Ning's fight was only starting. He used neither Lightning nor Space essence as no opportunity showed itself, but he did use his Wind Essence Movement technique to move around the stage to dodge the young man's attacks.

If nothing, he wanted him to stop using the same monotonous attacks. He hated that this young man was treating this like a video game, where he could win by spamming the same attack over and over.

Ning wondered what he could do though. Lightning Essence took some time to gather and Space was obvious. Void Essence could be used, but it would leave him without much if he used it.

He wondered if he should use the other technique, but… he wanted to keep it for a later fight. For now, he shouldn't have to use it.

He stepped to the side and cut the upcoming pillar in two. He became so frustrated by the same attack over and over that he thought he was going to lose it.

"Take your own attack. See what it feels like!" he shouted and poured some of his Essence into the sword.

The young man sensed Essence gathering beneath him and moved to the side. A rock spike grew out from underneath him.

At the same moment he jumped, Ning sent out another rock attack that he threw in the young man's direction. The young man needed to use a technique to create the rock pillars, which he couldn't while in midair.

Even if he stepped, it would be too late.

In the end, an Essence hand came out from him and blocked it all. The young man landed properly and sighed. Now that he had used his Essence Soul, there wasn't any point in holding back.

He should go all out and fight as well as he could.

He wasn't really holding out beforehand, but for the sake of testing his opponent, he had to. However, he was done testing. If he continued it. He would eventually end up making a mistake that would cost him.

'It's just an Essence Manifestation realm expert. I can easily beat him,' he thought and the second Essence Soul hand grew out from behind him.

The first hand that had solidified to protect him had turned translucent, like the one that came afterward.

Ning watched as the two hands grew and expected the head to pop out next. Instead, what came out was a hand that was half a sword. Then, another hand came out that was a sword hand as well.

'Four hands?' Ning thought. That wasn't very rare, but it was still an uncommon sight to see.

Then, another arm came out. This time, it was a rock spike more than a hand. While Ning was perplexed, another rock spike arm came out.

'Bastard hid his arms until now,' Ning thought. He had seen this person fight, but he mostly just fought with his two soul arms. No one on the stage had any idea that he had this many arms.

The head finally came out, and then the rest of the body. Fortunately, there were only two legs.

As soon as they came, however, they stepped in from of the young man. Ning worried that it was going to be another crack that would lead to an earth pillar forming.

Instead, however, the ground split as something came out from the ground. Something cylindrical came out, which the Essence Soul grabbed onto and pulled.

Ning only then remembered seeing this technique during one of the previous matches he had been barely paying attention to.

"Shit!" he couldn't help but cry out as the Essence Soul pulled out a 10-meter-tall sword from the ground.

The sword was unnaturally long for the arm, but it handled it as if it were using a dagger. Then, the Essence Soul took another step as the ground cracked and another sword handle appeared.

"No! I can't let you take that one too," Ning said and quickly moved forward with immense speed. The wind helped him speed up more than he could himself and he arrived where the ground split.

The young man hadn't expected Ning to come to him, but he didn't panic. His hand that went for the sword instead moved toward Ning.

Ning used his Essence at the last moment to use a rock pillar, to throw him into the air, over the incoming hand. His sword struck the hand as he passed through, leaving a deep cut on it.

"Aargh!" the young man cried out in pain when his soul was injured.

Ning landed next to the giant sword and cut its handle before creating spikes from all around to jam it into the ground.

Through his back, he saw the giant sword falling on top of him. Ning jumped to the side and did a roll before getting to his feet. When he was upright, he saw the Sword's hand come at him.

The sword was much smaller than the earth sword that was created, but it was obviously stronger. Its reach was only the main problem, and at the moment there was none.

Ning quickly used his Essence on his sword, creating a spike from the side that parried the sword's hand as it came for him. The sword hand slid onto the ground next to him, carving nearly a meter into the ground.

The young man stepped and the crack flowed underneath Ning. Before Ning could realize it, he was pushed upward. Ning cut off the rock spike on top of him at the last moment, but the piece that was split off still hit him in the chest.

It fell to the side as Ning was tossed into the air, but it had done its damage. While Ning was strong, he wasn't strong enough to crash onto a large piece of rock and come out unharmed.

He felt his ribs hurt. It was maybe even broken. However, before he could care about it, he saw the Essence Soul swinging its giant sword at it.