The moment the girl was in the sky, away from the massive rock, she could finally see Ning. Seeing him next to the rock with his sword and sheath in his hand, she was ready to attack.

This wouldn't just be a normal attack either. She was going to rain down hellfire on him so he had nowhere to go.

Her wings opened once more, the fires from within it erupting to the hottest they had ever been. The fire started falling from her wings like water, dripping to the ground and burning where it landed.

Ning moved away from the rock and put his sword back in its sheath. He used the wind sheath to create a small tornado around him to fling away any fire that fell on him.

It worked for a while, but soon the tornado itself turned into a fire tornado, slowly heating the inside. Ning started sweating a bit and thought of what to do.

He did have a few solutions, but he needed the quickest one. As he thought, the girl saw the fire tornado and decided to end it all at once.

A light attack fell straight from the eye of the tornado, which Ning could not stop with just Wind.

The attack fell on him, not enough to wound, just enough to hurt him, and definitely enough to make him lose focus on the Wind he was controlling.

The fire tornado disappeared, leaving Ning wide open for the girl in the sky to attack.

The girl's Essence soul emerged from her fully, a giant 3 headed entity, where each one of the heads was her own. The Essence soul had arms that looked more like talons and wings behind her from before that were flaming.

The Essence soul had no genitalia, and the feet were also somewhat talon-like. The entire thing was about 10 meters or so large, making it appear like a crimson god in the sky.

The soul used some sort of power, creating a spear that appeared more like a trident than anything. Then, it aimed for Ning and launched its attack.

Ning could only imagine when he would get his own Essence Soul as well. If he could get a great one, he could think his adventure in this world was fulfilled.

The referee moved as he had to stop the attack from landing on Ning. He had nearly moved many times, but Ning had managed to come in clutch each time, defending himself against a person that was a rank above his own.

However, this was the clearest demonstration of how strong an Essence soul realm cultivator was, so there was no point in waiting for Ning to do anything. He wouldn't survive even with all his skills if the attack landed.

A blue arm came out of the referee where the arm looked like it was made up of some sort of wood, while the fingers were sharp blades like spearheads.

He was about to stop the trident when he noticed something. When he realized what was happening, his eyes went wide in absolute shock.

The flame trident landed on the stage, completely destroying and blowing it wide.

The girl saw the destruction, which she hadn't expected, and was very confused. Why did the referee not stop the attack? Why would the referee not stop the attack before it fell? Or did he get the young man out of the way?

Her Essence soul had already withdrawn, all except the wings which she was using to fly. Now that she was victorious, it was time to go back down.

'I hope he didn't die,' she thought as that would be extremely bad for her as she would be disqualified instantly.

Just as she thought that she sensed something, something… from above her.

Her head turned just in time to see Ning arrive next to her.


She could barely speak up a single word when Ning's fist came crashing down on her face.

The girl was punched with every force Ning had in his body. Since this wasn't his usual body, he didn't have to hold back his strength and as such he could give it his all.

The girl dropped from the sky with the force of a meteor. The referee had to jump in and grab her so she wasn't hurt by the crash.

He brought her down slowly, only to see that her left cheek was red, while her mouth was somewhat bleeding. The referee could imagine that Ning had used his everything to punch her and bring her down.

He looked up in the sky and saw Ning using wind skills to try and slow himself down as he fell. After a certain height, he let himself fall and landed on his leg.

He looked around to make sure he didn't land outside of the arena. It was hard to tell since everything had broken from the girl's trident attack.

"I'm still in the match right?" Ning asked the referee.

"Yes you are," the referee said. "In fact, you've won."

The referee turned around and called for a few people to come to take her to the medical section of the arena.

Then, he announced Ning's victory.

Ning walked away with a happy look on his face, while a few people came up to fix the stage in the meantime.

"What did that kid do?" one of those guys asked. "Did he use his wind skill to shoot himself up?"

"He only used Wind and Earth Essence, so I don't think how else he could go that high," another person said.

"No," the Referee said. "He did neither."

"Huh? What do you mean?" one of the men asked.

The referee wasn't sure if he should say it or not. If the information got out to the other schools, it could be his fault.

As it seemed, no one else had seen what he had seen. Since he was so close, he had even sensed it. He was absolutely sure that this young man had just used one of the rarest Essence in all of the world.

The Space Essence.