The whole area around Angelica suddenly turned into a thorny forest of black thorns that surrounded her and the young man in front of her. Because of how the spell worked, it was basically sealing them off from the rest of the world. Angelica's lips curled up as she suddenly turned into a ghostly figure. Even her physical body did as well. She snorted as she took out a long thin ghostly sword that had a strange aura coming off of it. "One thing you should never do is look down on your opponents. You may be stronger than anyone I have fought up until now and may even be able to resist my power of word, but did you know? I am not someone who can be defeated so easily." Angelica's grin send shivers down the young man's back as she shouted: "As the Ghost Empress, I command all unliving to come stand at my side."

Outside the newly formed thorn structure that went for miles in each direction, Rain stood in the sky with her sword drawn with a small smile on her lips. "You look down on us just because we do not come from where you come from. But do not look down on us. We have seen hell many times over and have gained powers to accommodate this. We have a singular goal in mind, and this is why we strive to gain more strength. To be honest, you are lucky to even still be standing because if my Mama had come, you all would have died without knowing who killed you. You are lucky because she decided to give you to us to train upon."

"Smart words of a bitch! Do you think you can scare me with such ridiculous accusations? Your Mama? Are you still a little girl? Even if your mother was here, there would be no way you could win today. From this moment on, you will all die!" The young woman in pink robes yelled out as she wiped the sweat from her brow. She, in truth, was not convinced of her own words. The young woman in front of her was very strong. She was on par with the elite of the Void of Oblivion. Each one of them was strong enough to stand at the top, yet this girl from a mundane world was able to hold such power! It was inconceivable that such a thing could happen! Not to mention her powers were strange. When she attacked, it felt like she was hitting nothing. Her sword would just pass through the bitch!

"Why is your mouth so dirty? Don't you know it is bad manners to call people such names? It might make me want to ….. Cut off a limb or two." Rain smiled as she stuck her sword out. The young woman suddenly had a bad feeling and quickly did a backflip, just narrowly escaping the sword that was stabbing towards her back. Her nose was less than a fraction of an inch away from the blade as she flipped out of harm's way.

"Tch…. You are a quick one." Rian said with a smile. But this new trick of hers really caused the young woman to feel a sense of fear finally.

"Ahh!" A scream came from a little ways away as Ako suddenly smashed into the ground. She was able to fight one or two, but these people were all too powerful. Ako's body created a large crater in the ground. As she lay there staring up at the three people above her.

A young man in green robes sneered as he said: "Chaos or not, you are not going to leave this place alive!"

"Auntie Ako!" Rain wanted to go to her aid, but the young woman with fiery red hair stood in front of her. "You are not going anywhere!"

"Get out of my way!" Rain's anger really began to rise. She could not sit here playing with this girl. Her hair began to flutter around her as a sea of stars began to swirl in her deep black eyes. The fiery red headed girl suddenly felt a great weight pressing down on her. She gritted her teeth and held her hands together, causing a large pillar of rock to shoot up at Rain, causing her to sense a bit of anger as she quickly jumped back.

"Don't take me lightly, you little bitch!" The fiery red headed girl yelled out. She did not like being looked down upon. While she felt danger from Rain as she was now, she still held her ground. She had not spent hundreds of years training for nothing!

"Hmmm?" The air once again shook, causing everyone to look up into the air to see how the newcomers were. Even rain and the people who were about to attack Ako stopped in their tracks as they looked up into the air.

Kana, who was also about to make her move, suddenly froze when she saw two somewhat different yet familiar faces suddenly appear in the air. Her eyes began to water up as she saw the person standing there looking down at the battlefield below them. She wanted to run out and hug them both, but she knew now was not the time. She could only hold back as she waited to see what happened next.

"Someone dares to harm those of our family?" Tilia's body began to radiate a strong bone chilling coldness as she looked around.

"You!?" The people who were hovering above Ako looked at the new figures with a bit of hesitation. Especially a young woman in purple robes. "You are the Ice Goddess's disciple…."

"You know me? It's good that you do, but yet you dare attack my family?" Tilia asked as she looked at the girl in purple.

"Family or not, it doesn't matter. You may be the ice goddesses disciple, but this was all ordered by the elders themselves." What she said was true. The head of the elders, Soli's master, had set this up just in case. He had all the elder's disciples on standby just in case.

"So? What do the elders of the Void of Oblivion have to do with my family? Since you dared to touch them, you can die!" Tilia's body flashed as she appeared in front of the young woman in purple robes. Her hand turned into a blade of ice and stabbed toward the girl's heart. But the girl only sneered as she formed a purple rocky barrier around her body.