"Jonathan Hofstader." Liam coldly gazed at the blonde guy laughing haughtily in front of him. The person was most likely responsible for Alex's and Mia's terrible fate in his last lifetime.

He could already tell what probably went down this time as well. This guy somehow figured out that Mia, Alex and Rey were in China with him and set up this whole thing in motion.

He probably came here a long time ago and was waiting for an opportunity to strike them.

And the guild going global and becoming visible to everyone gave him this perfect opportunity. He saw the name Crimson Abyss and immediately jumped at the chance to send the war notice.

As for the vampiric powers, that part he still couldn't figure out, but it was most likely a chance encounter or something the sleazy uncle picked up from the tutorial game.

After all, he couldn't be the only one who had gained things from the tutorial.

"Well, whatever." Liam shook his head helplessly.

Jonathan Hofstader frowned. It was clear that the enemy did not give him any credit, but he couldn't care less about that at the moment. His mind was rather on other things.

He kept looking around Liam as if he was waiting for someone else also to arrive at the battlefield, but even after a few seconds, no one appeared.

Jonathan's face immediately changed. He had wanted a juicy moment when he appeared in front of the two sluts and enjoyed the fear and panic in their eyes, but now that seemed like a distant dream.

"WHY THE HELL ARE YOU HERE ALL ALONE?" His voice bellowed. He was quite visibly disappointed.

Well, join the line. Liam returned his question with a rueful smile as he was also very much disappointed.

Jonathan's brows turned upwards, and his fury shot through the roof. "I have heard about you, you know." He clicked his tongue.

"You are far too arrogant for your own good. Did you think I came here without making adequate preparations? Did you think that I challenged you, not knowing who you were?"

"You shouldn't have come here alone." The man snorted in contempt and then raised his right hand high up. "This is a mistake that you are going to regret for the rest of your very short life."

"You really should not have come here alone."

Even though he knew all about Liam's battle prowess, right now, he was extremely confident, and the reason for it became abundantly clear as a red aura started dissipating from his hand.

This aura started spreading like wildfire throughout the battleground.

Immediately, all the people assembled on his side started growing in size. They became taller and thicker, and the horns on top of their heads also grew.

Liam watched as the thousands of vicious, demon-looking vampires snarled at him with their fangs jutting out threateningly.

The transformation did not stop there. The same red aura swirled around each of the vampires, making them glow lightly with the very palpable aura of blood lust.

Jonathan Hofstader himself also changed as he grew bigger and stronger like the rest of the vampires, though the change in his features did not seem so rudimentary as the others.

He gave off a feeling that he gained something more.

And before Liam could wonder what was happening, another change also occurred. A huge blood-red sword appeared on the man's right hand.

"This is a lot of power-ups." Liam scratched his chin in contemplation, trying his best to make heads or tails of the situation.

"Ha Ha Ha! What? Are you SHOCKED?" The guy bellowed at Liam.

Jonathan waved his huge sword in the air threateningly and then pointed it directly at Liam.



"Did you think you could protect those two just because you hid them from me?"

"BA HA HA HA! Too bad! I am not done yet!"

He threw his head back and laughed maniacally. "Right now, what do you think is happening to the others?"


"I gave the orders and made sure everything was in place before even stepping foot here. My people should have already arrived there by now."

He licked the blood-red sword he was holding, and a vicious glint flashed past his eyes. "It's too bad that you are here alone instead of my two precious nieces, but this is also fine."

"Because when you are dead, I will pay a personal visit to both those bitches."

"Kek. I will place them side by side and play with them day and night. I will thoroughly enjoy them for an entire week, maybe a month, even maybe a year. By the time I am done with them... HA HA HA!"

Jonathan Hofstader was getting hard just thinking about it.

Imagining the way Alex and Mia would whimper under him with desperate, pitiful expressions was giving him goosebumps. The day the two of them were meant to become his personal slaves was right in his grasp.

"AHHHHH! I can't wait anymore! COME, LET'S FINISH THIS!"

"You read my mind," Liam answered with cold indifference.

He was expecting a much bigger fish, so he was currently very disappointed to see this small fry dancing and running his mouth in front of him.

The only consolation was that he could at least take care of this small matter for Alex and Rey and finish this low life once and for all.

As for the others around him...

They still had a chance to surrender and quit instantly from the battle, but Liam did not bother warning anyone or even giving them a chance to do so.

If this guy was already a 'vampire,' then most of the others were probably converted too, and they might as well be dead.

From what he had seen so far and learned from the twins, the vampires definitely had absolute obedience to their immediate superior.

They wouldn't step away from the battlefield even if Liam gave them a chance.

"Let's go."


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