Liam made sure to rest adequately while strolling behind his soul minions who were raising hell inside the dungeon. It looked like, after the reset, the entire dungeon was once again fully brimming with mobs from top to bottom, just like the first time.

And since this was the second run, there were no more surprises waiting for him, and they progressed quite easily, at least until the third floor, where the Level 75 to 85 titan orcs stood guard.

At this point, just the soul minions were no longer enough to deal with the dungeon mobs. Liam decided to take a pause here as he did not want to exhaust himself before the big event completely.

For now, a few of the minions had levelled up, and he also managed to gather quite a bit of item drops.

These items were quite redundant for the main members of the party as they had higher-tiered equipment, but in this world, one could never have enough gear.

Lan Ganjie had also taken some new initiatives. After checking with Liam, the seasoned politician organized small task force teams for training newcomers.

These people moved around the cities in trucks and vehicles and checked for stray beasts and mana zombies. They attacked these less-threatening foes under the safety of supervision and slowly trained.

Dungeon mobs were too difficult for these types of beginners who previously did not have much combat experience.

Though this sort of setting might not yield anything in the short run, in the long run, there might be some surprising results. So Liam decided to allot the low-tier dungeon drops to these teams.

He also saved some for later use when a guild vault became available, and Crimson Abyss members from other parts of the world could access this guild vault.

Liam then once again resumed his dungeon run and slowly trained at his own pace.

In this manner, the next few days quickly passed by, and soon, the five days got over in the blink of an eye. It was finally the big day! The war was here! Knocking on their doorstep!

Liam returned back to the base a few hours before dawn and took some time to refresh himself and take a small nap.

His mind was a little unsteady, not for the lack of confidence but because he couldn't help the numerous thoughts crashing like waves one after the other without an end.

More than the war itself, the question that bugged him the most was... Who were these Messengers of God? He had never heard of this guild before in both his lifetimes, which made it all the more mysterious.

As he mulled over this thought and prepared himself for the day, an energetic redhead promptly showed up on his doorstep.

"We are also coming with you." Alex stood outside, along with a bunch of other guild members. Every single one of them seemed to be determined to support him.

Liam chuckled lightly at the bunch. He naturally appreciated them because they had been loyal to him now for quite a while, but at the same time, he really did not plan on taking anyone with him for many reasons.

"I mean what I said. I will be going alone."

"I really think that you should reconsider. You should at least bring a tank and a few healers with you. We will support you from the sidelines." Alex shook her head.

Liam walked closer and couldn't help himself as he flicked the forehead of the unruly redhead. "You want to come with me even if this is going to be dangerous?"

Alex's face twitched, but she replied seriously without responding to his taunt. "Yes."

"I might be walking into anything. Are you willing to die for me?" Liam smiled and asked again.

However, the redhead was still strong. "Yes." She also replied again.

"Then what about your sister?"

Finally, the girl's face changed. Alex gritted her teeth without saying anything else and looked down.

Liam laughed and did not want to mess with her anymore. "Listen. I made this decision only after careful thinking, and it has not changed. Stand back and stay guard here. I have a feeling that this war could be a distraction."

"As for me... don't worry about me. I will definitely be back."

Everyone carefully listened to Liam and nodded. He had a plan, and their duty was to follow his orders. So they did not question him again. Even Alex, who was always headstrong, let it go.

"Don't be too arrogant and hold back. Just go all out from the beginning." She mumbled.

Liam smiled. "Ok. I won't."

"You know you can stack rings and bracelets. If you are first starting with long-range combat, wear as many as you can, and when u move to close combat, you can lose some according to convenience."

"Yes, I know."

"Liam, I think the enemy challenged us, knowing full well that we are crimson abyss. He might have some trump cards. Be careful. He might not know about your level 80 yet, but he might still have his own secrets."

"Yes, I will keep that in mind."


"Sis, that's enough." Rey laughed as he pulled his sister back, tugging at her hand.

Alex looked startled for a moment as she finally snapped out of it and remained quiet. She realized that, at the moment, she sounded like a wife reminding her husband about the things that he shouldn't forget.

She became immediately flustered and then a little angry. "What do you know! Even if it is Liam, he is going to face an enemy, so I just wanted to remind him about a few things." She muttered under breath, defending herself with a scoff.

Rey threw his hands up in the air helplessly.

Liam chuckled. "I know. Thank you." He did not mind at all. He smiled at the redhead, who looked quite adorable and cute at the moment and then turned to leave.

However, he stopped as Alex's voice once again sounded. Was this girl still not done yet?

"Ummm... sorry... last thing... the stats... even the lower level opponent could have extremely high stats. Don't forget."

Alex had found this out only recently, so even though she was very embarrassed at the moment, she decided to inform Liam about this one last thing as she was not completely sure if he knew this or not.

"Yes, I do know about the special geniuses, blessed by mana." Liam smiled and gave a sideways glance at Lan Deming, who returned his gaze with a nod.

But then he suddenly froze.

"Did you say stats? What do you mean, stats?"