The competition went on for a while with many getting knocked out early while some remained for 2 to 3 rounds before losing as well. Not a single person had managed to remain all 5 turns just yet, not to mention survive an entire rotation.

Most were either tired after a few fights, or their skills were understood by the person assessing the battles and knew exactly who to send up to win against them.

This went on for the entire day before the matches abruptly ended at the end of the day.

The competition was halted for the day with 30 of the 49 potential matches over. The rest of the matches would take place on the 7th day, which included Tenn as well since he hadn't fought yet.

The next day, the competition continued from where it had ended with two new fighters joining the stage. The battles continued for about half a day before it was Tenn's turn to fight.

He was the strongest person from the Blackhawk Academy according to the teachers and was thus kept until the end so he could last the longest and bring them as many points as he could.

They didn't expect much from him but hoped that he at least got them enough points so they could maintain their current lead in terms of points.

The last fighter from Essence Heart academy was on stage. He had defeated someone from Blue Spark academy as well as the Light Dance academy.

The Blackhawk Academy would be his third battle.

Tenn walked up the arena as quickly as he could to not give the person any time to rest. The faster it could all start, the less time he would have to catch his breath.

Tenn had watched the person's fighting style and was thus quite aware of how he fought. He had a fire sword, light armor, and also had a water core.

Tenn arrived on the stage and pulled out a fire sword from his sheath. He prepared himself and the battle started.

Immediately, the man used his light sword to send out a blinding light that made it impossible to see anything for Tenn. However, Tenn was ready for it and immediately slashed his sword.

A wave of fire flew in the direction of the light, which the other person easily ignored. A burst of water poured onto Tenn who couldn't see.

Thankfully, he had trained enough so that he could fight without seeing. Just sensing where the Essence was let him know what he was dealing with and could thus dodge in time.

He twisted his body and a wind slash flew toward the man from the side.

'Wind core?' the young man thought and used a water attack to block the wind attack. The two of them continued fighting for a while, and after each attack, the two of them figured out each other's attacks.

Neither of them seemed to get the upper hand at all. Then, the young man tried to use one of his better skills.

He created a massive flood on stage which could wash away everything, including Tenn. The young man had used this attack knowing full well that neither Wind nor Fire could ever stop this.

However, to his surprise, Tenn used neither. He dropped to his knees and placed his palm on the stage. Suddenly, a rocky pillar appeared from beneath him at an angle, launching him into the air, in the direction of the young man.

As he flew through the air, a layer of stone armor appeared around him, increasing the speed of his descent with every passing moment.

The young man realized what was happening and tried to use another attack. However, it was too late.

Tenn dropped on top of the man and punched him in the chest. Before his attack could land, however, a fiery pillar appeared around the young man, protecting him from the attack.

Tenn was surprised that the young man actually managed to save himself, but when he saw one of the people walk onto the stage, he realized that the young man had in fact been saved.

"Oh," he thought. He had won.

The crowd cheered as the result was announced and the stunned young man was sent away from the stage. The Essence Heart academy had finished 4 spots away from the last person, so the young man that had just left got himself 46 points.

Tenn was now set for 47 points, or higher if he could defeat the next 3 opponents.

Ning watched Tenn fight another person and win, before losing to the next person. That person then went on to win against the next person, and the under-16 combat competition was over.

The Blackhawk academy cheered after the entirety of the points were revealed after the competition. Their students had brought them quite a number of points.

Now, the Blackhawk academy was in the lead with 50 points on the 2nd in the ranks, the Essence Heart academy.

The headmaster gave a hearty laugh, showing his happy expression for everyone to see, especially the Headmaster from the Essence Heart academy.

Everyone congratulated Tenn and the rest after they returned to the group.

"Congrats, brother Tenn. You did quite amazing back there," Ning said.

"Haha, it was nothing," Tenn said in a humble tone.

Everyone talked for a bit and the Headmaster told them to do well on the next day. The actual combat competitions would have much better fighters with stronger skills, and they would actually be held as a tournament with brackets.

So, the chance of the points fluctuating was still quite high.

Fortunately, Ning and 19 others didn't have to care about it. It was only important for the other 10 that were actually participating.

Ning nudged Tenn a little and said, "so we're ready to go, right?"

"Oh shit, I nearly forgot," Tenn said. "Are you sure you want to go?"

"Of course," Ning said.

"Alright, let me bring it up to the teacher when we're leaving," Tenn said. "We should be allowed to leave."