Kana and her family stood in a group. Because of the auras they were giving off, no one dared to get close. But there were many eyes on them. And not just those of curiosity either. Kana and her family were all beautiful, and Creige was so handsome that he could make every female in Aurora try to covet him. But that did not mean it would ever happen.

As they waited, a young woman wearing blue slacks and a collared shirt with her hair tied back into a ponytail and a pair of glasses on her face flew into the air and looked down over the crowd of people. She was the spitting image of a beautiful librarian. "Welcome! I am glad to see so many wanting to join my Aurora's Angel Academy. I am the head librarian and a seeker of truths, Kelly Armsdale. I will now conduct an age test. You must be under one thousand years old to enter Aurora's Angel Academy. So to save most of you face, if you are over one thousand years of age, then you must leave. And do not think by changing your bone age, I will not be able to tell. My clan's ability to see through lies is something even his excellency highly appreciates. I will give you to the count of ten to turn and leave."

As she said these words, she began to count down to ten. At the same time, a few people began to leave the area. Kana looked at those leaving in curiosity and wondered just how old they all were. Everyone looked to be around their early to mid-twenties but that was just visual age and nothing more.

"Ten! I will now commence the test." Kelly spread her arms out, and a wave of pink light spread out from her body, engulfing everyone. Well, almost everyone. When the light hit Kana, it was reflected back and slammed into Kelly, sending her crashing into the ground. Her power never got to touch anyone in Kana's family. "Ahh!"

"Er...." Kana tapped her chin with her finger and wondered what had just happened. She did nothing, but her power seemed to have a mind of its own and reflected the spell back toward the caster. Normally this would not happen unless the spell was malicious in nature. "Is it because it tries to pry the truths out of people?"

Kelly wiped the blood from her mouth. Her ponytail was a mess and had started to come undone. She slowly stood up and turned to stare at Kana with a vicious glare. "You can not enter the academy without taking the test!"

"But the reason it rebounded and hit you is that you had vicious intent," Kana replied as she looked at Kelly. "After all, how could it rebond and send you flying to the ground? Is there a reason why you were trying to peer into my thoughts?"

Of course, there was a reason! Kelly thought to herself. Who had not heard of the young woman who had been personally greeted by the God of Creation himself and was even given a brand new island in Aurora for her family to live on? She had wanted to use this test in order to see why the God of Creation was willing to personally greet a newcomer to Aurora. She gritted her teeth and forced a smile as she said: "I do not know what you are talking about. I am just checking your true bone age. I would never look at things I should not look at. I am a teacher at Aurora's Angel Academy and have been here for over five thousand years! I will say this now you can not start taking the exam if you do not pass this test, so you must undergo the test."

"Oh? But I do not want to let you look into my mind. If you did not have ulterior motives, why would I instinctively reject your probe? It is a good thing my family is behind me, or you might have looked into their minds as well. People who try to meddle and look into things they should not are not people I will take seriously. If you really think you can stop me from entering this academy, then you have another thing coming to you. Because you...." Kana smiled as she disappeared and reappeared in front of Kelly and grabbed her by the face. "Are too weak to stop me!"


Kana slammed Kelly's face into the ground, causing the ground to form cracks as her face sunk into the stone slab. Kana held Kelly's head in place as she whispered: "Let me tell you a little secret. Those who dare to have thoughts against my family and myself will vanish into nothingness."

Kana deliberately turned Kelly's face so she could see Kana's hand and slowly began to trace the ground with her finger. As her finger moved, the ground it touched began to disappear without a trace. Kana's finger grew closer and closer to Kelly's face as she asked: "Do I make myself clear?"

Kelly could only force a nod. She was close to peeing her pants. She had never seen such a strange power. She began envisioning Kana's finger touching her face as the parts she touched disappeared, leaving her disfigured forever!

Kana smiled and released Kelly as she patted her knees and stood up. "I am glad we came to an understanding. Please continue."

Kelly wanted to cry. She wondered why she had to act so arrogantly! She should have realized the girl was much more powerful than her when she had easily reflected her ability like it was nothing and even caused it to harm her. She slowly got up and fixed her glasses, trying to act as if nothing had happened before looking at a few people and pointing at them. "You, you, you, and you, leave!"

"Wait! Why should we leave if they do not need to leave!?" One of the young men who was told to leave yelled out.

"Because I make the decisions around here! If you do not like it, go talk to her and ask if she will leave with you!" Kelly snorted and put the blame on Kana. Kana could care less. She smiled at the young man and waved. But that smile seemed to invoke fear which caused the young man to look away. He did not dare say anything else as he lowered his head and walked away.