"The matters of today are the matters of the Sacharro Clan. My father had only planned on teaching you four factions a small lesson for your attempting to kidnap me when I was just a child, but since you've thoroughly enraged him by trying to slander my mother, you can forget about a mere small lesson.

"You all have 1 hour to bring out someone worthy of speaking to my father, or else you'll face the consequences for yourselves.

"My father's temperament isn't as good as mine and he happens to love me and my mother very much." Alauna said with a sweet smile. "So, I'm afraid that if your Supreme Leaders don't come forward to apologize personally, he won't let this matter rest."

Though Dyon's expression didn't change, he was inwardly smiling bitterly. This daughter of his really was even better at causing trouble than himself.


"Did I do good, daddy?"

Dyon chuckled dryly. His daughter had stopped calling him daddy long ago and only occasionally did so whenever she wanted something. It seemed she was hellbent on having him acknowledge Luna this time around.

Sighing, Dyon patted his daughter's head.

"You did good. Let dad handle the rest."

In truth, Dyon's body was still in a terrible state inwardly. After being met with that awkward situation when he tried to bed Ri, he had turned his Immortal Sense inward to find countless internal injuries. The scene within his body was truly ghastly even though he appeared to be fine on the outside.

Still, these so-called Sprites had crossed his bottom line. Trying to slander his women? They were courting death.

Seeing the interaction between Dyon and Alauna, no one any longer had doubt that they were father and daughter. Plus, with them standing side by side, it was clear to see that Alauna shared many of Dyon's features. If it wasn't for Dyon's Titan Diamond Body changing his hair and eye color, they would look even more like father and daughter considering Alauna's hazel-green eyes.

Dyon's warm gaze once more turned cold as he looked forward.

He swept two fingers forward, sending a blinding light of sword qi slicing through the air.

Sixth Elder Waye's scream filled the martial square facing the tower of mystical worlds. He clutched his armless shoulder as he writhed in pain, unable to withstand the horrible qi surging through his body.

"When speaking to your superiors, learn to show some respect. This is a warning. My daughter's words are my own. I'm not a patient person."

Alauna clapped happily. "The Waye Clan shouldn't be unhappy with these events. My father has decided to take Brother Bowaye as a disciple, so exchanging the arm of a Sixth Elder in return is a great deal."

The lips of the elders who had come twitched, but they no longer dared to say anything.

Wasn't Bowaye the disciple of First Grand Elder Wuwaye? He was the most powerful individual outside of Higher Existence Earthen. How could he take such a slight lying down?


Within the Unblemished Palace, Luna's eyes shone with unshed tears. She hadn't cried since her sister's death all those gloomy years ago, but today's events had brought her quite close. She couldn't help but look on toward the image of the young man subduing the upper echelon of the Sprite Alliance without regard for the consequences with warmth in her heart.

Though Alauna was mischievous, Luna knew her daughter well. Alauna would never cross a line Dyon was unwilling to follow her toward. Alauna knew that Dyon needed a push to give Luna appropriate status, so she took this chance without hesitation. In her eyes, this was a path to her parents finally receiving a happy ending.

Still, Luna didn't shed those tears. In fact, her gaze turned cold and indifferent a moment later as she sensed four auras entering her Palace uninvited.

One was a familiar handsome, blue haired man dressed in azure Alchemy Star Lord robes. This was none other than the very same man who came to speak to her right before they shamelessly tried to kidnap her daughter.

This man was none other than Higher Existence Spiritual, also known as Supreme Spiritual, the Supreme Leader of the Spiritual Sprites and the strongest rival of Luna's Heavenly Sprites.

The next was a wizened woman who seemed to be about forty or so years of age. Of the four, she appeared to be the oldest, but even still, she was only middle-aged.

Despite this, she was a gorgeous woman with a refined, mature air. She had the ability to make a man's blood boil differently than an innocent, inexperienced young woman would.

This woman was Higher Existence Oracle, also known as Supreme Oracle, the Supreme Leader of the Oracle Sprites.

The third of the four was a staunch man with bristling brown facial hair that glowed with a faint dark gold light. It was clear that hidden beneath his unkept beard that he had a handsome countenance beyond words.

This man was Higher Existence Earthern, also known as Supreme Earthen.

Finally, the last was a man with a hidden sharpness that made one's eyes hurt when looking directly at him.

His back was as straight as a javelin, his brows as sharp as swords, and his gaze as menacing as brandished blades. His hair fluctuated with a silver light and his robes occasionally gave off the sharp SHIIIING sound of a sharpening edge singing.

"Why have you four come here." Luna asked emotionlessly.

These four didn't usually dare to step foot into Unblemished Palace. Simply put, Luna was by far the most powerful here. She had filled the surroundings with swaths of qi sources. In fact, with Dyon's help, her advantage had become even more exaggerated. It wasn't an overstatement to say that when here, she was the most powerful individual on the whole Mortal Plane by a massive margin – ignoring the matter of Faith, of course.

Knowing this, it was no wonder she found their appearance odd.