"Let's go." Liam silently mumbled as he unsheathed his black dragon sword.

At the other end, Jonathan Hofstader sneered in contempt, twirling his blood-red sword. He looked at the crowd around him proudly and commanded.

"This god is ordering you all to put down that dog."

The thousands of vampires standing behind him immediately roared and started rushing towards Liam, the sole target of the opposite side.

The entire army madly bulldozing forward was quite a spectacle. The atmosphere was electric. Jonathan became very riled up as he could almost taste his victory in the air.

He started shouting even louder. "Go! Go! Go! Kill Him! Bring His Head to MEEEE!"

Liam grinned. Naturally, he wasn't alone, and he also did not plan to drag this battle out unnecessarily.

"Come out." He calmly said, and the next second...

Hundreds of soul minions silently materialized around him, with the first row filled with terror-inducing creatures that towered over all the vampire grunts.

In front of these monstrous beings, the vampire grunts suddenly looked like miniature dolls, all collectively rushing towards their death.

Liam chuckled. "You asked for this." His gaze searched for the sleazy uncle, and soon enough, he found him in the crowd.

The poor guy stood frozen with his jaw dropped on the battleground.

Jonathan's face paled. His body became a statue as his brain was unable to comprehend what was happening in front of him.

"What... what... I..."

Sweat started pouring out of all of his orifices. He clutched his head, and his eyes almost fell out of his sockets, trying to make sense of the situation he was in.

Just what the hell were these bluish-white creatures? Where did they come from?

He couldn't understand. No matter how he racked his brain, he just couldn't figure it out. They were clearly not undeads and they also did not even look like a single entity.

Some of them were huge. Some of them were small. He could see humans and lions and even dragons? His head was becoming dizzy.

Forget about all of these. The worst part was the numbers!

All sorts of beasts in huge numbers were rushing towards him and his army as if they were once again back at the beginning of the apocalypse, the beast wave that happened on day 1.

Wait, in fact, these beasts looked exactly like those same beasts.

As his mind circled around pointless reasoning, trying to understand the events happening in front of him, the two armies roared loudly and clashed with each other.



Loud, ear-piercing battle noises echoed everywhere as blood and flesh splattered all over.

Jonathan did not even have to look to know that it was his side that was taking the worst beating because... Only his damned side had blood and flesh in the first place!

How was this possible? His body shivered and trembled.

This person... this person... he blankly looked at Liam with his throat dry, and fear and astonishment etched on his face.

This person was supposed to be a MAGE, for god's sake!

How did he have control of so many weird creatures?

Jonathan did not understand where he had gone wrong.

In reality, he was not the one to blame. Back inside the game, Liam had never used his army in public. Not once. He had always been playing as a mage.

The only people who knew about his abilities as a special type of necromancer were the guild's core members and Kouske's group, but even Kouske's group did not have all the details.

Right now, Liam was quite sure that they would also probably have the same reaction the person in front of him did.

However, that didn't mean he was going to give the guy some grace period to calm and compose himself and recollect his senses.

He called for the war, and now he had to pay the price.

Swinging his black dragon sword wildly, Liam did not wait any longer and started pushing through the battling crowd.

He cut through the huge mass of demon-like humans bearing their fangs and struggling against his soul minions.

These creatures were not his primary target. His main target was smack dab in the middle, and currently, Liam was paving a path of blood to reach that man.

Jonathan trembled. Watching Liam slaughter his way through like the god of death forced him to snap out of his trance. He tried to get over this shock and convince himself that he still had the upper hand.

After all, he had about ten thousand followers on his side. Liam's side barely had a thousand at the most. So this was still going to break in his favour.

That's right. This war was still his to win. He wanted to believe it.

However... when his eyes watched the reality unfold in front of him, this small hope was completely crushed and destroyed.

Each of the wyverns alone was laying waste to dozens of his minions. Each move the giant draconian beasts made killed tens of vampires at the same time.

And every single one of these creatures was equally terrifying.

Adding to his dismay, there was also a three-headed wyvern putting down three times the number the other wyverns were slaughtering.

Behind these huge eye-catching, terror-inducing beings, the other minions were also not to be overlooked.

A huge white fox was spitting fire in all directions. Every time she opened her mouth, the vampires in her path of terror burnt to a crisp.

She also did not stay in one place. Like magic, she kept disappearing and reappearing in several spots and wreaked havoc everywhere she went. She only left charred remains in her wake!

Apart from this monstrous yet, stunningly beautiful and elegant creature, there was also a lion, a tiger, elves, barbarians, and all sorts of creatures. More importantly, they were all laying waste to the vampires as if they were nothing.

It was a complete, one-sided massacre.


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