"Faith, do you realize that the mark on your head means you are now the priestess of the world tree? You are someone who is as holy as the ancient herself…." Runa exclaimed with a hint of envy in her voice. But what can I say? I just said what was on my mind. I never asked to be some priestess and Nalia probably never thought of it that way either.

"Either way, Runa, it doesn't change who I am. This is no priestess mark but a mark of sisterhood between Nalia and I. Do not think too much about it." I explained but the two in front of me still gave me strange looks. Well, they can just think what they want. "Anyway, Runa, let's chat tonight since I need to return tomorrow. If you are coming with the envoys and your father tomorrow you need to rest up and it is already late so we can only chat for a short time."

"Ah right!" Runa nodded, and we finally left the long hall. Rolash seemed to want to ask me some questions, but I didn't really want to stay too much longer.

Although it was kind of annoying that everywhere I went, I heard gasps and then people kneeling. When I become, empress, I might ban kneeling unless it is an official event. It is kind of tiresome. I can understand why some people would want to have people bow for them, but to me, it is unnecessary. I do not feel superior just because a person bowed to me. I feel uncomfortable. I mean, why bow? Just makes things more tedious.

We ended up chatting in the early morning hours. Unlike me, who was of a higher level than Runa, Runa was dead on her feet, so I had to help her to the throne room where the elven king was waiting. When he saw me, he wanted to bow, but I quickly stopped him. "Your highness, please do not do this. I hate this formal stuffiness."

"Ahem…. Forgive me…." The king seemed to not know what to do so I could only hold my head and wish the headache would disappear. "When everyone is gathered we will all need to hold hands in order to make the transfer to the hangar."

Why was I going straight to the hangar, some may ask? Well, that is mainly because if for any reason, someone tries to assassinate the elven king, I will have a better chance of protecting him in the hangar as its security is tighter than the castle itself.

It did not take long to have over a thousand elves bowing to me out of nowhere, making me want to cry. I quickly made them all stand up before having them all hold hands as I used my dimensional transfer skill to bring us to the hangar with the metal golem. When we arrived, the elves all looked around in awe, and Thurul quickly ran up to me. "You are back, and you brought so many elves!"

"Mmm…. I think this many should be able to help you build at least this one mech before my coronation." I answered with a bright smile. I still couldn't wait to walk out with this thing while riding on its hand.

"Haha! We will do what we can!" Thurul smiled. He had been working with the elder dwarf on this and seemed very excited. More excited than when I showed him my idea for the pen.

"I will be counting on you." I smiled before I gave directions to the elves to follow Thurul's orders before taking the elven king for a tour. I showed him everything, including the ship, and he was quite surprised by the things he saw.

"I see why you wanted so many elves. In fact, I will be sending you moreover to help with the other projects. Your ideas are sound, and if brought to fruition, then we can save many lives on the battlefields to come." The elven king looked around in amazement which allowed me to feel a bit more at ease.

"Are you okay with all of this, though? I know your people are a peaceful race." I still felt bad for dragging the elves into my ambitions as they were kind people.

"It's fine. We were once a warning nation ourselves in ancient times. And we still have quite the military force that still trains in the old ways. I am sure their skills will help reduce many deaths on the battlefield whether it is an enemy or not." The elven king replied.

"Then I will be counting on you." I smiled. We walked around a bit more and I explained more of my plans to him before he had to go back.

Runa stayed as she was now glued to the mech and would not leave it. But with her expertise in runic inscriptions I was a bit more at ease that things would go smoothly. With my job done I could finally relax as I returned to the house only for Freidinia to stop me. "Master, please come here."

"What's up?" I asked as I followed her into the lab. She quickly closed the door and put up a sound proofing barrier. Only then did she hold out a vial to me. I looked at the vial with a questioning gaze as I asked: This is?

"A means for you to get your wives pregnant. I did not tell them about this because I know they will play tricks as soon as possible since they seem to be dead set on giving birth to your child but this will allow you to mix your own…. Well you know, down there, into their spot and there will be a one hundred percent chance for them to get pregnant." Freidinia was blushing.

I was blushing as well but what she said made sense. I nodded my head and quickly stuck it into my inventory before saying: "Do not let them know about this. I will only tell them when the time is right and things have settled down more. Thank you."