Judging from the shocked look on Liam's face, Alex could tell that she had indeed hit the nail on the head. It seemed like Liam did not know about this after all.

"I knew it!" Colour returned to her face as she started talking a lot more confidently. "Liam, I will explain it to you. See. The thing is, when we level up, different people are gaining a different amount of stats."

"Back inside the game, we gained 2 stat points per attribute for below Level 50, but now we only gain 2 stat points for every level. But this is not true for everyone."

"I am gaining 6 stat points every level, and all of the guild members who had taken the body cleansing elixir are also gaining 4 or 5 stat points per level, higher than 2, which seems to be the norm." Alex continued.

"Are... are you sure?" Liam stammered. He had never heard of anything like this before. Some people gained 2 stats, while others gained more when levelling?

In Liam's previous life, he had only gained 2 stats for every level. Most people only gained that. However, the fact that Alex could gain 6 showed him exactly how tyrannical a person's affinity was or rather, the tutorial had been.

If one managed to use the tutorial in the right way, then the gains could reflect so much in the real world. He had only wanted to sharpen everyone's affinity and base constitution, but it looked like it had inadvertently led to a result like this.

This might not be as good as Liam's own stats, as his stats were carried over from within the game.

Those gains were quite generous when compared to now, with anyone from Level 1 to Level 10 gaining 6 stat points per level, anyone from Level 10 to Level 50 gaining 12 stat points per level and lastly, anyone from Level 50 gaining 18 stat points per level.

This in itself had given Liam a huge leg up compared to other people who only gained measly 2 stat points in the outside world for every level.

But it looked like that was not the end of it. He was not the only one with the advantage. Though not as massive as his, Alex and the others who consumed body cleansing elixir also had reaped some benefits.

Liam then looked at Lan Deming as he thought about this. What about these two? How many did they gain? He had a feeling that the answer was not going to be simple.

"I gain 10 stat points per level." Lan Deming quickly answered.

Liam's gaze quickly shifted to Lan Fen, and she also nodded. "I gain 10 stat points per level too." The two of them did not hide anything and answered honestly.

Liam remained still for a moment and then helplessly shook his head.

So not only did Lan Fen and Lan Deming have excellent innate abilities and raw talent when it came to magic, but they also had an unfair advantage when levelling up, gaining stats even better than Alex!

Was this the difference in their bodies?

Liam was not sure, but no matter what the reason was, this was going to make things more interesting and troublesome at the same time.

The world was truly unfair. It was now painfully clear that he had been an absolute bottom feeder in his last life. However, he was on the other side of the road now.

Liam couldn't help but wonder what his own stat gain would be like when the time came. Of course, it looked like he might have to wait for a couple of weeks for this.

At his level, gaining even one other level was far more difficult and time-consuming.

Liam then took his time to enquire a bunch of people about their respective stat gains. Unfortunately, it looked like there were no more 'born geniuses' in their group.

Shin Soo only gained 4 stat points per level. Mei Mei gained 5 stat points per level. Shen Yue, like Alex, gained 6 stat points per level, and Rey only gained 4 per level.

This might look like it didn't make much difference right now, but when the levels start stacking up, the tier difference would definitely be apparent.

The game was rigged right from the start!

The harsh reality was that hard work could only take someone so far. This was the irrefutable truth, and no one was above it. However, this was only for a short time.

Seeing their faces a little down, Liam patted Rey and Shin Soo on the back.

"These advantages are nothing. I believe that if someone tried their hardest every single day without losing hope, pursuing their goal with relentless determination, then these things would definitely not matter one day. We need to keep going forward and always strive for the best."

Liam wanted to add that he himself was an example of this, but then he had received an unbelievable blessing that others probably wouldn't even dream about.

However, that did not mean that he did not believe in what he said. After all, the world had now changed so much that his blessing had already run out.

His rebirth meant almost nothing now. This stat difference clearly told him that much. He needed to rethink every single fact that he knew from his last life.

Soon he would lose all the edge he had completely.

However, what would stay with him was what he had achieved until now, and that was something no one could take away from him.

With the jump start he had right now, his chances of survival in this new world were tremendously higher.

No, in fact, just as he had gained power, he had also gained incredibly powerful enemies. It seemed even after being reborn, fate wasn't that easy to overcome. He might be powerful now, but the world was still waiting for him to fall.

In his last life, all he could see was the Gu family and the insufferable torture they had imposed on him. He couldn't see anything past that, and when he finally escaped their clutches, he had lost everything. His only family, any chance of survival in this cruel world.

After that, he was simply running from one disaster to another until, eventually, death came knocking at his doorstep.

But who knew at the end of everything, the end of it all, that there would be a miracle waiting for him?

Liam was not someone who believed in free rides. There was a price to pay for everything, and he had a feeling that his miracle also probably had one, perhaps a big one that would consume him completely.

However, that was something to worry about when the time came. Not now.

Now they had to survive.

For now, he would be the miracle that these two needed to break through their limits. Liam smiled as he patted Rey and Shin Soo again. "Watch your backs while I am gone. I am counting on you to take care of things here."

He also looked at Alex and nodded. "Thank you for letting me know about this."

He then did not waste any more time and started walking away towards the white fox who was silently waiting for him. The two of them left the base in front of everyone's eyes.

Alex clenched her fists furiously, punching something nearby, not caring if it was a human or an inanimate thing.

Mei Mei looked at the disappearing figure with glassy eyes. Shen Yue clutched the chain that hung at the centre of her bosom as she silently wished the man she loved good luck.

When the war was first announced, everyone assumed a lot of things, but no one had ever imagined that only a single person would step out. Seeing Liam's lonesome figure disappear in the skies, everyone couldn't help but silently pray for him.

If it were anyone but him, many would have called this arrogance, but this was Liam. so everyone kept their mouth tightly shut, with various thoughts running through their minds.

At the same time, the level of respect they had for him also increased. For some, it even turned to become a type of worship and reverence.

Liam was going alone to face a threat, the disaster that fell upon their entire settlement, and the gravity of that did not escape them. Though many took this for granted, there were still some who were grateful to him.

Liam, on the other hand, did not think too much. He knew that as soon as the guild was made public, his old 'friends' would slowly start to come out of the woodwork.

Rather than winning or losing in this war, he was more curious to see who it was that had taken the first step and challenged him.

After all, this was life and death. What gave them the power and confidence to issue this challenge? If it was an item, could he obtain it if he killed them?

Liam subconsciously licked his lips as he thought about this matter.