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The battles had finally come down to the semi finals. As expected, the ones to fight were Bell versus Ako and Tim versus Sara. Kana was dancing around in her seat with her tail wagging back and forth as much as it could with the room that it had. She was excited to see the next two battles since it had her baby girl, her grandbabies, and her sister Ako! She knew they would be very interesting. Although, she was preparing to console a certain grandson after he got beat up.

The first battle was about to start, so she was leaned forward with her hands between her legs pressed against the cushion of her seat with her eyes glued to the stage. "Creige, who do you think will win?"

"Hmmm… It is hard to tell. Both Ako and Bell have progressed a lot over the past two months. I think they are pretty evenly matched. But I do think Ako has a slight advantage." Creige answered. He truly did not know who would win. Both Bell and Ako were just as fast as the other, and their strength was just about the same. The only difference was Ako's body make up, which could change shape at will.

"Hmmm…. You are right. Ako has not only her body but also her strong chaos element." Kana nodded as she rocked back and forth. She had already set up the barrier on the stage, so there were no worries about them destroying anything but the stage, which could be rebuilt with a wave of her hand.

Down on the stage, Ako looked at Bell and wondered how she should deal with this fight. Bell was not like the others. She was strong and knew how to fight intelligently. "If she goes for speed, I will need to try to trip her up. But I still think she is hiding some of her strength."

"Aunty Ako, I will be going all out this time. So be ready." Bell replied with her sword drawn. She was going to use her abilities to their fullest. And she had been waiting for this battle to show her true progress.

"I will not disappoint you," Ako replied with a smile.

Sect master Tian who was outside the barrier in the air, looked at the two girls on stage and sighed. He wanted his disciples to be here. He couldn't help but wonder where Kana and her family truly came from. They were all so strong! Sighing, he took a deep breath and yelled out. "Begin!"

"Chaotic explosion!" Ako yelled out.


The whole stage exploded instantly. Bits of debris shot up into the air, along with a big cloud of dust, obscuring everyone's vision.

"Oh! Ako is really not holding back!" Kana yelled out in excitement. She waved her hand and caused a bunch of screens to appear in the air. This allowed everyone to clearly see what was going on within the dust and debris.

"Aunty Ako was really holding back against me…." Mei Ling pursed her lips as she pouted slightly.

"Little Ling, don't worry. As you grow stronger and learn to fight at full strength without issue, no one will dare hold back anymore. So train hard to better yourself." Kana said softly to Mei Ling, who was sitting on Creige's knee, leaning up against him.

"I will work hard." Mei Ling wanted to gain everyone's approval, so she must train harder.

Back on the stage, Bell's lips curled up into a big smile as her body suddenly burst into a pool of blood and shot forward. "Blood Splitting!"

Ako saw the droplets of blood shooting at her and had a bad feeling. She quickly leaned back as the blood pool shot over where her head just was. As she leaned her head back, she saw the blood take form once more as Bell reappeared. Ako couldn't help but frown. Her one and only true advantage against Bell was now matched. She could also shapeshift!

Bell saw the surprised look on Ako's face and smiled. "I told you I was going to go all out. Blood detonation!"


Another explosion rocked the stage. The stage itself was nothing more than a crater now. Ako, who had just narrowly escaped Bell's attack, suddenly formed multiple magic circles in the air. Yes, she was now using mana for the first time. Because of Kana helping her form her god core, she now had the ability to use mana.

Up in the stands, Kana was standing on her seat when she saw the magic circles. "Ako is really doing it!"

"Why is she using magic circles? Isn't it too slow?" Yana asked.

"It's because she has not fully grasped how to cast spells without them yet. Give her time. Once she gets used to it, she can do the same as you and I." Kana explained.

"I see. I had wondered if she could use mana since she formed her god core. Although I do not understand why divinity and mana are two and the same." Yana really did not understand this point about mana. She figured it would be separated, but it seemed divinity also drew upon mana to utilize spells.

"I am not sure either. I think only the old man can answer that. I will call for him when the festival is over." Kana replied. She also wished to ask this from the old man since she herself did not know either.

"You don't need to call me." A voice came from the side. Kana looked over to see the old man sitting next to the sect master of Moon Crest Academy as if he had been here the entire time. He had a drink and some snacks in his hand as he watched the battle down below.

"Why are you here!?" Kana yelled out.

"My disciple's family is participating in a contest. Of course, I had to come. I was just caught up in a few things concerning what had happened before so I was a little late to the party."