A few months passed quickly and I was currently being dressed up once more. Today was the day of my coronation, and I would officially become the first empress of the Cyrilia Empire. Thanks to the hard work and many sleepless nights of Runa and her team of elves, as well as the dwarves who have been working tirelessly as well, the mecha golem, mechazilla had been born.

It is fully made of metal and is able to move quickly if needed. It can even fly! And this was the main thing I needed since I can not exactly walk down the street riding this thing. It is way too big and would not look as cool either. But if it flies down into the center of the city with me standing on its hand, it would definitely make an impression on all the watchful eyes.

Now normally an abdication of the throne and the coronation of a new king or queen or in this case empress, would be done inside a safe place like the throne room and then streamed through water screens to the rest of the nation. But I do not need any protection so I wanted to make it so everyone could enjoy a fun celebration together. Plus, this helps out the small business as well as the big business, since they can set up stalls and sell their wares and other goods.

As such there seemed to be quite the festival going on outside. And I was currently in my estate being dressed to the nines in black robes with a reddish orange dragon on it. At first, they wanted to put a phoenix on my robes, but I quickly stopped them since I was not a phoenix but a dragon!

It seems that, unlike the current king, a queen or empress is supposed to wear a bunch of different things to show off her status for special events like this, which I did not mind as long as it was only for the one day. But this required me to be poked and prodded all over by my wives as they cleaned every inch of my body and readied me to be presentable for the people below.

Why did they have to clean every inch of my body, one may ask… I don't even know, but I will say they were being very handsy! And so handsy that I was forced to slap Adel who now had a red handprint on her face. I mean, what was she trying to do before my coronation!?

Anyway, I was now feeling a bit nervous as I knew I would need a nationwide speech as empress. I would like to just hand it over to someone else, but this was all part of the job, unfortunately.

"All done!" Grace, who was in charge of dressing me up, said in a very satisfied tone. "Master looks as beautiful as ever."

"Oh? Grace, should I marry you too?" I asked teasingly.

"Master, I am a servant, not an object of affection. I am here to serve you in anything you need and make sure you get up on time, or else you will become lazy and never get anything done. I even have to…."

"Okay, stop!" I yelled out before she started rambling about embarrassing things. Grace has a tendency to not stop once she starts ranting about how I am not as perfect as she would like me to be. But if I was perfect, she would not have a job! So I think it is perfectly fine to be imperfect.

"Master, you should get ready to go out. I am sure your wives and husband are already waiting." Grace quickly went back into work mode, which made me feel a lot better.

I took a deep breath and pumped my fists into the air as I got up and walked out of the room, followed by Grace. When I walked out, Adel and the others were indeed waiting for me, each wearing robes befitting their status as well as crowns on their heads. As for me, I would get a crown from the king as he transfers his position over to me.

"Faith, you look beautiful!" Adel was the first to comment this was followed up by everyone else. "Your girls and Diablo look beautiful and handsome. I am glad you all will be by my side because I am quite nervous."

"Mmm… count on us to give you all the support we can!" Sophie replied as she also pumped her fists.

I nodded and began walking out. From my house, I was going to teleport everyone into the air to where the mecha golem was already waiting for me high above the clouds. We really need to think of a name for this thing because I still do not know what to call it. But it's cool looking, and that is all that matters.

With everyone holding hands, we arrived at the large hand that was set up for me to stand on and smiled as I saw the king standing there waiting patiently. "I could have teleported you, you know…."

"It's fine. These old bones needed some exercise." I could tell this old man was basically jumping for joy because he was handing over his position to me, but sadly he would only have a short round of peace because I would need him to take over as soon as I finished doing my policy changes and begin dungeon diving. I planned to do an on off. Do a dungeon and then work as an empress for a few months, then do a dungeon and then work for a few months.

I really needed to level up after seeing so many high levels. I felt so weak. While yes, I was actually quite strong now, especially with my extra boast, that did not mean I was strong enough to fight Azengrade or anyone else atm. I had to become stronger and stronger so I could protect my family….