The young woman who was covered in a purple ore thought of their battle up until now and realized it was true. Tilia never needed to do anything this entire time but snap her fingers. Her current powers or not something that could stop the freezing cold. "You… This…." As this realization flooded her mind, she lowered her head. Her will to fight was all gone.

"It's good you understand." Tilia smiled as she patted the girl's head before flying over to Kiliffia, who was still firing off a barrage of tails at her opponent, trying to see how best to use them. "Killi, you can stop now. We are done here."

"Huh? But I was still testing something…." Kiliffia pursed her lips as she stopped her assault. The young man who she was attacking fell to the ground. He had no energy left it took his everything to ward off her attacks, and she was not even being serious.

"Now then…." A voice sounded in the air as a figure suddenly appeared in the air sitting cross legged eating a piece of meat. "It seems everyone had a fun time."

"Kana!" Both Tilia and Kiliffia yelled out with smiles on their faces as they flew toward the young woman in the air. Kana shoved her meat into her mouth and gulped it down without chewing before licking her lips and bracing for the tackle from the two girls.

"It has been a long time," Kana said as she hugged her two sisters.

"Mmm…. I missed you so….. Kana, leave my tails alone!" Kiliffia blushed as Kana rubbed her fluff all over her face.

"What!? It's fluff!" Kana pursed her lips while still pushing her face into the fluff.

Tilia smiled seeing this. "You never change."

"Mmm…. I have. I am no longer as nice as I used to be. Look, I have a door ornament collection." Kana waved her hand, showing off a tree made of metal, and hanging from it was a bunch of door ornaments.

Tilia did not know whether to laugh or cry. She did not know what to really say to this sudden special hobby Kana now has. "I see…"

"Anyway…." Kana's eyes suddenly narrowed as she looked off into the distance. "We will need to catch up another time as right now we have a visitor." With that, she waved her hand, causing all her kids who were on the planet and Creige to appear. "Get ready, just in case!"

"War!?" Tilia and Kiliffia were both very confused by the sudden announcement. But they did not need Kana to answer as the air began to shake around them as a large purple and blue portal suddenly opened up on the ground that was many hundreds of miles wide.

"Humph!" A snort came from within the portal as a skeletal horse with black armor suddenly rose up out of the portal with a large spiky armored skeleton sitting on top of it. "Who was it that destroyed my portals!?"

As this question echoed across the ascended realm, millions of skeletons began to pour out of the portal and began spreading out in all directions. But before they could get far, they all ran into a blue barrier that suddenly appeared. Seeing this, the skeleton on the skeletal horse's back yelled out: "Who dares stop me!? Show yourself!"

"Hello!" Kana suddenly appeared in the air and waved at the skeleton on the skeletal horse's back with a big smile. She felt kind of let down. She was expecting someone more powerful. "Are you the one who dared to send your skeletons into this world? You know, invading another world for no reason is not a nice thing to do, especially if you are trying to harm my empire."

"A mundane being dares to defy me!?" The skeleton on the skeletal horse's back yelled out.

Kana picked her ear and then looked at her finger before flicking the earwax at the skeleton on the skeletal horse's back. "What mundane being? You are nothing but a skeleton with a bunch of bones hanging around you. Look, your entire army can not even break out of my barrier, yet you sit on your high horse, speaking arrogantly. So you really think you are in any position to be talking the way you are now?"

Before the skeleton on the skeletal horse's back could answer, another voice yelled out: "Kalos! Why are you here!?"

Yana and Soli flew over and were now standing outside the barrier, looking down at the mass of skeletons. When the skeletons appeared, Soli quickly recognized the skeleton on the skeletal horse's back. When Kalos heard his name called, she turned and looked at Soli, and his ghostly eyes glowed slightly. "The disciple of the head of the council of elders."

"I am no longer his disciple as of today. Now answer me, why you are here!?" Soli no longer wanted to be associated with her master, not after her sudden realization of how she was really being used as a means to do her master's dirty work.

"Heh. Those old bastards can't even keep their disciples." Kalos sneered as he continued: "If you must know, I am here to search this world for something. As long as I get it, I will…."

"Enough!" Kana shouted, causing the sky to shake. She looked down at the skeleton in front of her and asked coldly. "Why attack a world if all you are doing is looking for something? Do you think you can get away with killing millions of people? Whatever you are looking for, I will make sure you do not find it. After all, in my eyes, you and your skeleton army are nothing."

Kana's body suddenly began to change and grow bigger. Her body covered half the size of the ascended realm and hovered in the air gently as her large head looked down at Kalos and snorted, causing all the skeletons around him to turn into dust under the sheer pressure of the wind that came out of her nose. "You are now in my domain."

Kalos, who was acting all high and mighty, suddenly felt something was very much off. He looked around him to see all his soldiers gone, and even the portal he painstakingly created was now gone as well. All that was left was his skeletal horse and himself! He gritted his skeletal teeth, jumped off his horse, and floated into the air in front of Kana's face. He still didn't believe he could be beaten easily! "Since you wish to see my power, then we will see who will win in the end!"

Kana blinked, causing Kalos's body to suddenly go out of his control as he flew straight down, smashing into the ground.