"Hmm? Weren't you about to attack?" Ning asked the girl with a massive grin on his face. He couldn't even hide how happy he was when he saw the look of shock appear on the girl's face.

That was partially the reason why he was hiding his aura in the first place, to shock people and see their reaction. That alone was quite fun.

The girl had stopped in her steps, so Ning threw a few rocks at her to catch her attention and help her focus.

A column of water sprung out from the ground like a geyser, swallowing the rocks before disappearing. When the water was down, Ning was already passing through it.

The girl panicked and a water whip appeared on her hand that she struck at Ning.

A rock pedestal appeared below Ning, and he stepped on it to move to the right. At the same time, he swung his sword to the side, slicing the whip in half as the part that was cut off fell to the ground, wetting the floor.

The Essence Soul's face opened its mouth and sprayed water at Ning.

Ning stood where he was and created a giant rock to defend himself from it. The rock was struck and the water sprayed all around the stage, but the rock wasn't strong enough to hold itself together as tons and tons of water sprayed directly at it.

After about 10 seconds of struggle, the rock broke apart and the water went through to where Ning was. However, at the last second, the girl realized something.

The head stopped gushing water and ducked while the remaining limbs and tail went into the shield. The Essence soul then dropped to the ground, just in time to block the spray of water that gushed through the Space Portal that Ning had created to return back the attack.

The shield took a majority of the damage and was fine, but the force of the water still sent the girl tumbling forward.

Before she could gain her footing, Ning had already moved with Wind Essence covering his body to make him move that much faster.

Essence Soul Shield solidified completely and moved unnaturally before the girl.

Ning stopped right before the place where the shield fell and slashed vertically at the shield, leaving behind a large gash on the shield.

He slashed at it horizontally as well, leaving another wound before he sensed Water Essence gathering beneath him.

He added Earth Essence to where the Water Essence was gathering and created a 10-meter-tall pillar that sent him flying. He flipped through the air and saw a sharp sword-shaped water destroy the rock he had just leaped off of.

Wind Essence gathered around him, increasing his friction and slowing his descent. He landed gently and sent many rocks flying toward the shield to pelt at it. However, the entire Essence Soul turned illusory at the last second as everything simply passed through it.

As for the girl, she had moved toward the edge of the shield and was getting out of the way.

Ning created a decent-sized rock and sent it flying into the sky. While the girl looked up to see if he was throwing it in her direction, he came back at her to attack her again.

The girl brought her attention back from the rock and looked at Ning before using one of her signature skills.

The Essence Soul slammed onto the ground on all fours, and the head opened as it vomited out tons and tons of water immediately flooding the entire stage.

Not only was it a lot, it was also strong. The water came at him like waves in the ocean after an earthquake. Alone on the stage, the water looked as large as a tsunami.

Ning stood where he was and dug his sword to the ground. Then, two massive flat pieces of rocks appeared in front of him, that dug onto the ground, with a pointed tip that split the incoming tsunami.

He added one layer after another until he no longer needed to add any. Then, he looked up at the rock that was going to get devoured by the raging waves and immediately used his skill.

A portal appeared at the last moment and the rock vanished into it. At the next moment, he created another pillar of rock that sent him flying over 20 meters into the air.

He appeared on top of the water and saw the rock he had portalled away, hit the girl that hadn't expected anything to come at her at all.

She was on the ground, trying to get back up, but Ning wasn't going to let her. Even as he fell from the sky, he pointed at the girl with a single finger as if he were using a gun.

The girl looked up when she sensed the unique Essence and tried to use a defensive technique. But covered in water all over the stage, she had nowhere she could run.

A blast of white blinded everyone that saw it as a lightning bolt hit the girl before anyone could even realize it. The thunderous noise of the bolt followed immediately, forcing many to cover their ears at the sound.

Ning finally landed in the water deep water and looked at the girl who had fallen unconscious. He felt a bit awkward seeing that she had fainted after his attack and hoped that she was fine.

The Referees hadn't even managed to arrive to protect her even with all 4 of them.

As soon as the first one arrived, he checked on the girl's vitals and quickly confirmed that she was hurt, but she was alive.

Ning breathed a slight sigh of relief knowing that he hadn't hurt the girl excessively.

One of the referees used his Wind techniques to force the water out from a small area and walked up to Ning before announcing to the world.

"Ning Ruogong of Blackhawk Academy has won the match."