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Izroth set his sights on the two new entries into the main hall.

The first individual was a middle-aged man with short gray hair and hazel-colored eyes. He had a strong and tense face that would naturally cause others to think twice before confronting him head-on.

This man was known as the Destructive Sight of the Eight Heavens, Devil's Hand Louven.

The person next to Louven was a young woman. But, despite her youthful appearance, this woman was actually the oldest person in the main hall. Though this was no surprise considering that she was a member of the long-lived trephasia race.

She possessed light blue hair with streaks of silver running throughout it that was neatly tied up into a bun. Her eyes were a charming violet that gave off a natural feeling of allure.

She was known as the Sacred Leaf of the Fifth Great Clan, Pelyria.

'Oh? Why would they reveal themselves now?'

Thanks to his high perception stat, Izroth discovered the presence of the two legendary figures. But, in truth, it was not difficult to do so. It was almost as if the two of them were not afraid of their presence being known.

Based on what he observed with his Energy Vision Sense, Louven and Pelyria should be somewhere at the late stage of the realm. Even if both of them teamed up, they were far from Seina's match.

What Izroth did not understand was why the two chose to reveal themselves despite having witnessed Seina's strength firsthand.

To save those who were a part of their groups? If that was so, they would have taken action as soon as Seina made a move against the High Enforcer Balugon.

Instead, they waited precisely until Seina targeted Yuveil before revealing themselves.

Did it make any sense that they would ignore their own people's well-being and care for what happened to someone who was a part of the Order of a Thousand Blossoms? The answer was, of course, no.

'What am I missing?'

Izroth felt that he did not have all the pieces to the puzzle. What was so valuable about Yuveil that they were willing to reveal their hand at an unfavorable time?

To conquer the Order of a Thousand Blossoms?

Although the Order was a strong organization, it could only be considered mid-tier at best if one excluded the Holy Maiden Seina. It was not worth going through all this trouble and risking offending someone at the peak of the legendary realm just to overthrow them. So then, what was it that they had their eyes set on? And, more importantly, what did it have to do with the First Guardian Yuveil? These were the questions Izroth asked himself.

The moment Pelyria and Louven appeared, the atmosphere inside the main hall became increasingly intense. It was to the point that some of the weaker disciples of the Order were having a difficult time breathing under the immense pressure.


Jade extended her aura and formed a makeshift protective barrier around the group of disciples to ease the pressure on them.

"Everyone, evacuate the main hall at once and return to your quarters. From this point forward, no one is allowed to leave their quarters or the Thousand Blossoms Peak until further notice. Go." Jade commanded.

When Jade finished speaking, one of the older disciples led the others to a nearby hidden tunnel that led outside of the main hall.

No one attempted to stop the disciples from departing and by the time they left the main hall, there were only a handful of people remaining.

"Junior sister, you should accompany them," Jade said without averting her gaze from Pelyria and Louven.

Sychia; however, shook her head and replied, "I appreciate your concern, senior sister, but as the Thousand Blossom Maiden, it is my duty to remain here by master's side. I will not run away."

Jade remained silent for a moment as she glanced over at her junior sister.

She then released a helpless sigh and said, "Very well. But, you must prioritize your own safety above all else. Understand?"

"Yes, senior sister," Sychia responded firmly.

As the intense atmosphere in the main hall reached its peak, Pelyria called out, "Avia, come."

When she was called, a look of relief appeared on Avia's face as she started to stand to her feet.

"Did I say you could get up?" Seina's voice coldly sounded as she glimpsed over towards Avia.

The instant Seina's gaze landed on her, Avia's face turned pale as her legs went numb, causing her to fall back into her seat.

When Pelyria saw Seina's response, her eyes turned cold.

"You are going too far, Holy Maiden. Can it be that you want to disregard the bond of our ancestors?" Pelyria inquired with a darkened expression.

"Bond? How amusing. Was it not your Fifth Great Clan who was the first to disregard the bond of our ancestors when your little princess ambushed and tried to claim the life of my disciple? Speaking of which, do not think I have forgiven the matter. I will be sure to personally pay your Fifth Great Clan a visit and demand answers from that old witch who does not know how to properly raise her descendant." Seina stated.

"Mind your words, Holy Maiden. You are speaking about someone who is in line to become the next great ruler of the Great Clans. You may be strong, but even you can not match the might of all the Great Clans that reside within the Mother of All Forests." Pelyria warned.

"Great ruler? I see even at her age, she still knows how to have great ambitions." Seina said with a light grin.

Due to her position as a head of one of the Great Clans, the "old witch" Seina referred to was considered a potential candidate to become the great ruler of the trephasia race. However, at the moment, she was only a candidate, just like the other heads.

Pelyria was infuriated with Seina's complete disregard for the head of her Fifth Great Clan. But, she quickly calmed herself. Right now, she still had the upper hand.

"I will overlook your unruly behavior for the sake of the long-standing relationship of our Great Clan and your Order. But, regarding what happened between the young disciples, do not forget that it was your disciple who destroyed one of the clones belonging to our little princess, causing her to sustain some internal injuries. From the looks of it, your disciple seems to be in good shape for someone who was supposedly ambushed." Pelyria stated.

"Oh? Are you calling my disciple a liar?" Seina asked as she narrowed her eyes.

"From what I have heard, you specifically forbade your disciple from leaving the Thousand Blossoms Peak and entering the Secret Realm. Yet, against her own master's will and orders, she still went. Tell me, how can we trust the words of someone who would disobey and deceive even their own master?" Pelyria said with a playful smirk.

Upon hearing Pelyria's words, Sychia lowered her head in shame. It was not that she regretted her actions that led to her master's life being saved. But, she did indeed disobey her master's order and gave Pelyria just the excuse she needed to flip the blame.

From an outsider's perspective, whose words were more trustworthy? She, who deceived her master? Or, Luxia, the little princess of the Fifth Great Clan who maintained a clean reputation on the surface?

"In the end, it is our little princess' word versus the word of your disciple. So, we are willing to somewhat compromise and only demand that-"

"I was also there. I wonder if my word counts?" Izroth said as he cut off Pelyria.

The moment Izroth spoke, Pelyria glared at him, and a visible frown found its way onto her face.

"Who is this young child? How dare he interrupt me and speak when the elders are talking!" Pelyria lightly scoffed.

"Those who bark the loudest usually do so to drown out the sound of the truth. Can it be that you are afraid of what I have to say?" Izroth said with a carefree expression.

"You want to lecture me? Insolent!" Pelyria scowled as a single golden leaf appeared between her fingertips.


With a light flick of her wrist, the golden leaf sped towards Izroth at a frightening speed!


A powerful gale of wind blew around Izroth; however, he remained completely unmoved. That's because he knew that there was no need for him to act.

Just before the leaf was about to hit him, Seina caught it in between her fingers.

As she caught the leaf, a look of anger appeared in the Holy Maiden's eyes.

"Attacking an Official Saint of our Order in front of me--am I nothing in your eyes? You must be truly fearless!" Seina said as she tossed the leaf back at Pelyria.


The leaf darted through the air and carried with it the scent of cherry blossoms.

Pelyria's eyes widened in shock when Seina returned her attack.

Official Saint? Since when did the Order of a Thousand Blossoms accept male disciples?!

If she truly did just attack an Official Saint, it was the same as publicly slapping the Holy Maiden's face!