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Reina and Togami were able to safely make contact with the city defence squad. They were able to inform them of the monster attack. However, things did not go as they had expected.

“What do you mean the defence squad will not send anyone?”

She was talking with Goutol through a display. It was clear that he was frowning.

“We can only wait until it causes direct damage to the city. Or at least we believe it will cause damage to the city. This is something that those at the top have decided upon. As long as they don’t approach us or attack us, we cannot do anything about it.”

“But they’re just right there, you know? Wouldn’t that be enough of a threat? Normally, you would have sent you men at this point.”

“If you’re talking about threats, we’ve allowed a 50 billion bounty target recognized as a monster to get this close. So, there’s not that much of a difference with those monsters around.”

Reina went silent. It was an excellent point. However, she could not simply give up here and tried to come up with something else.

“In that case, can you connect me to your boss? We fought against those monsters, so we will try to convince them that it’s a real threat.”

“…I’m sorry, but I can’t do that. They won’t easily accept a call if the source is someone from the Lion Steel Company. In the first place, I don’t have the authority to do that.”

The battle near the city was recognized as a conflict between branches of Lion Steel. There was a struggle for influence between the city officers, Yanagisawa, and the third and fourth ward branches of Lion Steel. However, externally, City Management wanted to present themselves as a neutral third party, maintaining their position as observer, to not be involved in the battle.

Goutol added that if the city defence squad sent its men due to information from someone affiliated with the fourth branch, it would endanger its neutral position. Thus, they could not make any moves based on information from Reina.

Reina knitted her eyebrows. She did not push any further since it was obvious that Goutol was also not happy about the order he had received. Even when the men on the field were displeased, it was still not enough to change the higher-ups’ decision. It would be meaningless no matter what she said. Thus, she decided to try to think of another way.

Unfortunately, she could not come up with any good ideas.

[Not good…! We didn’t come here to evacuate…!]

She did consider returning back to Shiori. However, that would be nothing but her own selfish wish. After all, they did flee from the battle against Pamela. That sole action was more than enough to ascertain their position as protection targets instead of extra reinforcements. It was only natural for the protection target to stay somewhere safe. Going to a dangerous location of their own volition would only cause Shiori and Kanae more trouble.

[If we’re going to return, we should at least bring something to help them. Otherwise, it would be meaningless to return back…]

Originally, she planned on getting an extra hand from the city defence squad. However, that plan did not go well. Thus, she had to find aid from another source. Reina started to get impatient, trying to think of who and how to convince them to help her. That was when someone suddenly called out to her.

“Oh, Reina, long time no see.”

Reina inadvertently turned toward the source of that voice and was taken aback. It was Chloe and she was smiling triumphantly at her.

Reina was surprised to find Chloe there since she should have been inside the inner wall. However, the thing that surprised her more was the maid and the butler next to Chloe. They were not people she knew. Though, one thing for certain, they were wearing first-class maid and butler uniforms. These outfits could only be used by high-class servants. They must either be directly affiliated with the Lion Steel main branch or were serving under a member of the Lorentz Family of high position.

Chloe had those servants next to her as she smiled triumphantly. It was a huge shock to Reina.

Seeing how shocked Reina was, Chloe laughed and said.

“Well, I will at least let you know this. As you can see, I have bodyguards dispatched from the main branch. I know you want to kill me, but I don’t recommend you to do anything foolish.”

Reina frowned and glanced at the maid. The maid then confirmed what Chloe said.

“It is the truth. We are here to protect Chloe-sama. So please be careful. Trying to pick a fight here means picking a fight against the main branch as well.”

“M-my apologies.”

Judging from the maid’s reaction, Reina understood that they were indeed highly likely to be from the main branch. She flusteredly bowed and apologized as she started panicking inside.

[…No way… That can’t be… So, not only the third ward branch, but the main branch is also taking Chloe’s side…!? This is bad… really bad…]

As Reina turned around and thought that she should at least let Shiori and Kanae know about this, someone from the main branch suddenly coldly spoke to her.

“Reina Rilard Lorentz. The representative is calling for you. Please come with us. Since the jamming smoke is preventing communication, we understand that you could not reply to the message from the main branch. Nonetheless, do be careful of what you choose your next action to be.”

“C-certainly, of course…”

That was just how high of an authority someone from the main branch had. It now was definitive, that they were moving under representative Alice’s will. Thus, Reina could not refuse their demand. Seeing Reina’s bitter smile, Chloe chuckled mockingly at her.

Reina of course noticed Chloe’s chuckle. However, she could not do anything. She gritted her teeth and held herself back from saying anything. Worse, she still could not find a way to better her situation.

Right at that time, Togami, who had been silently walking behind Reina, suddenly casually asked.

“Anyway, it seems like Reina doesn’t need a bodyguard anymore, right? In that case, Reina, I will go return Akira’s bike.”

Reina did not expect Togami to suggest that. She turned around to see Togami lightly smile at her, with a wink.

Thanks to his support, Reina managed to regain her calm. She then glanced in Chloe’s direction and lightly stated.

“…You’re right. Please give him this too.”

Reina then handed over her ammunition and rifle to Togami. She then took a glance in Chloe’s direction again.

The person from the main branch did not express any reaction at all. However, Chloe’s smile immediately vanished as her expression turned stern.

Seeing that, Reina was able to show her usual smile.

“Thanks, Togami. I’ll leave it to you.”

“Sure. I’ll get going now.”

Togami smiled back at her, turned on the bike, and went off.

After Reina saw Togami off, she turned to Chloe and smiled triumphantly at her. Chloe was obviously displeased by how things developed and pouted.

Even when Reina told Togami to return the bike, to take her ammo and rifle, as well as the information of Chloe’s whereabouts to Akira, those from the main branch did not show any reaction at all. That showed the main branch was not exactly on Chloe’s side. If they were, they would never allow such detrimental information to reach someone who was obviously after Chloe’s life. This meant that Chloe almost succeeded in fooling Reina, acting like those servants from the main branch were her own.

[That was dangerous. I was so surprised that I almost got fooled. Togami, thanks!]

As Reina had calmed down, she once again tried to analyze the current situation. She immediately noticed something strange.

“Chloe, by the way, why are you here?”

“I have no obligation to answer that question.”

Reina frowned and tilted her head. She interpreted her answer as Chloe not knowing why she was here. One thing that she knew for certain, was that Chloe was trying to meet Alice. If it was a meeting with Alice, it was only a given for them to go to where Alice was. It was impossible for it to be the other way around.

However, it should not be here. It should be somewhere inside the inner wall. Otherwise, it would be at a place suitable to host a meeting with a higher-up from a large company like Lion Steel. At the very least, both Reina and Chloe agreed that it was strange and had doubtful looks on their faces.

Unfortunately, those from the main branch refused to give any information.


Elena and Sara, who had decided to help Akira, quickly completed their preparations and went straight into the slums. However, right now, they were in a rather difficult situation.

In order to help Akira out, they had to first meet up with him. Unfortunately, they did not know where Akira currently was. They did try to call him, but the thick jamming smoke prevented their call from reaching him.

Therefore, they decided to head to where Akira might be. Sheryl’s base. However, due to the thick jamming smoke, they were not able to detect enemies that well and were forced to drive slowly and with caution.

Naturally, with Elena’s skill in detecting enemies and Sara’s firepower, they were able to detect and eliminate any enemies that came their way. Even so, they still had solemn looks on their faces.

“Say, Elena… Akira is fighting against the Lion Steel company, right?”

“Yeah. He should be fighting against Lion Steel and those that they’ve hired.”

“So then, just what is this thing?”

“…No idea.”

The enemy that Elena and Sara had just shot down was a strange-looking monster. Its outer appearance was akin to that of a multi-legged monster. However, its legs were made of thick flesh, which supported its large body. Its cannon looked like it came from a powered suit, which was growing out from its body, it was as if it was forcefully installed there. For some reason, even with its size, it was still able to nimbly move and jump around. Its quick movements also did not hinder its aim by that much, evident when it fired shots at Elena and Sara. It was clearly not the type of monster they would normally find around Kugamayama city.

Naturally, it still did not pose much of a threat to Elena and Sara with their new equipment. Their equipment was an upfront payment from Hikaru, for escorting her to meet Akira in the wasteland. At that time, Hikaru had considered the risk of fighting against Akira. Thus, in fear, she got extremely powerful equipment for Elena and Sara to use. It was powerful to the point no monsters around Kugamayama city could stand up against it.

Just like the monsters that Akira fought against, the monsters that Elena and Sara fought were originally Lion Steel remote automata. Although they were no longer able to follow detailed orders, they were still able to follow simple instructions.

Pamela had ordered these monsters to surround Sheryl’s base. Thus, they slowly converged there. It was to prevent anyone from leaking information about what was going on inside the jamming smoke. Which would grant the monsters more time to devour more objects and grow stronger. They consumed the deceased, abandoned equipment, tanks, powered suits, and even those trying to get out from their encirclement. As time passed, they kept growing in number and size.

However, not all of them grew in strength at the same rate. Their growth in power depended on what they ate. Moreover, it was not like the more they ate would necessitate them being stronger. If they devoured only weak equipment, the combination of such items hardly increased their strength. As a matter of fact, it might actually weaken them as a whole. Assimilating with items meant using up their green liquid, which would reduce their vigor. If the outcome of assimilation was not beneficial enough to outweigh this, they would become weaker.

Because of these factors, Elena and Sara did not face any trouble when dealing with them. Their only issue was the number of monsters, with some being exceptionally strong. At least, strong enough to slow Elena and Sara down.

Naturally, Sara and Elena could not just charge through the swarm. They did not know the exact location of all the enemies. Furthermore, they would have to use their ammo to cut a path through the swarm. They feared they would run out of ammo the moment they found Akira. Though Inabe was paying for their ammo expense, they still had a limited supply. However, that was mainly due to Elena and Sara rushing out, not spending any time on getting extra ammo as they immediately headed out to the slums.

Although they were in a rush, Elena and Sara were still moving carefully. To remain calm, they kept reminding themselves, [We are going there to help him. it would be meaningless if we only serve to cause him more trouble.]

“Sara, more signals ahead. It’s coming this way. Be careful.”

“Roger that!”

Elena and Sara aimed their rifles forward. A moment later, they saw a huge humanoid monster, which was in the middle of fighting against Carol.


The high-ranking Hunter who fought against Carol had known her through her side job. His name was Dores and he got defeated after that intense bout. Dores found himself lying face up, on the ground with his whole arm blown to pieces. In front of him was the muzzle of a rifle.

“This would be my victory, right?”

“Yeah… It’s my loss.”

Carol smiled and lowered her rifles. Dores sighed and pushed his body up.

“You sure you don’t want to finish me off?”

“I can say the same to you.”

Killing their opponent was not their main goal. Although they were fighting as if trying to kill each other, it was merely to win. If someone got killed, both parties would accept the outcome. However, if possible, they did not want to kill unnecessarily. This line was how Dores and Carol prevented themselves from going insane after having so much blood on their hands.

Dores, who got completely defeated, smiled bitterly and questioned.

“If you’re that strong, there’s no need for you to take on that other job of yours anymore, right? Or are you still planning to continue?”

Dores knew that his question was not something someone who just got defeated would normally ask. Thus, he expected Carol to randomly answer. However, Carol replied with something that he did not expect.

“Hmm, well, I’m still thinking about it.”

Carol only answered as much and smiled in an amused fashion.

“I see…”

Dores raised his eyebrows. He couldn’t guess what had happened to Carol such that she would respond with such an answer. Thus, Doros simply accepted it and pursued that subject no further.

Carol then turned around and walked away, slightly wobbly.

[…I need to at least resupply before I head out again.]

Carol had an enhanced body that continuously consumed nanomachines. If she ignored her nanomachine consumption, she could achieve super-human strength albeit only temporarily. However, she would quickly run out of nanomachines if she did that. Thus, she had to carefully adjust her power output and nanomachine consumption. Since Dores was strong, she could only win by sacrificing a large portion of her nanomachines.

For now, she was trying her best to keep up her appearance with her remaining nanomachines. She was planning to return back to base to refill her nanomachines. She took out her nanomachine reserve when suddenly, a swarm of monsters appeared. They were strange looking, a mesh of flesh and metal, seemingly machines with fleshy legs and arms growing out of their distorted bodies.

Normally, they would not pose any threat to her. However, their appearance at this very moment was horrendous. If they had appeared a bit sooner, she would have temporarily stopped fighting with Dores and dealt with them first. If they had appeared a bit later, she would have had the chance to refill the nanomachines in her body and regain some of her fighting capabilities. However, she got ambushed right as she had depleted her nanomachines, without an opportunity to refill yet.

Even so, Carol still immediately reacted and started firing. Dores saw the swarm and quickly reached for his extra rifle and started shooting as well. Although he lost the fight, he still had enough strength to hold and fire a gun. Unfortunately, both were exhausted and were unable to make any difficult moves. Thus, the swarm was slowly pushing them back.

That was when Carol was caught off guard, one of the weird-looking monsters got close enough to leapt toward her, jaws agape.

“Oh crap…!!”

Carol could not evade the incoming attack due to her exhaustion. She could only grit her teeth, and prepare for the incoming pain.

However, Dores suddenly jumped in between them. The monster’s fangs were able to easily pierce through his augmented suit, and into his organs. Dores, still fully conscious, shoved his rifle at the monster and held down the trigger. A portion of his body got chomped off, trading it in for a few shots.

Eventually, he was able to kill the weird monster. Unfortunately, since its fangs had dug deep into Dores’ body, he was not able to free himself from it. This was when he turned to Carol and casually said.

“Go on. I’ll buy you some time. You’ve won after all. This is the least that I can do for you.”

Carol understood that staying behind would only get both of them killed. Right now, she could not allow herself to die together with Dores. Thus, the only thing she could do was convey her feelings to him.

“I am sorry…”

“Don’t be. This is normal for Hunters like us. If it’s for the sake of sparing the life of a girl I fancy, this is actually not that bad.”

Dores smiled before returning his gaze back to the enemies.

Carol immediately left the area. Some monsters tried to attack her, but Dores prioritized shooting them down first. That meant he allowed other monsters to get close to him. However, that did not matter. He was not planning to survive after this. He managed to continue for some time as his impending death approached. He did not hold back and used everything that he had to hold them off.

As expected, his end was near. Before he ran out of ammo, his arm got chomped off. He had lost any means to fight back and was only able to allow the monsters to take bites out of him one at a time.

“Haaah, I should’ve tried to hit on her sooner…”

Dores smiled bitterly and muttered before he met his end.

Thanks to Dores, Carol was able to hide in one of the abandoned buildings. She used that opportunity to quickly take out her medicine and extra nanomachine to heal her wounds. It was not enough to return her back to 100%, but she, at the very least, would be able to put up a good fight.

“But still… Why are there monsters in this area…?”

Carol inadvertently mumbled, to then quickly shake her head.

“Let’s put that aside for later. First, I need to think of how to get out of this mess…”

She wanted to return back to Sheryl’s base and fully refill her nanomachine reserve. However, fighting against Dores forced her to move around a lot. Thus, the base was quite far for her right now. Although the distance itself was not much of an issue, it was highly likely that she would have to fight monsters on her way back.

However, she could not afford to simply wait here, hiding. It would mean there was no meaning to her coming with Akira to the slums. She reminded herself of the reason and made her resolve. She stormed out of the abandoned building.

Outside the building, there were battles scattered all around, especially in the alleys. The whole place was veiled in thick jamming smoke, but Carol could still tell none of the battles involved those on her side or those that were neutral. Erio and the others from the gang nor Shikarabe and his team were involved. Her enemies were the ones facing the monster swarm. Screams of terror and confusion echoed through the area, which indicated that even her enemies did not expect the monster swarm.

Carol was taken aback when she sighted one particular strange-looking monster. It was enveloped in a heavy augmented suit, as if a bundle of flesh in a distorted humanoid form had been stuffed into an augmented suit. However, its figure was not the thing that caught her eye. It was the familiar laser cannon that the monster carried.

“…That cannon… Isn’t that mine…!?”

During her fight against Dores, she had lost her laser cannon. Since it was hard to use it in a high-speed melee fight, Carol had no other choice but to let it go. After all, it was not designed to be used against human targets.

That laser cannon was secured. Thus, only its registered user can use it. However, once the monster noticed her, it suddenly released a shot using that laser cannon.

Carol leapt aside by pure reflex. A moment later, the laser cannon swept sideways in an arc. Buildings in its way were sliced open as if sliced by a huge blade. They crumble on their own weight and collapse.

Carol, who was able to get out of its way just in time, frowned and thought.

[It just took a shot…! So, these monsters assimilate with everything it consumes just like a greedy crocodile! I bet they’re multiplying by devouring everything they can find in this area! This is bad. Really bad!]

The monster realized that it was not able to hit its target. Thus, it grew missile pods out of its shoulder. Mini missiles flew out and scattered all over the area.

Under relentless countless explosions, Carol was only able to keep running away.

That was when Elena and Sara saw her. They quickly aimed their rifles at the huge monster behind Carol. Their powerful bullets drilled holes into the monster and blew up. It was blown to pieces, obliterated so that no semblance of it was left behind. The small pieces were scattered all over the buildings around the area by the shockwave.

Carol thanked them, while still heavily panting.

“T-thanks, you really saved me there.”

“You’re welcome, but what exactly is- Sara, up!”

“Alright. They just won’t give us a break. Now wha-… Hm? Isn’t that Akira’s bike…?”

The rest immediately looked up and saw Akira’s flying bike. Though it was ridden by Togami at the moment. However, some strange monsters were latching on to it as the bike was slowly descending.

Elena and Sara immediately shot down the monsters. Once the monsters were taken out, the bike was able to regain its balance. Unfortunately, it was not able to brake on time and crashed rather spectacularly not too far away from Elena and Sara.

“T-that was close! I don’t know who you are, but you really saved me there… Hm?”

“Akira! Are you okay!?… Hm?”

Togami was surprised since he was a little familiar with the two who just saved him. Meanwhile Elena was taken aback to see that it was actually Togami and not Akira.

Afterwards, Elena, Sara, Togami, and Carol quickly exchanged what they knew.

Since Togami was in a hurry to return to Sheryl’s base, he ignored the monsters and flew a bit too close to the ground. Although these monsters could not fly, they could still jump. Some managed to latch onto the bike. When that happened, Togami managed to keep moving while he fought against those on the bike.

But unlike when he was together with Reina, it was difficult for him to simultaneously drive while he fought. Thus, he was about to get thrown off the bike.

Since Togami was also headed to where Akira was, he asked Elena and the others if they could move together.

Carol pondered it over for a bit and eventually decided not to join. She believed that she was more likely to be a dead weight. Or at the very least, she would not be able to give any meaningful support until she could return back to the base. There was also no guarantee that they would be able to reach Sheryl’s base.

The nanomachine reserves she had left might not last if she faced another attack. Thus, she decided she would support Akira indirectly and chose to leave the slums.

Carol then earnestly requested Elena and Sara, who were already on Akira’s bike.

“I’ll leave Akira to you.”

“Of course!”

Elena smiled reassuringly at Carol before accelerating the bike. After seeing Elena off, Carol then headed out of the slums. She moved through the path Elena and Sara had made.


Considering what Pamela had said as her parting gift, Shiori, Kanae, and Akira decided to stay on the roof of Sheryl’s base to watch over the surroundings. However, there was nothing worth noting. The strange-looking monsters were already retreating from the area. Meanwhile, voices of Erio and the others starting a counterattack could be heard coming from below.

“Alpha, did you find anything?”

“I do not see any signals that suggest enemies are approaching. If there’s anything to be worried about, it would be how the jamming smoke is dispersing faster than it should.”

“Faster than it should? What part of it is not normal?”

“Even if we were to consider the fact that we’re out in the wasteland, the rate of dispersion is abnormally higher than the natural rate of dispersion.”

Akira gazed out into the wasteland and squinted. He could see further, although only slightly.

“…It would be great if it’s because they no longer wish to continue and stop pumping out jamming smoke but…”

Akira said his wish, though he knew it was unlikely to come true.

That was when Togami finally entered his sight. Akira, who saw Togami, was surprised to see some others on his bike. Two individuals he would never have expected to come.

As Togami moved to park the bike on the rooftop, Akira was a bit nervous that Shiori and Kanae were looking at him with scrutinizing gazes.

[…This is not my fault, right?]

Due to their division of roles on their way to Sheryl’s base, Togami was sandwiched between two beauties on top of Akira’s bike. Togami knew Elena and Sara were close to Akira. Furthermore, he considered his relationship with Reina. With all these factors, he could not help but feel horrified when Akira and the others’ gazes were sent in his direction.

Akira thought that Togami was acting a bit strange as he threw out a question.

“Togami. Where is Reina? And also, why are you with Elena-san and Sara-san…?”

“Ahhh, about that… you should ask them yourselves. As for Reina, there’s something important I need to tell Shiori-san, so…”

Togami spoke, rather flusteredly. He had also used Reina as an excuse to get away from Akira.

Akira got even more weirded out by how Togami was acting. However, he decided to just leave matters be since he did not have the time to be asking irrelevant questions.

“Elena-san, why are you here?”

“Well, we’re here to help you out… Or more like, we want to keep up our appearance as your seniors.”


Akira was flabbergasted after hearing what Elena said with a wide smile on her face. The situation did not stop there as Sara also spoke up with a smile.

“We’re a bit angry that you left us on the side when you’re in this kind of situation. That’s why we’re barging in to help.”


Akira flinched back. Although both women were staring at him with smiles, there were traces of anger in their eyes.

“I admit that you’ve become even stronger than us. Still, I don’t like how you don’t even see us as people who can help.”

“That’s why we came here to help. Though you didn’t ask for it. Well, sorry about that.”

Each word they said gradually cornered him. Elena and Sara were basically stating that they were here to help him due to their own volition and pride.

Although they were exposing their true feelings, they never mentioned the biggest reason. They came here because they were worried about him.

No one would help him even if he asked. Akira had experienced this for far too long. It had become a habit that had not changed. He never asked since asking for help from others would only mean causing trouble for someone else who was not even involved in his problems. Aware of his flaw, Elena and Sara spoke using such words, that they came because they wanted to.

Akira had grown enough to notice that it was their way of being considerate. Although he was grateful, he believed the situation was too dire to accept their goodwill.

“But, Elena-san. Even if you say so I…”

“Ah, by the way, we rescued Carol on our way here too. She was too exhausted to continue. Other than that, she’s not in any immediate danger.”

“I see… Thank you very much.”

Akira smiled and lowered his head to them. His expression also displayed his gratitude toward Carol, who had pushed herself this far for his sake. It also contained his relief, hearing that she was alright.

Immediately, Sara and Elena sighed and pouted.

“Akira, you asked for Carol’s help, but you didn’t ask for our help. Why? Since when did you get this close to Carol?”

“Eh? Well, a lot of things happened, you see…”

“A lot of things? A lot of things, huh? What exactly happened? Though it’s embarrassing to say this myself, I believe we’re also rather close to you. Did something happen between you two that made you close enough to her? To be able to ask for her help but not from us?”

“Well, uhh, actually, it’s not what you think. I do think both Elena-san and Sara-san as friends. Also, it’s not like I’m treating Carol differently, you see…”

Akira was not sure why he was making excuses to answer Sara’s question. That was when Elena intervened as she wryly smiled and stated.

“Akira, in that case, you should just accept our help, alright?”

“Ahhh… Okay.”

Akira gave a firm nod. Although it might be something for him to worry about later, he decided to accept their offer. This would make him more indebted to Elena and Sara, to who he already felt indebted. At the same time, he finally noticed, with albeit of surprise, that he had already gotten this close to the two of them. When he discovered how he felt, he was jovial about it.

Elena and Sara also smiled happily now that Akira had agreed to accept them.

To properly help him, Elena tried to confirm the current situation with him.

“So then, Akira. Can you tell me what’s the situation right now?”

“Of course, well…”

[Akira, look at the wasteland.]

Alpha suddenly interjected and warned with a grave expression. Akira noticed and quickly turned toward where Alpha was pointing. Elena and Sara followed suit, and a moment later, Kanae, Shiori, and Togami gazed toward the wasteland as well.

They could see something gigantic and humanoid coming in their direction. Due to the jamming smoke, they were only able to see the blurry contour of the giant, but it was enough for them to confirm that its knee was even higher than most of the buildings in the slums.

“Just what is that thing!?”

The moment Akira mumbled; the giant’s mouth suddenly flared. Elena, Sara, Shiori and Kanae quickly stepped forward and deployed their forcefield shield. A moment later, the light ray released by the giant reached Akira and the others, devouring them. It even took in the whole base.

Once the light died down. Akira and the others were fine. Mostly thanks to the powerful forcefield shield and the jamming smoke that weakened the attack. The base also survived due to its forcefield armour along its outer walls. However, the other buildings in the area got completely obliterated.

Akira and the others could not help but frown. [To think its attack could reach us even from that distance!]

“Akira, I have another question… What exactly are you fighting against?”

“It should be those from Lion Steel… though… I’m not sure anymore at this point.”

Akira also did not know what or who exactly was that giant. However, Pamela’s last words somehow suddenly came to mind.

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