Yorsha used her Burning Sun technique the moment her battle started. Her opponent, aware of her technique, immediately brought out his Essence Soul and started attacking.

The Wind Essence soul sent a gust of wind that blew all the heat away from the man, while Yorsha herself stumbled because the wind started picking up around her.

She raised her hand to the side and sent out a plume of fire in that direction that moved so slowly that any gust of wind moved it away.

Given that they were inside a barrier, Yorsha expected the wind to circulate around and take her fire everywhere. That was what her family had taught her after all.

Ever since she was a child, Yorsha had learned how to fight using her Essence. She was given a Fire staff early on and led to training with her uncles and brothers, giving her a talent for fighting that only came from someone that trained heavily.

As the fire roared inside the stage, Yorsha moved, not letting her opponent push her around with his wind skills. Her Burning Sun remained active as the heat inside the stage continued to increase.

'He's not as flustered as most usually get,' she thought. 'Signs of a good fighter, I suppose.'

She started sweating profusely, not only because the temperature was increasing in the stage, but also because she had to use a lot of Essence. She had already used many essences earlier in the day when she had a fight, and she hadn't had the time to replenish it enough.

If this continued with her opponent sending wind at her all the time, she would most certainly lose.

'No, as long as I have this Ice armor, I should be fine,' she thought. She wanted to gamble on the fact that her opponent would give up from the heat before her Ice armor became unusable due to the constant stress.

Her opponent stayed as far away from her as possible while sending wind attacks at her to keep his distance.

Yorsha frowned when she realized that was what he was doing. 'If you're not gonna come fight me, I'm going to bring the fight to you.'

She suddenly changed her path, and like a glowing fireball herself, she rushed in her opponent's direction.

The man frowned when he saw her coming his way. He quickly created a strong gust of air to push her around, but something he hadn't expected was happening that was causing quite a problem with his wind skills.

The air that had heated up was moving upward. And since the barriers stopped fresh air from coming in, the only air that could come was from above them, which was continuously spreading the heat all around them even if that wasn't what he wanted.

He couldn't control that wind.

Yorsha burned through the gust of wind, her Ice Armor at constant work to keep her cooled down. She could see her opponent sweating quite a lot, which meant it was working.

Now she just had to keep at it.

A fire sword flashed in her hand when she saw the human-looking Essencec soul's hand fall on her. The sword struck the arm, while her head burned it.

The Essence Soul was made up of Wind Essence, so it didn't take much damage, but her opponent was still quite hurt from being attacked.

"Dammit!" her opponent finally snapped. He realized that staying back and letting her burn herself out, as he had been originally told to do by his teachers, wasn't going to work.

He started preparing his own attack, one that wasn't meant to keep her away, but actually harm her. Blades of wind flew in her direction, each one of which was sharp enough to cut her.

Yorsha saw the blades and couldn't help but smile to herself.

Her opponent had fallen into her trap.

Because the Burning Sun was the Redraven family's signature skill, many other people knew about it and knew the techniques to fight around it.

People with a Water core used water to cool themselves, people with an Earth core trapped them inside an earthen enclosure, and people with a Wind core pushed the hot air away from themselves.

Having a well-known skill meant that there were countermeasures prepared against them. However, being from a long-standing family that had countermeasures against them also meant that they had prepared countermeasures to the countermeasures.

Yorsha jumped to the side, dodging the wind blades at the last second as her fingers pointed in her opponent's direction.

Suddenly, a small fireball of bluish color flew out from her finger at an almost imperceptible speed and went straight for her opponent.

The man noticed the incoming fireball and tried to stop it with his Essence Soul. He used the wind to try and push it away. However, having stopped using the gust of wind, he had already made a massive mistake.

The moment the blue fireball came anywhere close to the man, Yorsha activated it.


A large explosion shook the stage as the fireball exploded and expanded into massive red flames at the same time. Having known what was going to happen, Yorsha sent out more fireball in through the explosions, exploding them as well.

The successive explosions were quite strong, and the young man was too caught off-guard to bring himself back on track by the time the fourth explosion died.

By the time the ringing in his ears stopped, Yorsha was already in front of him, her body burning with heat that would evaporate even water in just a few seconds.

Before she could land on her opponent and attack him, a hand appeared from the side that grabbed her opponent and pulled him away.

Yorsha was about to follow through with another attack when she realized that it was the referee that had saved him.

"Oh," she thought when she realized that her opponent hadn't moved on his own. "Wait… so I won?"

The referee checked for immediate wounds on the young man, and after making sure none of the burns on his body was serious, he looked toward Yorsha and nodded.

Yorsha returned to the hall with a massive smile on her face once she was announced the winner of this match.