Yana's barrage of questions hit Soli like a rock. She stopped mid air unsure of what to do. Yana also did not attack her. She did not want to kill someone who was so good with the sword. After fighting with Soli, she knew this girl was righteous. She did not harbor hatred in her heart, but she was following her master's orders blindly without thinking for herself.

"I…." Soli lowered her sword and stared at Yana, unsure of what to do.

Yana smiled, seeing this, and floated over to her. She reached out her hand to Soli and said: "If you wish to grow stronger and be free of the binds that are holding you back, I can help lead you down such a path. After all, my sword is my life. I only wield it to protect my family and fight strong foes, but I never use it to harm the innocent."

Soli looked at the outstretched hand in front of her, still unsure of what to do. On one hand, she owed her master a lot, but on the other, she did not wish to do these kinds of things anymore. Tears began to well up in her eyes as she slowly lifted her free hand to Yana. As the two hands became connected, Soli fell to her knees. "I am sorry, Master, I can no longer do it!"

Yana sighed as she knelt down next to Soli and hugged the girl. Their swords floated in the air next to them. They had been with their masters for so long that they would not so easily leave their master's side. This was, in a sense a sense of spirituality in their swords that was connected to them and only them.

Soli hugged Yana and cried her eyes out. She had committed so many sins all because her master had ordered her to without much thought. But meeting Yana had opened her eyes. She had realized she had been going down a dark path she never wanted to go down.

In the Void of Oblivion, The head council elder raised his head, and a flash of killing intent filled his eyes. "You dare betray me!?"

Soli did not know she had always been monitored by her master. He knew her every action, no matter what it was. But now, seeing her crying in the arms of the enemy, there was no emotion in his eyes. To him, Soli was nothing but a tool to do his bidding and nothing more. He raised his hand and pointed at the image in front of him of the young woman crying in Yana's arms, a magic circle appeared at the tip of his finger, and just as a black beam was about to fire forward, his spell was destroyed, and a voice filled the area. "Old man, don't even think about it."

An overwhelming presence weighed down on the head council elder, causing his brow to wrinkle. He had no idea who the voice belonged to, but it canceled out his magic in an instant. He couldn't help but frown. He was about to try to trace it when a loud explosion was heard outside the elder tower. He turned his gaze toward where the explosion came from and frowned. "Damn it! God of Creation, do not think the elder council can not deal with you!" With this yell, he decided to ignore Soli for now and flew off toward where the explosion came from.

Back in the ascended realm, a loud snort filled the air as Kana sat in the air. "How dare he try to do something to my daughter's new friend!"

Kana had felt a slight disturbance in the area near Soli and Yana and quickly traced it back to the Void of Oblivion and found the old man casting a spell at the poor girl. As such, she quickly stepped in to cancel the spell. Since Yana had gotten Soli to switch sides, then she would let Yana deal with Soli, no one could interfere!

While Soli was still crying in Yana's arms, Angelica was standing firm in the air with millions of ghosts surrounding her. The young man, who was now scared out of his mind, wanted nothing more than to escape, but no matter how much he attacked the thorns, they only regrew, still trapping him inside. He turned to Angelica with fear in his eyes as he yelled out: "I alright I was wrong. I will leave this world!"

"Oh? You will leave? But I think….. The river of reincarnation will benefit greatly by consuming your soul and may even evolve. You see..." Angelica bit her finger as she smiled like a beautiful flower and said: "I wanted to make you feel what it was like to slowly have your soul consumed by the river of reincarnation. It will allow many more souls to reincarnate."

The young man shivered and shook his head frantically. "No!.... No, no, no, no, no, no…. I do not want to die yet. I am only a few hundred years old. I still have so much to do and want to grow even stronger."

"Ah… don't worry. This mundane girl will use her mundane spells to rip your soul out of your body and allow you to experience it first hand." Angelica completely ignored the young man as she raised her hand and coldly said: "I want his soul!"

The young man only saw a mass of spectral bodies fly towards him and reach inside him, grabbing his soul. His painful cries filled the air as his soul was forcefully ripped from his body. His body alone began to wither up into a dry husk.

As the soul was brought to her, Angelica smiled and snapped her fingers. She suddenly appeared over the river of reincarnation and took the soul of the young man, and said: "Use this to evolve. I expect you to allow for more reincarnation in the future." The river shook in response, causing Angelica to smile before dropping the soul into the river. The soul of the young man tried to escape, but it was unable to. The river of incarnation used its watery body to grab it and pull it down into the deepest depths where it could slowly consume such a powerful soul.