Kelly snorted once more as she watched the young man chicken out. She then floated back into the air and tried to calm herself as she adjusted her clothes. "Now then.... With everyone passing the test, we will now move on to the next test. The test of strength. Everyone must have a proper amount of strength to enter Aurora's Angel Academy. If you do not meet the requirements, it is more than likely that you will die in the second test."

Her meaning was simple. Just the test alone to get into the academy will kill you if you are weak. The strength test was nothing more than a measurement tool to keep people from needlessly throwing away their lives.

Kelly waved her hand, and the gates to the academy filly began to open. The two statues next to the gates, which were carvings of two beautiful girls with feathered wings and halos on their heads, suddenly moved and blew the trumpets in their hands.

When the gates fully opened, they revealed a large portal that led to another realm altogether. Kelly ushered the hundreds of would-be hopefuls into the portal. When Kana and her family walked by her, she turned her head, not daring to look at the lizard demon.

When Kana and her family passed through the portal, they arrived on a large platform. The area was much like the area outside, but this place was a large open space with nothing but buildings on different floating clouds. Each building was made of brick and mortar, which surprised Kana a little, but when she thought about it, this realm was a mix of people from many different places.

The platform they were on was made of large stones cut into a large circle. In the middle, beside Kana and the other academy hopefuls, was a large ray of light that rose high into the sky. In front of it was a man with huge muscles and a large broadsword on his back. He had an eye patch over one eye, and his spiky red hair really stood out.

"Sir Bellings will take over from here. I wish you all good luck." With this quick intro, Kelly took off as if her life depended on it, not even daring to give Sir Bellings a warning.

Sir Bellings narrowed his brow when he saw Kelly's appearance looked to be in disarray. This was unlike her since she liked to be prim and proper. But he just shrugged it off as if it was nothing. He looked at the group of hopefuls standing in front of him and chuckled. "Now then.... You will all come up here and punch the light. If you can make it flicker even a tiny bit, you will have passed. Hurry up, I do not have all day!"

Sir Bellings was never one to mess around since he was forced into doing this test, he wanted to get it over with and quickly. He yelled at everyone to line up in a single line. Kana decided to have her family go last, just in case. She had at least the decency not to disturb the test too much.

Kana watched as each of the people walked up and punched the light with everything they had. No skills were allowed to be used. Only pure strength could be used. Why this was so was because if you were somehow barred from using skills, you would not be able to survive so easily. If you had enough physical strength, then you might still have a chance to survive.

One after the other, the hopefuls threw their fists forward. Some would make the light flicker a lot, while some were only able to make it flicker for a fraction of a second. But even this fraction was detected by Sir Bellings, which proved he was being very honest about the test.

For those who did not make it flicker at all, they were told to leave back through the portal. It was an embarrassment to be sent back, so most had their heads lowered. But this did not mean they had to give up completely, they still had a chance as long as they worked hard and came back during the next enrollment.

As the line grew smaller, Kana watched as Mei Ling and Bi Ling walked forward, or more like the teddy bear under them, walked forward. When Sir Bellings saw this, he was slightly surprised but couldn't help but find it kind of cute as well. What really amazed him was how young the two girls were that were sitting on its head. There was no ban on transportation or how people moved around, so he was not mad that they both came up on the huge teddy bear.

"Sister Bi, you can go first." Mei Ling did not care who went first, but she figured Bi Ling would want to go before her.

"Okay!" Bi Ling stood up and hopped down from the teddy bear's head and wound her up a few times to stretch it. All the other hopefuls' eyes were locked on to her small figure, wondering just how strong a little girl like her was. Bi Ling looked at Sir Bellings and asked: "I just punch the light?"

Sir Bellings looked at the young girl who was asking a question and smiled, and nodded his head. "Yes. Give it everything you have."

"If I break it, will I need to pay for it?" Bi Ling was worried about breaking the light!

"Hmmm? Hahaha! Don't worry. This is a beam of light, it cannot be broken." Sir Bellings found the little girl to be very amusing.

"Okay~!" Bi Ling grinned as she raised her little fist, pulled it back, and thrust it forward with everything she had. The world seemed to have gone quiet as the little fist seemed to be the only thing in the entire universe. The sound of multiple sonic booms was heard as the little first broke the sound barrier before turning into a flash of light. It slammed into the pillar of light and created its own beam of light that pierced through the light and headed right for one of the academy buildings. But before it could even leave the platform, A figure appeared and held out her hand, blocking the beam of light with her bare hand. Kana smiled as she felt a slight pinch of pain. She put on a smug grin as she disappeared and returned to her place in line. Her little baby had grown so strong!

It was just that..... The pillar of light did indeed go out but never came back on.....