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〈System Alert: Your favor with the «Thousand Blossoms Holy Maiden, Seina» has been maxed!〉

〈System Alert: You have become an Official Saint of the «Order of a Thousand Blossoms»!〉

〈System Alert: Your fame with the «Order of a Thousand Blossoms» is already maxed! Generating a new reward...〉

〈System Alert: A new reward has been generated!〉

〈System Alert: You have received x1 «Legendary Item Treasure Chest».〉

〈System Alert: You have received x1 «Branch of the Ancestral Thousand Blossoms Tree»!〉

〈System Alert: You have received x1 «Magic Formation Blueprint: Endless Sword Blossom Array»!〉

As Izroth received the stream of system alerts, not too far away from him, the aura around Seina had undergone a drastic transformation.

There was no longer a presence of coldness that lingered within and around her. Instead, it was replaced by a vibrant source of life.

In addition, the Holy Maiden's ghostly pale skin had regained some color as her cheeks lightly flushed a rosy shade of pink.

Seina stood motionless with her eyes closed as she circulated the mana within her body.

The next moment, her eyes widened in shock as she uttered, "It's gone...!"

Previously, whenever she attempted to circulate her mana, Seina would be overcome with severe pain. It was as though millions of tiny microscopic blades were piercing into her mana stream.

However, that pain when she circulated her mana was no longer there.

To Seina, who had endured that level of torment for what seemed like an eternity, it was an incredibly refreshing feeling.

"Master!" Sychia and Jade cried out as the two rushed over to Seina's side.

"Master, are you alright? How are you feeling?" Sychia asked with an expression of concern and anxiousness.

A light and calming smile appeared on Seina's face as she responded, "I feel as though I have returned to the days of my youth. Although it will still take some time before I can recover to my peak condition, there are no longer any traces of that terrifying chill inside of me. Thanks to a certain stubborn disciple of mine, I am well. Sy, I am well."

When those last few words left Seina's mouth, a look of disbelief formed on Sychia's face as a flood of thoughts rushed into her head.

Disobeying her master's orders, tricking her senior sister, running away to the Secret Realm, being ambushed and poisoned, meeting Izroth—everything happened within such a short span of time. So much so that she had no time to slow down and think of her actions. The only thing on her mind the entire time was to find a way to cure her master. And, in the end, she found a way.

An overwhelming wave of emotion swept over Sychia as a stream of tears fell from her eyes as she tightly embraced her master. She was unable to contain the flood of emotions as her cries echoed throughout the crafting room.

"Silly girl. You are all grown up. Why are you crying like such a child?" Seina said in a helpless manner.

But, despite the Holy Maiden's words, the tears that ran down her face told a different story.

Jade lowered her head and covered her eyes with her forearm as she, too, could not hold back her tears.

Meanwhile, Izroth stood silently and allowed the master and disciples to have their moment as a carefree smile formed on his face.

'Well, I suppose this kind of feeling is not bad.'


Meanwhile, at the entrance of the Thousand Blossoms Peak...

At the moment, a group of several individuals stood before the gate that led into the Thousand Blossoms Peak.

This gate was the main entrance into the Thousand Blossoms Peak and was where most members of the Order, as well as guests, arrived.

"What is the meaning of this? We have traveled all this way, and this is the greeting that we receive? Are you looking down on my Eight Heavens?" One of the individuals at the head of the group said coldly.

It was a middle-aged man wearing loose-fitting martial robes. He had black hair with streaks of gray running throughout it and a pair of light blue eyes. And, on his face was a neatly maintained beard.

NPC Name: High Enforcer of the Eight Heavens, Balugon(???)

NPC Level: ???

"Indeed. This treatment is quite rude. Though, I suppose this type of behavior is as expected when it comes to human etiquette. Our Fifth Great Clan has supported your Order of a Thousand Blossoms since its founding days. With such history, do you not think it appropriate for your Holy Maiden to be the one who personally greets us upon our visit?" The woman next to Balugon spoke in an elegant manner.

At a glance, one could tell that this woman was a member of the trephasia race. Not just by her pointed ears, but also by her great beauty.

She possessed silk-like silver hair that flowed down past her lower back and a set of beautiful emerald green eyes. And, the expensive attire she donned was suitable for that of a mage.

NPC Name: Tempest of the Fifth Great Clan, Avia(???)

NPC Level: ???

"My apologies, elders. Our Holy Maiden is currently attending to important matters that could not be delayed. So, I, her first disciple, have come to greet you in my master's stead. Of course, our Order of a Thousand Blossoms welcomes the Eight Heavens and Fifth Great Clan. It is just that we were not made aware of your upcoming visit. If we had known, we would have prepared a more suitable welcome." Sylvia said calmly.

Sylvia was barely able to contain herself in front of this group. It was their members who attempted to harm her junior sister. Now, they had the audacity to come to their Thousand Blossoms Peak in such an arrogant way. How could she not be furious?

Nevertheless, Sylvia put the Order above her personal feelings and maintained her level-headedness.

"Junior sister Jade should have already delivered the materials. But, I am not certain how long the entire crafting process will take. Or, more importantly, if the cure will even work as intended. That's why, no matter what, I cannot allow these vultures to know of master's current condition." Sylvia thought to herself.

It was true that the Order of a Thousand Blossoms and the Fifth Great Clan were close from the beginning; however, that had to do with their ancestors who were great friends. But, as time passed, the Fifth Great Clan began to view them as more of a vassal rather than as equals as it was during the days of their ancestor. Therefore, the relationship between them had been on a slow downward spiral.

As for the Eight Heavens, the Order of a Thousand Blossoms had no history with them. But, they were not someone who could be ignored.

The Eight Heavens were well known for giving birth to talented individuals who grew up to become powerful and influential legendary realm powerhouses.

Even those major kingdoms would to a moment to think twice about becoming their enemy.

"Important matters? What nonsense! What could be more important than welcoming a High Enforcer from the Eight Heavens?! It is your Order's highest honor to receive me!" Balugon scoffed as a frown appeared on his face.

"My apologies. This disciple understands the elder's frustrations, but it is truly an important matter. Please, allow me to welcome you into our Thousand Blossoms Peak and arrange some entertainment until my master-" Sylvia was speaking before she was suddenly interrupted.

"What is going on here?!" A voice echoed as a shower of cherry blossoms appeared before the gates of the Thousand Blossoms Peak.

The following moment, a figure emerged from the cherry blossoms as they dispersed in every direction.

The one who arrived was none other than the First Guardian of the Thousand Blossoms, Yuveil.

"Explain!" Yuveil said as she glared at Sylvia.

"I-" As Sylvia was about to speak, Avia cut her off.

"What's going on? It's simple. Your young disciple was just explaining to us how unimportant our presence is here—since it is not even worth a proper greeting. Ah, what should I do? I came here in an attempt to smooth things over, but... If this affects the relationship between your Order and our Fifth Great Clan, then..." Avia said with a calm smile.


Sylvia's eyes widened in shock as Yuveil's hand made contact with her face.

"How dare you treat our honored guests in such an inhospitable way! Why have you not shown them in yet?!" Yuveil shouted as she looked at Sylvia with a cold gaze.

Sylvia was left speechless and dumbfounded. She had not even had the chance to explain her side things. Yet, her senior aunt took the words of outsiders at face value and humiliated her in front of them!

This caused Sylvia to boil over with rage as she was filled with a sense of injustice. But, how could she raise her hand against her senior aunt? She could only swallow this bitter humiliation.

Then, taking a full turn, a welcoming and warm smile formed on Yuveil's face as she said, "Honored guests, please, allow me to escort you to our Thousand Blossoms Peak. As the First Guardian, I shall ensure that all your needs are well met."