Tang Li Xue pondered carefully as she sorted out her messy feelings.

Did she have any resentment because she was betrayed by Elder Yang? Well... Not really. Maybe because she only met with Elder Yang a few times, and she was not that close to Elder Yang yet.

Did she feel angry because of it? It would be a lie if she said that she was not angry at all, but surprisingly, she only felt a little angry at him at best.

After thinking for a while, she suddenly realized that for some unknown reason, she still could not believe that Elder Yang had betrayed her.

It was truly a strange contradicting feeling since she clearly trusted Instructor Mei Lan so much more compared to that playboy Elder Yang.

However, it still could not be denied that she felt extremely strong disappointment at him because of that.

The information given by Instructor Mei Lan from the Assassin Tower was clear and complete with concrete evidence. Even if Elder Yang was not the one who did it, then it should be someone close to him from Immortal Sword Sect who did it.

Tang Li Xue shook her head to push away all of her messy thoughts.

It was true that she might trust Elder Yang too much before, and she was extremely disappointed in him right now, but she did not think too much about it.

She thought it was normal since she only had two human friends in this Immortal World, Elder Yang and Ye Zhen. As a former human, of course, she would trust them more, right?

Tang Li Xue sighed in resignation as she muttered: "Let's just forget this for now... This is no longer important anyway. The most important thing to do right now is to find a way to get more information about Yan Fei, Gu Shengxin, and all the other people living in that Gu Family's mansion."

"It would be best if I could find a way to sneak into Gu Family's mansion... But that is clearly too dangerous for me to do it personally. The best option I have is to wait until tomorrow until the cooldown of my [Twin Moons] finished and let my perfect copy do it instead." Tang Li Xue concluded her next plan.

Tang Li Xue tried to use her [Mystic Whisper] to interrogate the servant again to see if she could get more important information from him.

Unfortunately, that was the only important information he knew.

The servant also knew about Elder Yang's information because the head butler reminded them repeatedly yesterday with a harsh tone to never make any mistake today.

If not for that, how could a lowly servant like him know any information about Elder Yang?!

After making sure that she did not miss any crucial information from the servant, Tang Li Xue knocked the servant's head until he fell unconscious.

Learning from her previous mistakes, Tang Li Xue immediately tried to use her [Energy Manipulation] to extract any trace of her energy or aura on the servant, so no one would be able to find anything on the servant and use it to track her like what happened at the Foxes Hunting Festival before.

"Success~!" Tang Li Xue exclaimed in delight as she pulled out a faint trace of her energy and aura from inside the servant's body with her [Energy Manipulation] and gathered it on the tip of her finger.

An extremely charming smile bloomed on Tang Li Xue's stunningly beautiful face. Unfortunately, there were no people there to admire it, or they might be instantly bewitched by her dazzling bright smile.

"I knew it~! My [Energy Manipulation] is surely not a simple divine ability~! Since those people can do it, then there is no reason that I cannot do it with my [Energy Manipulation]~!" Tang Li Xue said with a smug tone.

Her [Energy Manipulation] could even control Meng Yue's energy sealed in the form of a vassal mark and transferred it to another target before.

Actually, it should not be possible to do since Meng Yue was much stronger than her. Even now, she still did not have any clue at all why her [Energy Manipulation] could do it.

Compared to that, extracting her own trace of energy and aura from inside the servant's body was actually too easy to do.

With a little practice, she might be able to do it without using her [Energy Manipulation], although she would hurt the servant's body in the process.

"Little Loki, Yaya, Let's go~!" Tang Li Xue called Little Loki and Yaya, then they quickly went away from that desolate place leaving the unconscious servant alone.

After Tang Li Xue walked back to the crowded street, she absentmindedly headed back to the inn since the sun had already set, and the sky almost turned dark.

At first, Tang Li Xue wanted to treat Little Loki and Yaya to eat some delicious meals because of their good job today, but she immediately realized that she was poor right now.

She regretted it a bit that she had not taken that servant's wallet before. Spirit stones were the only hard currency here in Garden City, so that servant must have brought some spirit stones since he wanted to buy some cooking ingredients.

Without any other choice, Tang Li Xue could only extort... cough, I mean asking her own precious martial soul, [Golden Winged Serpent], to produce a few mid-tier spirit stones as her pocket money.

Actually, her [Golden Winged Serpent] already produced several mid-tier spirit stones on their way to this Garden City before, but Tang Li Xue did not think too much at that time and used all of them to increase her cultivation.

Because of this, even though Tang Li Xue's current cultivation was still at the 1st level of the Foundation Establishment Stage, but she had almost breakthrough to the 2nd level of the Foundation Establishment Stage.

Who knew that this Garden City actually did not receive any gold and silver which she had piled up so much in her space pouch as currency, so she instantly became penniless.

If it was not for Instructor Mei Lan who paid for everything from their city entrance fees, lodging costs, and meals, Tang Li Xue might not have even been able to enter this Garden City.

Tang Li Xue went to a remote place near the inn first and summoned her [Golden Winged Serpent] out.

Under Tang Li Xue's coercion, the [Golden Winged Serpent] shed two mid-tier spirit stones with great difficulty while showing a wronged expression.

When Tang Li Xue, Little Loki, and Yaya were eating their dinner, Instructor Mei Lan, Bingbing, and Silly Fox also returned to the inn one by one, so they ate together at one table in the end.

After all of them finished their dinner and felt full, Instructor Mei Lan instructed all of them to gather in her room again to exchange all of the information they managed to obtain today and discuss their next plan for tomorrow.

Silly Fox told them the information he got after asking around today: "Gu Shengxin's reputation is extremely good in this Garden City. He is a one-in-thousand-years alchemist genius, handsome, kind-hearted, caring, and filial in front of all people's eyes."

Then Silly Fox frowned a bit as he continued to say: "But I have a faint unsettling feeling about this guy... I mean he is too perfect without any flaw in the eyes of all people. From my experience, a guy like this Gu Shengxin is clearly a hypocritical person who is good at hiding his true self and possesses a perfect acting skill."

Instructor Mei Lan tapped her slender finger rhythmically on the table as her brilliant mind was thinking deeply.

Silly Fox hesitated for a while before adding: "I think it is almost impossible for a person like him to fall in love so easily with that Sea Beast Princess..."

Instructor Mei Lan nodded in agreement with a solemn expression while saying: "I also think so... The more rational and smart a person is, the harder it is for him to be infatuated with someone."

"If Gu Shengxin really does not fall in love with Princess Yan Fei, it means he has another purpose to get close to her. It seems we must speed up our action before something unfortunate happens to Princess Yan Fei." Instructor Mei Lan murmured as her eyes turned much colder.

Just like their Fox Clan's tails and Lizard Race's blood, the Sea Beast Race also had their own valuable part for humans to use, especially someone with noble blood like Princess Yan Fei.

Silly Fox also nodded with a solemn expression, but then he stared strangely at Instructor Mei Lan.

He felt that Instructor Mei Lan's previous words were mocking him, but he could not think of which part was offensive to him.

After Silly Fox had done telling the information he got, it was Bingbing's turn to do it.

"I have already tried to ask many people about Princess Yan Fei today, but no one knows anything about her. It looks like Princess Yan Fei is using another name to approach Gu Shengxin., and she may also hide her identity as the pampered princess of Sea Beast Kingdom." Bingbing said the result of her investigation for today.

The news from Bingbing made Instructor Mei Lan feel a little bit relieved.

At least Princess Yan Fei was not stupid enough to tell everyone that she was the pampered princess from the Sea Beast Kingdom.

Of course, there was still no guarantee that Princess Yan Fei had not told Gu Shengxin her true identity, so they must hurry up and make sure that Princess Yan Fei's current condition first.

Then Tang Li Xue's turn came...

Tang Li Xue opened her pink lips, but no words were coming out of her mouth.

After a few moments, she managed to squeeze some words out: "I... have not gotten any important information today…"

"I am really sorry. Gu Family's mansion is guarded too tightly that I cannot even find a way to check it out." Tang Li Xue apologized to the others in guilt.