Who knew how this already enraged Supreme Spiritual would act if he knew he couldn't even shine Dyon's shoes in the field of alchemy? Dyon wouldn't even accept him as an assistant.

"Control yourself Supreme Spiritual." Supreme Armament said emotionlessly. "We still need to decide who will go and end this farce. I don't think all four of us have to appear, correct?"

"Those thirteen can handle this, why should we step in?" Supreme Earthen said with a sneer. "It's better than we handle this Supreme Heavenly situation."

"Give her to me." Supreme Spiritual said with a twisted expression. "I'll turn her into an obedient puppet."

"Controlling her will be easy, we don't need you to do such a thing." Supreme Oracle said with a hint of disdain. "Just go and capture her daughter and throw her into a cell. That'll make her obedient."

"I've never had any qualms about playing with a mother and daughter at the same time. Why do you suddenly believe I can't?" Supreme Spiritual sneered, not caring even a small bit for Supreme Oracle's disdain. In his mind, she only acted like this because she was a woman. Who cared about her opinion of himself? It wasn't as though she was warming his bed.

"Brother Apollos, how long will this barrier hold up?" Supreme Armament cut off their conversation before it escalated.

Apollos shrugged. "For as long as I deem it fit. She's currently experiencing countless timelines at once, though. If she remains in this state for too long, she may very well lose her mind. Not everyone can withstand such a thing, though she is in a unique position to do so considering how long she's lived…"

"This is good." Supreme Armament nodded. "The plan can move forward then."

"Ai." Apollos said with a smile. "You'll be rewarded greatly for your service. This Luna is the last piece of the puzzle."

"I hope so. My Sprite Alliance has sacrificed a lot all for the sake of weathering the descent of the Ancient Battlefield."

"… Though he said watching losers act as though they had won would be funny… I didn't think it would be amusing to this extent."

The amiable atmosphere suddenly froze as five gazes once more turned toward the Unblemished Throne.

Luna, who was meant to have been incapacitated, once more had a clear gaze. She looked toward the four Supremes and Apollos as though they were nothing but dancing clowns.

"You… How?" Apollos' eyes narrowed.

Even among Heaven's Children, he was a supreme existence. The ability to casually manipulate time as one pleased couldn't be described in mere simple terms. To say that Apollos was near invincible wasn't an exaggeration at all!

Before him, Dyon's time will was nothing but a joke. Even the Celestial Hamsters could only bow their heads despite the fact they had now shattered their Heaven's Chains. The gap was simply too large.

So how… How was it that Luna sat there completely unscathed?

Was Dyon a fool? The reason why he was so apprehensive about showing his true strength was because he didn't want others to have the capacity to prepare for him. But, if others could prepare, why couldn't Dyon prepare?

To now, it had already been almost two decades since Apollos appeared for the Federation meeting. Could it be that Dyon simply ignored such a massive variable and never made any countermeasures?

On top of this, even if Apollos never appeared, Dyon would have been prepared nonetheless because he knew from the very beginning that the power of the Timeless Library was controlled by a Heaven's Child thanks to Jade!

"You…! How do you have that!?" Apollos' gaze shivered with understanding and fear.

"Oh… This…?"

An illusory array placed on Luna's throne shimmered and faded out of existence, revealing an ancient archway that King Mino and his daughter Aoife would recognize in an instant…

It was the Jafari Clan Treasure!

Back when the Kitsune attacked Dyon's home universe, it was this very archway etched with ancient runes that protected King Mino's life until Dyon arrived. The truth was that everyone usually forgot that the Jafari Clan Treasure… Was fundamentally a defensive treasure!

Why was it that all those years ago Apollos went out of his way to coax Sargeras into the Timeless Library…? Even if Sargeras was powerful, it wasn't to the extent of threatening those massive Outer Powers, right?

The reason was right before them now. While the Mino Clan had had the Space half of the Jafari Clan Treasure, Sargeras had had the Time half! The very Time half that had always been Apollos' Achilles Heel!

Luna's emotionless expression gave way to a gorgeous smile that seemed to light the world.

"… My man gave it to me…"

"You… You can't mean that he was the one to draw this array…?"

Supreme Spiritual couldn't stop the trembling of his body. He felt as though his entire world was collapsing.

Which genius of the soul path didn't practice multiple professions? Didn't even the Tower Quadrant's Sapientia Quadrant have those white robed youths? How could Supreme Spiritual, a man who reached the pinnacle of the Mortal Plane, not also practice multiple paths?

Of course, there was a reason the taboo on array alchemy was in place. Many saw studying the two professions at once was too difficult – though this was obviously only a surface excuse levied by those lurking in the shadows toward its suppression. This was all to say that Supreme Spiritual's formation knowledge fell far short of his alchemy, however, he knew enough to understand the level of attainments it took to hide something before the eyes of Higher Existences…

What Supreme Spiritual had no way of knowing was that Dyon had drawn this array with a casual wave of his hand. Even with his nonchalance, he never considered for a single moment that one of them would see through his creation. Dyon comprehension of array alchemy had long since left the scope of the Mortal Plane.