Kana looked at the human shaped crater in confusion. "I only blinked!? How do you go flying with a single blink!? You came here thinking you were all mighty and all I did was blink!"

Kana did not understand. This skeleton came here, making a huge mess of things, and then got beaten up when she blinked. It made no sense! "What should I even do?" Kana raised her large claw and scratched her chin, and fell into thought.

"You! This is not over yet!" Kalos had never been so humiliated before. He knew the damn oversized lizard only blinked. And this was what made it such a humiliating experience! She really only blinked, and he was sent flying!

"Oh? Your still alive and kicking…. Well, maybe not all of you. You know you are missing a few bones, right?" Kana looked at the skeleton stand up, which was now missing half a ribcage and even half of its left arm, and sighed. She wondered what would happen if she blinked again now that he was standing up. So…. She did.


Kalos was once more slammed into the ground. He lost more ribs and an entire leg. But he still crawled up from the ground and tried to cast a spell, but Kana blinked again on reflex, and he was smashed into the ground, this time his entire body breaking apart as his head rolled to the side, looking back up at Kana.

Kana's body slowly transformed back into her original form as she floated down into the crater and picked up Kalos's skull. "Why did you even come here?"

"You…. Why is a being like you even here!? You are stronger than the elder council and maybe even stronger than the ancients who run things from behind the scenes. So why? Why are you on such a mundane world?" Kalos could not understand. He did not understand why Kana, who was so strong, was in a place where weaklings reside. There was no reason for it.

"Why? Why not?" Kana asked as she tilted her head. "You say you are powerful, but I only blinked in my dragon form, and you fell apart. How are you strong? You came to this world by opening portals and sending your skeleton race through. I destroyed your portals because some idiots decided to attack out of nowhere. Then you came back and opened another portal with millions of these skeletons and yourself. Now, look at you. What was it that you wanted from this world that you would sacrifice everything you had?"

Kalos cursed Kana in his head. He wondered if she really needed to point out all of his mistakes. But even though he hated Kana, he still answered her question. "I wanted the source of chaos that had been sealed away on this world. "

"Chaos? That thing? I already devoured that a long time ago. Plus, that chaos you talk about originally belonged to me in the first place, so even if you did take it, I would come hunt you down." Kana snorted, although she was semi lying since she did not even know she could take in chaos until that time. Or that chaos even existed, but she did have a feeling that eventually if her destiny was already laid out for her that she would definitely end up facing off with Kalos, but the battle would have been much harder than just needing to blink.

Kana's words were like the guillotine that cut off Kalo's head. He thought about how much time and preparation he had to put into this whole thing and the means he used to escape the watchful eye of the elder council. Not only did he face a humiliating defeat as soon as he arrived, he also found out that the chaos was all gone. So all his efforts were for nothing.

"Just kill me…." Kalos was done. He would rather die. The power he dreamt about, the future he foresaw. All of it was flushed down the drain. He had nothing now. His men were obliterated in an instant, and he was utterly defeated. It was laughable, really. He had expected to get the chaos left here and then rule over the Void of Oblivion. But now he was left with nothing. Not even a shred of power would be his.

"Kill? No no…. It's not every day that I get a unique door ornament. I will just do this…." Kana yanked Kalo's soul out of his skull and then wrapped it in a crystal void after setting him on fire and smiled. "Now you can learn your lesson the hard way."

"Oh? You finished?" The old man suddenly appeared out of nowhere in front of Kana. One of his arms hung to his side, dripping blood.

"What happened to you?" Kana asked as she looked at the old man. She was not concerned about his wounds. The old man could be blasted into nothingness, and he would still be able to appear once more like nothing had happened.

"I was keeping the elder council at bay. They will not be bothering you for a while. But be warned, some of them have connections for those who sit in hiding, so things might not be as simple as they were before." The old man cast a spell, and all his tattered clothes and injured arm returned to normal. He adjusted his robes and looked at the door ornament in Kana's hand, and shook his head. "Kalos once had a bright future, but he was too driven for power."

"He was weak!" Kana frowned. She saw how strong everyone else was, but the stupid power man who showed up was beaten to the ground in a few blinks. He didn't even have some kind of ultimate explosion for when he was defeated. Everyone needed a trump card! But he had none!

"Kana, the current you is indeed strong, but that does not mean everyone will be weak. The Void of Oblivion only shows a sliver of its true power. So you need to keep on guard." The old man did not want this time's situation to go to her head. He wanted her to always be prepared.