With Angelica and Yana's battles now over, Kana watched as Mei Ling, Rain, and Devan began to reach the peak of their battles. "Sister Bi, I will stop playing now…." Mei ling mumbled as she stared at the flame boy in front of her.

"Mm… Are you going to use that spell?" Bi Ling asked.

"Mmm…. I want to see how effective it truly is." Mei Ling replied. She had been working on a spell of her own in secret, something that seemed to fire her just right. But she was unsure if it would actually be effective against such a strong opponent.

"Where are you looking!?" The fiery young man shot a barrage of fireballs at Mei Ling, but she did not even try to dodge. She just stood there with her eyes closed. After a moment of silence, the whole world around her and her opponent began to slow down until suddenly, Mei Ling's eyes opened up once more. This time they did not look like that of a dragon girl but had two large stars covering the surface of them as she suddenly spun around and said: "Lyrical Magical Dollhouse!"

"Ahhhh! So cute!" Kana suddenly shouted as she saw her daughter doing a cute spin and pose mid air. Kana felt Mei Ling's pose with her hand on her hip, and her body slightly leaned to the side as she closed her left eye and had her other hand doing a peace sign over her open eye was very much adorable. But besides the cuteness, she was amazed at what she saw next. A large house suddenly appeared and sucked the fiery young man into it and somehow negated his last attack. This spell was so strange that Kana had never thought such a spell could ever exist.

Inside the dollhouse, the young man was very confused. He looked around at the colorful furniture that was strange to him and the weird way things seemed to twist in his line of view. "Where is this!?" The young man yelled out as he walked to one of the oddly shaped doors. He slowly opened it only to see a giant eye looking back at him causing him to shout out in fright. "Ahhh!"

The young man tried to shoot a few fireballs at the eye, but even after waving his hands around like an idiot, nothing was firing out. He was completely unable to use magic at all. "Hehehehe…. Magic is a no no in my dollhouse. So be good and play with my little friends, okay?"

Mei's sweet voice filled the air. The young man who heard it did not find it to be cute or sweet but as if some sinister god had suddenly decided to punish him for all the wrongs he had ever done. "Ahhhh! Let me out!"

The young man began to panic. The whole place was too strange and was freaking him out. He ran to the other side of the room to find another oddly shaped door and opened it. When he passed through it, he saw a long hallway lined with doors on each side. He did not hesitate to run down it and open the first door and step inside. He was so scared that he did not even take a moment to try to take the entire situation in. as he opened the door and stepped inside, he was met with a whole room of porcelain dolls. They all had long black hair and pink dresses that looked ratty and old.

But what freaked the young out the most was that all their heads turned to look at him. "Are you here to play?" one of the dolls and a child like voice asked. As it did, all the dolls suddenly floated up in the air. "Play with us." "Yeah, play with us!" "Play with us!"

"No, stay away!" The young man cried out as the dolls flew straight at him. He swung his arms, flailing them about. He quickly turned around and fled the room. He charged across the hall to another room and slammed the door behind him.

"Oh? We have a visitor. Are you here for a check up?" The young man turned to see a teddy bear with an eye missing and stuffing falling out at its seams, standing there with a bloody doctor's coat on and a face mask. In its hands were strange metal weapons of some kind that the young man had never seen before.

He really did not know what was going on. He turned and opened the door to see the dolls all waiting for him. "Let's play!" "Play!"

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!" The young man's sorrowful screams filled the air as he was torn to shreds by the dolls. His soul flew out of his body, and wanted to escape, but the teddy bear plucked it out of the air and swallowed it whole.

Mei stood there expressionlessly as she watched the whole thing. While Bi Ling was quickly reminding herself not to make her sister mad for any reason, that was just too horrifying! "It seems the spell was a success…."

"Mei….. That spell…." Bi Ling wanted to ask why she had to create such a horrifying spell.

"Mmm… It suits me perfectly. I even got the title The Puppet Goddess as soon as I created it….." Mei Ling replied. But before Bi Ling could reply to her, she was pulled through a tear and space and was engulfed in a warm embrace. "Mama?"

Kana, who had watched the whole thing, smiled and yanked Mei to her side. It seemed Mei Ling found her path. It was a strange path, but it was her very own. She would support her daughter in anything she wished to do. "I am happy you have found your way."

Mei Ling smiled and snuggled into Kana's arms as she nodded her head. "Mmm…. I now have my own way…." She was also happy she finally figured out where she wanted to go with her magic. She also now had a way to protect herself. Such power made someone so powerful as helpless as a baby. She was very proud of her hard work.