Instructor Mei Lan kicked her three students out of her room after their discussion session was over.

So, Tang Li Xue, Bingbing, and Silly Fox could only return to their respective rooms to sleep.

When Tang Li Xue entered her own room, Little Loki and Yaya already waited for her on the bed.

Yaya had already fallen fast asleep first, but Little Loki patted its bulging stomach while burping in satisfaction.

Just one glance and anyone would know that it had just done something up to no good.

Tang Li Xue rolled her mesmerizing topaz blue eyes as she spoke to warn Little Loki: "You can do what you want, but just make sure that you will never be seen, discovered, or get caught by anyone at least until our mission is over. Do you understand, Little Loki~?!"

Little Loki waved its paw leisurely signifying that it understood.

Tang Li Xue could only shake her head helplessly at Little Loki's sloppy attitude.

However, Tang Li Xue did not really worry about Little Loki getting caught by anyone.

Different from when they were in the Foxes Hunting Festival, Little Loki no longer had any restrictions here.

With its [Instant Teleportation], [Phantom Splitters], and [Heaven's Devour], Litte Loki was completely uncatchable by anyone.

No formation could restrict it since Little Loki could just use [Heaven's Devour] to swallow a part of that formation and open a hole in that formation like when they were in Quanhai City before.

It was just that, it would be really bad for their group if anyone saw Little Loki's figure after it did something bad, and that person could guess that Little Loki was a part of their group, then report it to the guards.

That would surely make their mission even more difficult to complete!

Tang Li Xue's slender body shuddered slightly in fear as she did not even dare to imagine how Instructor Mei Lan would punish her if that really happened!

Tang Li Xue knew that it would be futile to warn Little Loki again, so she quickly lay down on the soft comfortable bed beside Yaya.

The room of this inn might be simple and plain since their group did not choose to stay at the most luxurious inn in order not to attract any unwanted attention, but it was clearly much better than sleeping outside.

It did not take long for Tang Li Xue to fall asleep too.

On the next morning, when the light of sunrise entered through the gap in the window, Yaya was the first to wake up, and she quickly shook the fast-asleep Tang Li Xue to wake her up too.

"Urmmh... Just let me sleep for another five... No, ten minutes..." Tang Li Xue murmured softly.

"Yaya Ya Yayaya Ya~! (Instructor Lan will get angry if you wake up late again today~!)" Yaya shouted frantically to remind Tang Li Xue.

Tang Li Xue hastily got up after hearing Yaya's reminder, but she still lazily yawned and stretched her slender body.

Tang Li Xue wore her white cloak to cover her silver furry tails and white veil to cover her stunningly beautiful face.

She actually liked to wear a white fox mask much more, but unfortunately, the information received by those annoying assassins who hunted her before said that she always wore a white fox mask.

In order to avoid their chasing, Tang Li Xue could only change and wear the veil from now on...

She took the sleeping Little Loki and put it on the top of her head while Yaya had already sat on her right shoulder.

She covered her fluffy silver fox ears and the sleeping Little Loki on her head with her hood before she went out of her room to meet with the others.

Instructor Mei Lan and Bingbing had already waiting outside.

Tang Li Xue secretly sighed in relief when she had not seen Silly Fox yet.

'Oh, well... At least, I am not the last one to wake up...' Tang Li Xue thought smugly in her mind.

Instructor Mei Lan could instantly read what Tang Li Xue thought in one glance, and she immediately reminded: "You are late~!"

Tang Li Xue's body stiffened as she replied: "But Silly Fox has not woken up yet!"

"Not being the last one to wake up, does not mean you do not wake up late~!" Instructor Mei Lan retorted to Tang Li Xue.

Tang Li Xue: "....."

Tang Li Xue instantly became speechless, but at this time, Silly Fox had also woken up and went out of his room.

Instructor Mei Lan did not blame them for waking up a bit late at least for today since they had already rushed on their journey without sleep for a few days.

Their rooms were next to each other and all of them were on the third floor of this inn.

Instructor Mei Lan led them to the restaurant on the second floor to eat some breakfast.

When they were eating some breakfast like meat buns, dumplings, and so on, they saw a luxurious carriage run on the street while escorted by so many guards.

"That luxurious carriage belongs to the Gu Family. You can see from the carved on the carriage's wall." Instructor Mei Lan explained it to her three students.

Silly Fox frowned and guessed: "Is Gu Shengxin inside that carriage?"

Tang Li Xue snorted displeasingly as she said: "No matter who is inside that carriage. Is there any need to parade in the middle of the street with great fanfare like that?"

Tang Li Xue raised her middle finger unhappily toward the luxurious carriage on the street.

"Little Xue, what does that gesture mean?" Bingbing asked with a curious tone while holding Tang Li Xue's other arm.

"Uhh, this gesture means... Err, it means I am respecting the person inside that carriage." At first, Tang Li Xue planned to tell the truth, but the meaning seemed to be too rude, so she decided to lie instead.

"Oh? Then me too~!" Bingbing followed Tang Li Xue and playfully raised her middle finger in the direction of that luxurious carriage.

Instructor Mei Lan chuckled as she could easily guess from Tang Li Xue's expression that her gesture should be very rude and insulting, but she did not bother to say anything to ruin their fun.

Unfortunately, someone was actually courting death at this time...

The innocent Silly Fox actually dared to raise his middle finger toward Instructor Mei Lan with a silly innocent smile on his handsome face!

Instructor Mei Lan's expression instantly turned cold as she grabbed the Silly Fox's middle finger and...


"AAARRRGGHHH~!" Silly Fox screamed in pain as his middle finger bent strangely.

Tang Li Xue and Bingbing shuddered in fright, then they hastily put down their finger and hands.

"Why?!" The innocent Silly Fox who still did not understand what he did wrong, and he could only stare at Instructor Mei Lan with a wronged expression.

Instructor Mei Lan did not bother to explain as she stood up and said: "All right~! If you already eat enough until you are full, then we will split up and do our own task for today."

Tang Li Xue and Bingbing also stood up while nodding their heads.

Little Loki and Yaya also flew back under Tang Li Xue's cloak after they cleaned up all of the food on the table.

When they split up, Tang Li Xue secretly threw [Talisman of Regeneration +3] onto Silly Fox before she went out from the inn with Yaya and Little Loki.

Well, she felt a little guilty because what happened to Silly Fox was because of her.

"Xue~! I know you are the one who cares about me the most~!" Silly Fox instantly recovered from his depression of unfair treatment from Instructor Mei Lan as he happily went out of the inn to do his own task too.


Meanwhile, the previous luxurious carriage finally reached the Gu Family's mansion after a few minutes.

One of the guards opened the carriage door while lowering his head politely.

The person inside the luxurious carriage slowly got off the luxurious carriage.

It was actually a man wearing an untainted pure white robe and silver mask to cover his face.

If Tang Li Xue was here, she would definitely recognize this person in an instant!

Who else if it was not Elder Yang, the Honorable Elder of the Immortal Sword Sect?!

A middle-aged man and a young handsome man hastily went out from the Gu Family's mansion, and they politely greeted Elder Yang: "Hahaha~! So, Elder Yang has already arrived~! Those old guys from Immortal Sword Sect said you are extremely handsome and talented. At first, I think they are only exaggerating it. But after I have seen it now, you are actually as handsome and talented as everyone said!"

Elder Yang smiled as he gave a fist and palm salute while saying: "Hi, Elder Gu! You are too polite!"

"Elder Yang, this is my son, Gu Shengxin. Xin'er, this is Elder Yang, the Honorable Elder of the Immortal Sword Sect." The middle-aged man introduced Elder Yang and u Shengxin to each other.

Elder Yang smiled while nodding at Gu Shengxin and praising: "I have already heard about you. The most talented alchemist of the Alchemist Sect, a one-in-thousand-years genius alchemist, Gu Shengxin!"

Gu Shengxin blushed a bit as he quickly denied it: "That is too exaggerated. I am only a bit better than most people."

"Hahahaha~! All right, let's stop talking here and come in first~!" The middle-aged man laughed and said as he invited Elder Yang to enter the Gu Family's mansion politely.

Elder Yang nodded and followed the middle-aged man and Gu Shengxin, then they entered the Gu Family's mansion together.