Chapter 1713 1713: What A Trash

Then Guo Zhengsheng could see Wang Shi Lan who just came out and rushed to Yu Qi's side. Actually, he was just hoping that Yu Qi was bluffing. However, when he saw Wang Shi Lan's attitude toward Yu Qi, he knew that she was telling the truth. She was really the Qinyue Group Chairman.

"Chairman Tang, what can I do for you?" Wang Shi Lan said to Yu Qi respectfully.

"Do you know this man?" Yu Qi pointed at Guo Zhengsheng.

Wang Shi Lan looked at Guo Zhengsheng. He nodded as he answered it to Yu Qi.

"I know him. We are going to have a meeting with him later." Wang Shi Lan answered.

"I have decided that we are not going to do business with his company. So, you don't have to have a meeting regarding the business." Yu Qi declared it on the spot.

Guo Zhengsheng rushed over. "No, you can not do this to me."

"Yes, I can. You still did not sign any agreement with us. So, we reject working together with you." Yu Qi stated.

Seeing Yu Qi like this, Guo Zhengsheng was feeling bitter and angry. Since this young woman wanted to humiliate him like this, he would do the same thing to her.

"Hmm... You are not a good woman. Seducing a married man, this is what your chairman does when she is outside." Guo Zhengsheng shouted. He wanted everyone here to listen to him. Then, he turned to Ning Sung who was silent on the side. "That is the married man that she seduced."

Ning Sung frowned. He wanted to respond to Guo Zhengsheng's accusation. However, someone already replied to Guo Zhengsheng's words.

"Are you stupid or what? How dare you say our chairman seduced a married man? Have you seen her fiancee? There is no way that our chairman seduced a married man like that?" The one who replied to Guo Zhengsheng's accusation was the receptionist.

"Yes... Stop saying something like that to our chairman."

"I just heard that he wants our chairman to follow him and he will buy anything for our chairman."

"Our chairman has more money than he ever does."

"So, basically, he wants our chairman to be his side piece."

"You go hell, you manwhore."

Guo Zhengsheng had been scolded by several people. They were Yu Qi's admirers. They admired Yu Qi's talent for being able to build an empire business like this. They would not let some random man saying something like that to the person that they respected.

"Then, tell me why is she drinking some coffee with him?" Guo Zhengsheng did not want to give up. He swore to drag Ning Sung with him.

"Oh, that... We are talking about business." Yu Qi stated.

"Humph! What kind of business that a loser can offer?" Guo Zhengsheng sneered.

"Chairman Tang is offering a job. I am here to sign the contract." Ning Sung revealed why he was here in the first place.

"What? Job offer? He is just a loser who could not make any money. Even his wife run away from him. He is nothing but a trash." Guo Zhengsheng was shocked.

Everyone looked at Ning Sung with admiration. Having the chairman herself offered a job, meaning this man had decent skills that made Chairman Tang recruit him herself. So, they did not believe Guo Zhengsheng's words.

"You should leave." Yu Qi did not want to waste time here anymore.

"No, I will not leave." Guo Zhengsheng stated.

"Up to you. Don't blame me if you have been thrown by the security guards." Yu Qi stated. She turned to the receptionist. "Call the security guards if he still does not want to leave."

"I understand, Chairman Tang." The receptionist smiled.

Yu Qi turned to Ning Sung. "Let's go to my office."

Ning Sung nodded. He glanced at Guo Zhengsheng. Guo Zhengsheng noticed Ning Sung's glance. He became angry.

"Ning Sung, don't be so smug. You are just a loser who lost your wife to me." Guo Zhengsheng shouted.

"So, you are a bastard who seduce the married woman."

"What a trash."

"He dares tell that our chairman seduces a married man while he seduced a married woman himself. What a hypocrite."

The security guards came after a few minutes.

"Sir, please leave our building." One of the security guards said to Guo Zhengsheng.

Even Guo Zhengsheng had a well-built body, he could not compare to the security guards that Yu Qi hired. Yu Qi hired former soldiers to be the security guards for all of the businesses.

Guo Zhengsheng was a little bit intimidated while looking at the security guards.

"Fine. I will go. Who wants to work with a company that just hires a loser?" Guo Zhengsheng pushed the security guards and walked out of the building.

Guo Zhengsheng did not want to return to his company right now. He returned to his house. Upon entering the house, he could see that Fang Xiaolian was laying around taking care of her nails.

"Hi, darling." Fang Xiaolian smiled sweetly when she saw Guo Zhengsheng return home. She added. "You tell me that you have a meeting with someone from Qinyue Group tonight. Why are you returning home early?"

Guo Zhengsheng sat down in anger. Fang Xiaolian noticed it. She put down the nail polish and turned to Guo Zhengsheng. She put her hand on Guo Zhengsheng's shoulder. She rubbed her hands into his hands.