The item distribution continued on for a while as Liam had a pretty huge stash of weapons and armour piled up. Even the members from granny's dojo helped themselves to the various items, setting aside their traditional values.

Only the newest additions stood around awkwardly, knowing full well that it wouldn't be correct to take advantage of Liam's kindness. Forget about right or wrong, they wouldn't dare in their dreams to do something like this and risk their lives.

In the end, Liam walked over himself and handed Lan Fen an epic-grade magic staff. This was one of the weapons he had personally forged back in the elven lands inside the game.

He thought that this fitted the style of the girl, and he gave her a weapon to encourage her natural talent.

"Ah..." Lan Fen was a bit taken aback by this as she hadn't expected such a gesture. She immediately looked at her brother as she was nervous about how to respond to this unexpected turn of events.

But Lan Deming did not say anything. He simply gave her a nod and signalled her silently to accept the weapon.

It did not matter that they hadn't done anything to deserve it. Since Liam was giving it himself, there was no point in being pretentious and refusing a gift.

In this new world, they couldn't afford to nurture their pride too much. Survival came first.

People with better equipment had a better chance to become stronger and obtain more opportunities which would once again put them in a better position to receive such opportunities.

It was truly a vicious cycle.

If one really wanted to climb from the very bottom and topple all of these people, then only heaven-defying luck would help or perhaps hardwork that consumed their very life.

Nothing was wrong in accepting a little help in this arduous journey, especially when many people's lives depended on it.

Besides, from everything he had seen so far, he couldn't help but conclude that this was a good team to be a part of. If they did not deserve special treatment just yet, then they only had to work harder in the future and pay their dues.

Lan fen understood her brother's intentions and accepted the staff. She also couldn't resist such a powerful staff. Even before laying her hands on it, she could already feel that this was going to change her life.

And just as she suspected, as soon as the staff touched her hand, Lan Fen could feel a burst of energy sweeping through her body.

Suddenly her mind became clearer, and some things that were bothering her with respect to her ice magic untangled themselves in her head.

That was not all. She also got a small clue about using some other magic apart from her ice magic.

She gripped the staff tightly and bowed to Liam in gratitude. She would definitely not let him down for trusting her with this.

Liam smiled. He did not say anything. Naturally, he had given these two siblings the benefit of the doubt and taken a big leap in including them in their group.

At least, that's how it would look to an outsider.

But in reality, there were zero chances that the two would ever betray him as long as their father was still in his settlement. He could even be called a hostage.

Also, he had only given them a few things and nothing earth-shattering, so there was no need to think too much.

Watching this interaction, Rey, who was standing a few feet away, quickly leaned towards Shin Soo, and snickered. "Look at that. Bro is already securing his next harem member."

Shin Soo gave the guy a long and hard look and then quietly stepped aside. Alex, Shen Yue, Mei Mei, and even Kang Mina, who had a crush on Liam, were all standing around them.

If this guy were to speak even a decibel louder, then all these women would probably pummel them both. However, Rey did not get the hint and continued silently snickering. Luckily for Liam, the crowd was too occupied with their new gear to pay attention to him.

Soon, everyone finished grabbing what they wanted and needed from the items pile. It took about an hour for the whole event, but at the end of it, there were big smiles visible on most people's faces.

The weapon distribution was successfully completed, and this was the first step in the war preparation. Afterwards, no one lingered back any longer, and the several teams rushed back to the dungeon as if there was a fire lit under their asses.

Liam couldn't tell if it was because of the teasing words he had spoken, wherein he had basically called them useless baggage or if it was because of the excitement of getting actual weapons to blast through the dungeon runs.

Either way, everyone seemed to be extremely motivated and rushed to the dungeon in a hurry starting their runs sooner than usual. After all, there was a war happening in five days, and they had no intentions of remaining at the level 20s when shit went down.

Seeing the crowd clear in a second, Liam also did not plan to remain idle.

He had just now finished running through the second upgraded dungeon partially as much as he could and was still quite tired. However, there were still things that he could do.

The other dungeon would have reset by now, and getting through the lower levels was a piece of cake. All he had to do was take a stroll while his minions did the work.

So he hurriedly washed himself up, put on some clean clothes, grabbed some food to eat and then left Luna behind to guard as usual before leaving for the orc dungeon.

Without any delay, he dove straight into the portal and summoned his army or at least those minions in his army who were around Level 50.

This ensured both speed and efficiency, and the dungeon run started with a bang as the wyverns went all out right from the get-go!