Chapter 1719 1719: Plot Twist

Just because of one picture that did not even show Yu Qi's face, Yu Qi had been condemned like that.

"Yeah. I think it is kind of ridiculous. They prepared a picture that showed nothing." "That's right. They were just sitting in the cafe. They were probably having a meeting about work."

"In the future, please don't have a meeting at the cafe. People would say that you are having an affair."

"Hahaha... the commenter above, you are very funny."

It started to turn to a positive side. People started to believe that Yu Qi and Ning Sun were innocent. That was right. Just because a man and a woman met alone at the cafe did not indicate they were having an affair.

Yin Peizhi was kind of panicked when people started to say negative things about her as well. They said that she was the real trash that wanted to cover her own wrongdoing.

She called Fang Xiaolian. Fang Xiaolian did not pay any attention after she looked at the article once. She was doing her nails when Yin Peizhi started to call her.

"What is it?" Fang Xiaolian asked.

"Hey, do you have any more proof showing your ex-husband having an affair with Tang Yu Qi? A picture that fully showed Tang Yu Qi's face?" Yin Peizhi asked. "What? Why?" Fang Xiaolian asked.

"People started to question the picture. It is just a picture where they were having a meeting at a cafe. They did not believe that. So, do you have any more pictures that are very intimate?" Yin Peizhi was hoping for a yes as the answer.

Fang Xiaolian frowned. Of course, she did not have anything. "I am sorry. Peizhi, I don't have it. He admitted himself that he was having an affair. So, I believe that." Fang Xiaolian said.

Yin Peizhi gritted her teeth. 'Then, what should I do now?'

Meanwhile, another wave took over the internet regarding the article. A woman claimed to be a worker at the cafe, the place where the picture was taken. She commented on the article.

"Hello, everyone. I am a worker at the cafe in the picture. I am also was there when the picture was taken. There were not many customers on that day. However, it was not because of that, I remembered them clearly. It is because that woman was so beautiful. Even I as a woman feel attracted to her. I don't know her before. After someone told me about this article, I found out who she was. I can tell you that she was really Tang Yu Qi. But everything was written in the article was a bullshit. It is a lie. It was true that Tang Yu Qi and the man in the picture were together at the cafe but they were discussing something else. When I served them the tea, I overheard the man asking Tang Yu Qi something like 'Why is she offering the job to him.' That's all. It is nothing mushy like that. It is the interesting part. Then, a woman and a man came into our cafe while holding the hand. They looked like a loving couple. It was fine until the man who was with Tang Yu Qi stood up and looked shocked as he pointed at the woman while asking, Xiaolian, what are you doing? The woman with the name Xiaolian looked very nonchalant. Without feeling any guilt, the woman admitted that the man beside her was her partner. I mean her cheating partner. She told her husband that she could no longer live with her husband because her husband did not have a permanent job.

She also told her husband (the man with Tang Yu Qi) to sign the divorce paper and submit it to the civil office. After that, the woman and the man left leaving her husband in shock. After a while, Tang Yu Qi and the man left our cafe too. That is what I want to say here. Thank you."

Then, the comment got many likes.

"Wow, a plot twist."

"I feel like I am watching a drama."

"So, the woman wants to pull the blame onto her husband?"

"She is the one cheating? And she wants to blame her husband? What a shameless woman."

"If you don't love your husband anymore, just ask the divorce nicely. No need to do something like that." "Hey, who do you know who the wife was?"

"Hey... Hey... She is the ex-wife."

"Oh, that's right. Ex-wife."

"If we want to know about the ex-wife, we need to know the identity of the man first." Yin Peizhi was paying attention to the news. She was shocked when she read the comment from the cafe worker. So, what she wrote in the article was incorrect. It was Fang Xiaolian who told her that her husband was cheating on her with Tang Yu Qi. Fang Xiaolian was a kindhearted person. 'No... That is not true. That cafe worker must be someone hired by Tang Yu Qi to clear her name. That's right. It must be it.'

Yin Peizhi logged into her second account and commented about that.

"Are you sure that the cafe worker is not someone who got hired by Tang Yu Qi to clear her name?" "Hmm... It makes sense."

"Yes, Tang Yu Qi is a rich woman. She could pay the cafe worker to speak up for her."

Yin Peizhi was glad that someone agreed with her opinion.