After several hours of working out the ins and outs of our agreement, the elven king and myself stood in front of one another and dripped a drop of blood on the magic circle under our feet. We then had to press the palms of our hands together and began saying the special incantation. "We the leaders of our nations hereby commit to the terms of the national contract that will bind our two nations together for all eternity. From this day forth, we will be allies without restraint."

A bright light formed around us and shot up into the air. This light spread out into billions upon billions of smaller lights and rained down over our two nations, hitting every person no matter what they were doing. They could have been going to the bathroom or bathing. They were still hit with this light, and a magic contract was formed in their body. Words of the contract sprung up in their heads, telling them that they were now bound never to harm either nation. At least, this is what Runa told me once the contract was over.

"That was not something I wish to do ever again! having voices appear in your head suddenly creeps me out." Runa cried out. But sadly for her, it will happen many more times soon. While this restrained us from hurting each other, it didn't go as far as to stop a normal fight. If people argue, they argue there is nothing that can be done about that. We mainly narrowed it down to acts such as kidnapping, slavery, murder, or over harming someone. Racism was not allowed, but you could curse one another as long as there was no racist intention. The result would be immediate punishment by shocking a person on the first offense, a stronger shock on the second offense that will paralyze the person for a few days, and the third offense will cause permanent paralysis and teleportation to a prison where they would stay until the person has been dealt in court.

You also could not harm the security of either nation. Any actions that would harm either nation would result in the person being teleported to prison without a second thought. We originally had the idea to just kill the person, but we did not want to do that in case the magic misinterpreted something that was not actually harming either nation. When cultures collide, people will make mistakes, this much we knew, so we had to handle this delicately.

All in all, I was very happy we were able to come to an understanding so quickly. It only took a day and a half for everything. "Faith, can we go to see the ancient now?"

Little Bell seemed to be becoming impatient. It was now early morning, and while I would like to at least get a nap in, I decided to just take Little Bell to the ancient as I promised. "Alright, let's go. Runa, can we go see the ancient?"

"You can, but are you sure you do not want to sleep?" Runa asked. I shook my head and smiled as I poked the silly spirit on my shoulder. When Runa saw me do this, she smiled and said: "Okay, then let's head there now. Just so you know, we will need to pass through three checkpoints to get there."

"Alright." I had figured the ancient was heavily guarded, but when we came to the hall in the palace, the only entrance to where the ancient lived, I was really surprised at how heavily guarded the ancient was. It was more guarded than the elven king. This just went to show you how important the ancient was to the elven people. Its safety came first, even before its king.

"Halt! No outsiders are allowed through!" A large burly elf, something I never thought I would ever see, stood in front of us with his spear pointing directly at us. I was surprised because he was pointing it right at Runa. "Princess, you know that you need proper clearance before coming down this hall. Royalty or not, you will be killed if you try to press forward. "

"You can not stop us due to the spirit on Princess Cyrilia's shoulder." Runa pointed at Little Bell. Little Bell looked at them, and the guards looked back at her, but they still did not budge.

"Spirit or not. We still can not let you pass." The guard was still firm in his stance, but at that moment, a great gust of wind came from the hall, and an old ancient voice echoed through it.

"Let them through. I must speak with the little one and the child of dragons…." The voice was calm and seemed filled with wisdom. As soon as it spoke, the guards all stood at attention and moved to the side and bowed.

"I apologize. You may go through." The guard who was once holding a spear to our necks bowed and apologized. I did not blame him for his actions. This was just how much these people revered the ancient.

We walked down the hall, where more and more guards began to appear and stand at attention. By the time we got to the last check one, though, there was only one old elf standing there. I secretly used appraisal on him.


[Level: 3402]

Seeing his level, I almost had my eyes drop out of my head. Level 3402 was not something I was expecting! The old man looked up at me with a small frown as he said: "Little lady, you should not pry into one's personal space…."

"Ah… sorry." I quickly apologized. I never thought I would be caught!

"It's fine, but just remember, not everyone is as humble as I am. The ancient wishes to see you and the little one on your shoulder but no one else. So, princess, I am sorry, but you must wait here." Rolash had no hostility in his voice, but the way he spoke showed he was not going to argue about anything. Runa, who stood at my side with pursed lips, could only nod her head.

I had originally thought this was going to be easy, but it seems not everything is as it seems in this world. Runa did make it sound simple to go see the ancient, but I guess she was betting on Little Bell to allow her to move through. So when my gaze fell on her, she quickly turned to look away with red cheeks.