The magma surged around Alena like a living, breathing thing that wanted to leave from where it was. With a simple gesture, it elevated to a certain level before descending.

Allen prepared for another wave of magma snakes that would burrow underneath the ground to come for an attack. However, that didn't happen at all.

The waves that should have come toward him stopped and moved backward, going back to where they first started as two different waves crashed in a circle around Alena, and the force they crashed at sent a layer of magma high into the air.

Alena kept the attack going and sent it higher into the air, and then tossed it all in her brother's side.

Allen looked at the spray of magma that fell for him.

"Shit!" he cursed.

There was too much magma in the air for him to try and use his ice to stop. Instead, he stepped back and pointed a single finger toward the magma.

A beam of cold light fell on the magma that was flying in his direction, all freezing at the touch of the attack, turning into solid volcanic rocks that still came in his direction.

He then produced a simple ice wall that covered him from the spray of rocks.

As soon as the rock shower was over, Allen send the remaining ice shards from the ice wall toward his sister, who was waiting for it.

She sent her own magma projectile, some of which were stopped by the shards, while the rest Allen dodged. Alena dodged the remaining shards too.

Allen looked at his sister and immediately used his freezing beam again. Instead of using ice itself, it sent extremely cold air directly at the target.

It used a bunch more Essence than normal, but that would be worth it for this attack.

As long as his sister was forced to use more magma, it would have done its job.

Alena gathered the magma around her to protect herself, but that had been the wrong move at this moment. The ice beam froze the magma around her, surprising her at how cold it was.

Not only that, the magma had now turned to solid rock, which trapped her as she couldn't quickly get away from there.

Allen seized the opportunity and formed ice blades that were so razor sharp that they could cut through even the thickest rocks. He created 5 of them and sent all 5 toward his sister.

The blades whistled through the air, moving at a speed that left cold mist behind them. The heat on Alena's side didn't even melt them before they arrived where she was.

They all struck the dark rocks that captured his sister, but to his surprise, his sister did not move, and neither did the referees.

He realized something had happened and it only became apparent when the rocks shattered from the impact of the ice blades and what remained underneath became visible.

Alena's body glowed orange as a layer of molten rock lay all over her body, like armor. The armor covered every inch of her body, except for her head, which she had purposefully left without any armor to give the illusion that she was a helpless girl who would lose at any moment.

The armor was a living thing, melting, moving around the princess's body, showing the curves around her body perfectly.

The magma moved up her neck, slowly moving to her head as it covered it all entirely with long tendrils of magma hair flowing behind her and only two holes for where her eyes were.

A whip appeared in her arm, completely made up of magma, while her light sword was held in her other hand.

Allen looked at his sister and couldn't help but chuckle a little. It seemed she was planning to end it all.

Mist drifted down from him as ice formed around his body. They grew from all over and slowly encased themselves in it, making layers of it to protect the prince.

It covered him entirely from head to toe, leaving a helmet with a simple visor for him to see through.

An ice sword formed in his hand while his left hand held his axe.

Then, the both of them moved forward at once.

The prince was faster and arrived on the magma side, bringing the blizzard that force everything with him. The temperature of the area lowered, but then it rose once again as the princess poured her Essence into the ground, melting it all.

The sword fell on Alena's shoulder, doing absolutely nothing while she used her whip on her brother. It wrapped around his body, but Allen used his ice sword to cut right through the whip.

The part that remained on him turned into hard rock and broke as they fell to the ground.

Alena's whip regrew to cover the part that had been cut off and she struck with it again. Allen dodged the whip, but the end of it caused a sonic boom that sprayed magma all around him that fell on his ice armor.

Allen moved in and swung down with his ice sword, but Alena moved backward to dodge. However, as she did, she realized that her brother's sword grew to match the distance that she moved back.

She tried to dodge but it was directly on her left shoulder again. While the sword couldn't get through the armor, the force did, making the princess buckle a little.

Rage filled her as she snapped her whip at her brother again. Allen was ready to dodge or block as needed, but suddenly a bright light caused him to flinch back as he was momentarily blinded.

He used the axe in his left hand at the last moment as the whip struck him in the chest. Even as he was thrown back, the attack he used activated.

A blinding white light struck the princess and immobilized her for a few seconds after it struck her.

To everyone's surprise, she had been struck with lightning.