The three girls nodded and stepped back while reading their weapons. Only when they were ready did Blake take a deep breath and take a step onto the first step. "Halt!" The figure at the top of the steps finally moved as they slammed their spear down on the black stone and yelled out. "You are trying to attack this palace!?"

Blake realized since he had a sword out that, he was being seen as an enemy. He quickly sheathed his sword and raised his hands. "I mean you no harm. I was just here to check things out. Can you tell me where this is? If not, I can leave now."

"Hmmm?" The figure looked at Blake and then at the people down at the bottom of the stairs. "Are they with you?" The figure asked as its gaze fell onto the two princes and then at the three girls at the side.

"Just the three girls over there." Blake pointed at Titi and the rest.

"Oh? You are not of the same race. Why would you all be together?" The figure asked, which caused Blake to be a bit confused. He did not seem to know why this knight looking person seemed to be interested in why he was with different races.

"Umm? Does race really matter? The girls at the side are both of different races, but they are also now part of my family. As for the other three, we have personal grudges, but I do not hate their races, as you can see." Blake explained.

"Hmmm….." The figure moved and began slowly walking down the steps or, more like, slithered down them. It came to a stop in front of Blake before looking at the others. It first looked at Titi and the two elves and asked: "What about you three?"

"We just wish to be with Blake…." Titi answered while blushing. Lin and Helen also nodded their heads. They also had red cheeks.

"I see… and what about you?" The figure turned to Prince Teleth, who snorted and did not respond. But he would soon regret ignoring the figure.


The spear's bottom was slammed off the ground, causing a shock way to fly out in all directions. Blake quickly jumped over to the girls and put up a shield to protect them. Prince Trien also did the same. Only Prince Teleth, who was not really paying attention, failed to protect himself before flying out once more. But this time, he did not stop and was sent flying through the fog.

The figure gaze turned towards Trien and Iseles. "And you two?"

"We…. We feel all races are the same." Prince Tiren lied through his teeth, but he could not risk anything happening to Iseles. Not when his baby was in her belly.

"Hmmmm….." The figure stared directly at Prince Trien before turning away and returning its gaze back to Blake. "You may enter the palace. But do not touch anything. You will be greeting Her Highness."

Blake internally sighed in relief. He did not wish to anger this person as they seemed to be very powerful. The black fog that surrounded the person also made him feel uneasy. He looked at the girls at his side and nodded before walking forward. The figure did not say anything and just watched Blake, and the girls walk up the steps.

"Where do you think you are going?" The figure suddenly asked loudly, causing Blake to halt his steps. He turned around to see the figure standing in front of Prince Trien and Iseles. His lips curled up into a grin as he stood there watching the show.

"Huh? Did you not say we could enter the palace?" Prince Trien was very confused at this time. He did not know what was going on. He could have sworn he heard the figure say they could enter.

"Why would someone who only knows how to lie be able to enter the palace!? But hmmmmm… If you wash each step on your way up so that it is spotless, I may reconsider. But you can not touch the step with a wet rag unless you are on it. One who lies shall be punished." The figure snorted. Two rags and two pails appeared out of nowhere and were tossed at Prince Trien's and Iseles's feet.

"This…." Prince Trien was pissed! He really wished he had the power to fight this damn person. But he could tell there was no way he could ever win, never mind escape from here! He picked up the rag and bucket and walked over to the steps. Iseles also picked up a rag and bucket, but Prince Trien stopped her. "I will do it. Just relax while I clean."

"Mmmm…." Iseles blushed as she walked over and rubbed Prince Trien's back. She felt lucky to have a man who treats her so well. The figure did not say anything. As long as the one who lied was doing the work, it was fine with it.

Seeing that the show was over, Blake continued to climb the steps. When he reached the top, he was greeted with a massive door that also had two knight looking people standing guard there. They, too, had black fog surrounding them, making it impossible to know if they were men or women. Even after hearing the first knight speak, Blake still did not know if it was a man or woman.

As he came to stand in front of the doors, the knights moved to the handles and began pulling on the huge doors until they opened a crack. "Please enter."

"Thank you." Blake gave a small bow to show respect since these people were being polite to him and brought the three girls at his side through the crack that was big enough for all of them to easily pass through, even if they were standing side by side.


As soon as they entered, a loud bang came from their backs.