and he was also able to get to level 20.

The group of Korean players were also in the same boat. They had long since devoted themselves to Liam and practically worshipped him, so they had moved to his city as soon as he made the first guild announcement, not doubting him even a little.

And now they were reaping the reward for it and gaining strength and abilities at a fast pace. Kim Hyun, Kang Mina, and Chung Hee, all of them followed Shin Soo and did not stand on ceremony. Their eyes searched for the best option available and grabbed it fast.

In fact, no one from the guild's main team was holding back at all. One by one, everyone who had reached Level 20 stepped forward and helped themselves to the gear.

Some of them were not the top rankers of the guild, but since they made the right decision to move here, they were now able to enjoy the high-quality gear that they wouldn't have obtained otherwise without the intense competition.