"Ahh! Tilia, no fair! You just went ahead and picked one!" Kiliffia cried out as her tails flicked as she looked at the other two who were standing there stupefied by the sudden appearance of more enemies. "Ummm…. Umm….. uh….. You!" Kiliffia picked the young man whose eyes disgusted her and flew straight at him, and swung her tails forward.

The young man quickly snapped out of his daze as the sudden onslaught of attacks barreled down onto him. He waved his hand, causing many barriers to form around him, blocking the attacks, but due to the power of each strike, he was quickly forced back away from Ako. Only one person stood there hovering above Ako at this time.

The last young man in blue robes quickly turned and wanted to try to at least finish off the other woman, but out of nowhere, a young man clad in dark fog suddenly appeared. He never even felt the young man's presence. The young man shook his head as he looked up at the blue robed young man. "You only know how to pick on a lady? Did my Auntie Ako do anything to you all?"

Kana, who was watching the entire thing, clenched her fists when she saw Devan suddenly appear on the battlefield. His power had yet to stabilize, yet he actually went out! "This boy!" Kana pursed her lips. She decided to watch how things unfolded. It was now a one on one with everyone. But she did wave her hand, causing Ako to disappear and reappear at her side. "Ako, you okay?"

"I…. Master, I…." Ako lowered her head, but Kana reached out and placed her hand on top of it and ruffled her hair. "We are sisters no more master this and master that…."

"But…. I failed you…." Ako felt depressed. She had really been put into a bad position. She had thought too highly of her combat ability as a slime. And now….

"It's fine. Things will work out. I would have stepped in if the others did not show." Kana replied as she hugged Ako. She then took out some pills and handed them to Ako. "Eat these and rest."

"Mmm…" Ako nodded as she took the pills. She felt so inferior at this time.

Kana sighed as she looked at Ako, who seemed to be doubting herself. "Ako, those people are powerful, and you fought for almost thirty minutes without any help against three of them. That alone shows just how far you have come. Give it time, and you will grow even more powerful."

"I will work harder." Seeing the light come back into Ako's eyes, Kana felt much better. She watched as the slime girl's eyes glued to the water screens in front of her as she watched the battle.

Far away from the main battle Yana and Soli were still clashing, destroying everything around them. Whole mountain landscapes were turned into rubble due to their class. This was because of their sword auras. With each clash, their power would surge out in all directions slicing everything into dust due to the sword qi.

"Why is someone with so much talent wasting it by trying to kill my Mama!?" Yan asked as the two clashed once more.

"My master sent me out on a mission. I will carry it out!" Soli also did not like having to kill someone she did not know, and after fighting with Yana for so long, she could tell Yana was not a bad person, but her Master still asked her to complete this task.

"Just because he asked you to do something, you would do it without a second thought!? Have you ever stopped and asked yourself why?" Yana did not understand why this girl would not ask why she had to do something. Why would she lower herself to kill someone who had nothing to do with her?

"Master has raised me since young and has trained me in the way of the sword. Why should I ask him the reason behind killing someone? If he asks, I will answer his call." Soli replied. She did not understand what Yana was getting to.

"So if he asked you to murder millions of innocent children, you would!?" Yana decided to change the target to something else to see Soli's reaction. And sure enough, when Soli heard these words, her eyes flickered.

"If… Master told me to…." Soli couldn't finish her sentence. Even she was not so cruel to do such a thing. She could not harm innocent children.

"If your master told you, what!? Would you or would you not!?" Yana yelled out as she began speeding up her attacks. Soli was startled by the sudden increase in speed, but she was torn with trying to answer Yana, causing her to be slightly caught off guard.

"If he…." Soli bit her lip as she yelled out: "Master would never ask such a despicable thing!"

"Then what are you doing now!? We have never even been to the Void of Oblivion! We have not even left this planet in many hundreds of years! Hell, until just a few hundred years ago, we were not even in this universe! Your master wants to kill my Mama for no reason!" Yana yelled out as she continued to speed up her attacks. The attacking and defending were so fast that the sonic booms were left farther and farther behind them as they clashed.

"This…." Soli could tell through their fighting that Yana was not lying. This left her confused. Why would her master want to kill someone for no reason? Why would her master suddenly target this young woman's mother? It really did not make any sense at all!

"Think about it. Why would your master want to suddenly harm someone he doesn't even know!? Why would he send you out? He's asking you to kill an innocent person for what? How is this good for you who has taken up the sword? It makes no sense! All he will do is slow your progress in the way of the sword."