Watching his army getting completely demolished right in front of him, Jonathan's face twisted and contorted into an ugly form, and his eyes started becoming redder and redder.

He was angry, frustrated, anxious, nervous, panicking, and indignant that he was ambushed in this manner and had all the information wrong in the first place. All sorts of emotions were bubbling up within him.


Grabbing his attention, Liam also arrived closer to him, slaughtering his way through the army of red eyes and horns. He was doing his part and contributing to the mass murder.

Vampires burst left and right like tomatoes, consumed by the black dragon sword.

"YOU! Stop it! I am warning you!" Jonathan shivered.

This man was the reason why everything was happening. The army he had built with his blood and sweat, quite literally, was crumbling right in front of him.

Watching all of his hard work go to waste, he was livid.

More importantly, he knew that this wasn't just a game any longer. The men he was losing were permanently lost to him. They were dead. They were not coming back. This was a fatal blow to his strength.

And this person was responsible for all of it.

"I WILL KILL YOU! I WILL RIP YOU FROM LIMB TO LIMB!" Jonathan shouted maniacally.

Though he was beside himself at the moment, he knew one thing for sure. Unlike his vampires, these minions were different. They were probably summoned to help Liam in this war.

The bastard had done some sort of backhanded deal with someone to make all of this happen. However, that did not mean Jonathan was done yet.

Especially after seeing Liam rushing to him, throwing all caution to the wind, some amount of colour and confidence returned to the man's face. His eyes glimmered with hope once again.

"Just like you, I also have another trump card left. Don't think that only you prepared for this war." Jonathan snorted arrogantly and started chanting something.

Jonathan Hofstader was the CEO of a multi-billion dollar company. He was not a fool. He had the brains to think.

And the question in front of him was also not too complicated.

What was one supposed to do when one is assaulted by a horde of summons? One had to destroy the caster.

That was it. That was the fastest and simplest solution and, in this case, the only solution.

For some reason, his vampires were currently weak against the summons. The guy had used some sort of special item or special technique. Otherwise, it would be impossible for him to achieve this.

But this ended there. His summons might be strong, but he himself couldn't be possibly strong enough to beat him.

Jonathan snorted in contempt. Liam had no idea what was coming to him. With the power he wielded at the moment, he was going to crush the guy easily once and for all!

It would have been far more troublesome if he had to cross the threshold of the strong beasts and draconic creatures and get to Liam, but the fool had brought himself over to the other side.

Now there was nothing holding him back.

"COME HERE! COME HERE! COME HERE!" His eyes flickered with a crimson shade as he hurriedly started drawing some runes in the air.

Hmmm? Liam's eyes narrowed as he immediately noticed this new development. He observed Jonathan's actions carefully, but his speed did not falter.

He kept slaughtering his way towards the target, determined to end him before the spell he was casting or whatever he was doing could effectively activate.

However, this was easier said than done.

Before he could reach the other party, something erupted around Jonathan, and suddenly, he disappeared. The man became engulfed in a spherical blood barrier.

Ripples of blood erupted around him and swirled around him as if he was the god of blood commanding the element to his will.

To add to this, all the droplets of blood smeared around on the battleground started lifting up and flying towards the weird spherical shell.

"Not good!" Liam had a bad feeling about this.

There was a lot of blood on the battleground, half from the slaughter he had personally carried out and the other half from the wreckage his soul minions were leaving.

All this blood was flying towards the spherical barrier and starting to accumulate there, making the pool of blood bigger and bigger. It was growing exponentially by the second, thanks to his own efforts.

At this point, Liam could even feel a powerful aura coming out. This aura became thicker and thicker, and he knew that he shouldn't let this continue any longer.

Whatever he was curious about, he could always ask the man after he was dead. Now was not the time. "Let's end this right now." Liam increased his speed and bolted forward.

He immediately started bombarding the spherical blood shell with all sorts of powerful magic attacks. Fireballs, ice spheres, lightning bolts, he tossed everything he had mastered at the blood sphere, commanding the mana gathered in the battleground.

However, it did not look like it was enough.

The blood sphere was getting damaged, but it was also getting rapidly repaired and regenerated at the same time. Moreover, it was also becoming thicker and thicker as more blood droplets flew over to this side.

Tch. Liam did not like this at all. His gut feeling told him that he needed to go all out. He should not underestimate this enemy even though he was a weak bottom feeder.

Sometimes even a dog can step on a lucky pile of shit. Without wasting any time, he turned to call the ten wyverns and Luna to his side immediately.

He quickly calculated that their combined attack power should be more than enough to bring this barrier down as well as to finish off the person within it.

However, it was too late.