Chapter 1715 1715: Sign The Contract

This woman was her new assistant, Lei Yingtai. Su Yu Hi hired her to help her. Su Yu Hi could not be her assistant anymore since he was already busy with his tasks.

Lei Yingtai just started working with Yu Qi only for two months. She was still a newbie. However, she was very excellent with her work. You did not have a lot of tasks assigned to her.

Yu Qi took the contract and gave it to Ning Sung.

"You can read it. Take your time. If you want something to change, you can tell us right now. If your request is good, I will change it." Yu Qi said.

Ning Sung nodded while taking the contract from Yu Qi's hand. He started to read it.

Lei Yingtai noticed it would be taking a while. She went out and came inside again bringing some refreshment. Yu Qi was surprised to see the egg tart that Lei Yingtai brought in.

"Chairman Tang, please have a taste." Lei Yingtai said.

Yu Qi did not reject Lei Yingtai's kindness. She took one of the egg tarts and ate it. It was very good. Not too sweet. Just matched her taste buds.

"It is delicious. Where do you buy it?" Yu Qi asked.

"Well, it is not from the shop. I make them." Lei Yingtai shyly admitted it.

"Wow... that's awesome. You can sell them. It would be famous." Yu Qi stated.

Lei Yingtai made a small laugh. "I don't plan to sell them. It is just my hobby."

"Hmm... If you plan to make it as your main job, I will need to find someone else to cover your position." Yu Qi said.

"Chairman Tang, you don't need to worry about that. I don't plan to leave this job now." Lei Yingtai stated.

"Hmm..." Yu Qi took another egg tart and ate it.

Ning Sung finally finished reading everything in the contract. He did not have anything to change the details in the contract. He was satisfied with the contract.

"Everything looks fine." Ning Sung said.

"So, do you want to sign the contract now?" Yu Qi asked.

"Yes." Ning Sung nodded.

So, Ning Sung signed the contract right away. He officially became the manager of the antique shop owned by Yu Qi.

"Hmm... Let me show the shop." Yu Qi said.

"Yes." Ning Sung nodded. He wanted to know more about the shop that he would be in charge of.

"Chairman Tang, may I follow you too?" Lei Yingtai asked.

"Sure, why not?" Yu Qi agreed.

If Ning Sung had a problem, he would refer to Lei Yingtai if she was busy with other work.

Both three of them left the company and went to the shopping mall that was near Tang Private Hospital. They arrived at the shop. The shop was still closed. Yu Qi opened the door.

"It might have some dust. Please be careful." Yu Qi advised.

The shop had not been opened since Xia Weizhe returned to the cultivation world. Yu Qi only asked someone to clean up the dust inside the shop every three days.

They entered the shop. Yu Qi turned on the light. Ning Sung looked around. He was very surprised to see the antiques inside the shop.

"This is the shop that I want you to manage." Yu Qi said.

"I will do my best." Ning Sung nodded.

Yu Qi put a file and gave it to Ning Sung.

"This is the inventory for this shop. Also, all details about the antiques had been written inside that file too. Make sure you take a look and try to remember as much as you can." Yu Qi told Ning Sung.

"Yes, Chairman Tang." Ning Sung nodded again.

"You can hire three more people to work here. I will leave it to your choice. Just make sure that they have a good character." Yu Qi said.

She knew that it was impossible to take care of this shop alone. Cleaning, and taking care of the account, there were a lot of things to do.

"You can discuss their salary with Yingtai. Yingtai, work up with Ning Sung." Yu Qi said to Lei Yingtai.

"Understood, Chairman Tang." Lei Yingtai accepted the order.

Then, they heard someone entering the shop. There were a few people coming inside the shop.

"Excuse me, are you open?" A man asked.

"Yes. Welcome to Mirage Mountain." Yu Qi said.

"Hmm... Where is Sir Xia?" An old man stepped behind the man who first spoke.

"Sir Xia had returned to his hometown. He entrusted this shop to me." Yu Qi said.

"Owh... I see. No wonder the shop had been closed for ages." The old man said. He coughed and introduced his name. "Hmm... I am Yang Bingwen and this is my grandson, Yang Yaozu. We would like to buy some antiques as a present for someone."

"I see. You may look around. If you ask any questions, you can ask me and him. Oh, this is the new person in charge, Ning Sung." Yu Qi introduced Ning Sung to them.

"What is your name, young girl?" Yang Bingwen asked.

"My name is Tang Yu Qi." Yu Qi smiled.

"Hmm... I see... Are you single?" Yang Bingwen asked.

"Grandpa..." Yang Yaoru called his grandfather.

He knew why his grandfather asked this question to this girl. His grandfather wanted to play matchmaking.

"What? I am just asking." Yang Bingwen pretended like he had done anything wrong.