Shenia felt as if her insides were going to bust out of her back. She gritted her teeth and flipped her body around, and drew out six swords. As an asura, her abilities lay in battle. Her abilities with the sword were also innate, and she was one of the best of her race when it came to swordplay. "You will die!"

Yana snorted as she grabbed the hilt of her sword and looked at the woman charging back at her. "You might have six arms, but if you need to use six swords then you know nothing about the way of the sword."

Yana closed her eyes and slowly opened them. Stars lit up her now black eyes as she stared at Shenia, who was directing all her killing intent toward Yana. A bloodthirsty grin that had not been seen in a long time appeared on Yana's face as she lowered her head and got into her sword stance. "First Stance: In the beginning, there was nothing...."


The sound of a sword exiting and entering its sheath was heard. But this was quickly followed up by Yana's cold words: "Second Stance: When there was nothing, chaos was born...."

The air trembled as Yana's eyes suddenly turned a bloody red as she slowly put her sword back into her sheath. "Third Stance: With chaos, came hope.... Fourth Stance: With the birth of hope, came life....."

Yana had quickly shot out four consecutive attacks each one more powerful than the last but when she saw those attacks being deflected one after the other the anger in Yana's eyes grew even more. As for Shenia, she was sweating bullets. If she was not strong, she would have already been wiped out by the first attack. The fourth attack just now was so strong that she almost got swallowed up by the vortex that formed when she blocked the attack. As she was getting ready to counter she heard a low ice cold voice speak again: "Fifth Stance: When there is life, destruction is born....."

Shenia's face paled, this power was causing the entire realm to shake as a massive beam of black light suddenly shot toward her. It was much bigger than the last ones, and it carried a heavy weight. The gravity around Shenia was getting heavier and heavier.

"Okay!" Kana suddenly stepped in between the two Yana and Shenia who would undoubtedly die if she was hit by Yana's attack and held out her hand. Everyone thought the smiling lizard girl was crazy. She just stepped into the path of the attack like it was nothing and held her hand out. Did she really think she could block such an attack!?

But instead of seeing Kana turn into nothingness, they watched with shocked eyes as she caught the beam of light in her hand and took a deep breath sucking into her body. "Urp!" A loud burp was heard as Kana covered her mouth and blushed. "Sorry..... Those attacks make me a little gassy...." Everyone who was watching all had the same thought: "That is not the problem here! You just ate an attack that could have wiped us all out!"

"Ahem...." Kana looked at Yana, who was pouting her bottom lip and glaring at Shenia, and Shenia, who was drenched in sweat, stared at Kana in horror. "Yana, I know you are mad, but in situations like this, you just beat them up! Why must you use your sword stances? Only use those when you are destroying a realm. For a realm like this, if you used your full power with your first stance, it would have been already destroyed."

"But Mama...." Yana wanted to complain, but Kana raised her hand and said: "Use your fists. She tried to touch your wife, so make her remember what it means to try to touch your lover."

"Yes, Mama...." Yana put her sword away and disappeared. Shenia, who had no time to react, was suddenly smashed into the ground face first, flipped over, mounted with all six of her arms pinned, and then severely beaten with fist after fist smashing into her face.

Soli's head suddenly jolted, waking her up. She wiped the saliva off her mouth and looked around. "Yana?" She reached up with her hand and wiped her sleepy eyes as she looked for Yana. When she saw Yana mounting another girl, her eyes went wide as she disappeared and reappeared by Yana and ripped her off the girl. "Who the hell are you? How dare you try to steal my wife!"

And Shenia was subjected to another round of face smashing. Yana, who had just been yanked off Shenia, stared at Soli, who was full on smashing Shenia in the head in confusion. She wondered just how it became a different scenario all of a sudden. But she felt if she did not explain herself, Soli might think she was cheating on her, so she quickly said: "Soli, no, you got it wrong. I was punching her because she tried to touch you!"

"What!?" Soli yelled out and got even madder as her punches became even more fierce. "How dare you try to make me misunderstand my wife! You thieving cat!"

Sir Bellings looked at Shenia, who was being beaten senseless, and looked the other way. He was not stupid. He had learned long ago to stay out of fights between women since it would just end up with both turning on him and beating him. He did not wish to get beaten today. He turned and looked at the place where the light should be and frowned. "Where the hell is it?"

Shenia was beaten to the point that half her body was so swollen that four of her arms looked as if they had merged together. Her entire upper body seemed like it had inflated by fifty times, making her look more like a blob monster than an asura. This entire time she never even got to fight back. She was kicked, then struck with multiple sword attacks that could destroy realms, and then beaten with fists not once but twice. On this day, she learned that not every girl is able to be touched...