With the academy ranked, the audience started leaving the arena.

There was no award ceremony or anything. The exposure these academies got was award enough. They were already popular and now they became even more so popular, with every kid that wanted to join on knowing that Blackhawk Academy stood tall and strong amongst all.

The headmaster's face was filled with a grin from ear to ear as he couldn't keep it hidden at all. A few of the teachers teared up, especially knowing the pain it had been for them to come all the way here.

It wasn't every day that 80% of your participants were poisoned and you still came out on top.

The students all happily celebrated in their seats, but none walked away. Seeing everyone walking away, they were a little confused as they should have been leaving too.

After all, all the other schools were leaving.

Even the audience and academies leaving looked back at them, some wondering why they hadn't left yet. Most assumed they were still celebrating, while others simply didn't care.

Few that tried to stay behind were quickly sent away by the many staff members of the arena. And yet, the Blackhawk Academy still remained.

A few nobles came by to visit them, singing praises of the matches they had seen, congratulating not just the two Twins, but also Ning, who had shown them something incredible.

They thanked them all back and watched them leave.

The rulers of the Redraven region, Bluesparrow region, and Greendove region also came to congratulate them. Even Saburn came to congratulate, despite not being the true ruler of the Whiteowl region.

Kaleb was asked to be taken away by the Greendove region ruler, promising to bring him back the next day. The Redraven head, Yorsha's mother was incredibly proud of her daughter as well and wanted to take her with her to celebrate.

However, the headmaster had to refuse. When asked, he simply notified them that it was his majesty's request that they all remain behind.

Finally, the students understood the reason why the headmaster had forced them to remain behind. They immediately started getting excited learning that the Emperor of the Dominion itself was coming to meet them.

The rulers had no choice but to accept what was told to them. After all, how could they refuse the Emperor?

Someone looked to the side and saw the Emperor walking toward them. The moment they notified the others, they all turned around in anticipation of the Emperor that they would meet for the first time today.

Ning looked toward the emperor and saw the white-haired old fellow. Next to him, he saw his son, the middle-aged man that had saved his opponent in the other arena. The Crown Prince.

The Emperor arrived next to the rulers and looked at them. "Have you not finished saying your congratulations yet?" he asked.

"We have," Yorsha's mother spoke. "I was simply trying to take away my daughter, but I hear you wanted to talk to them, so I decided to wait."

"Hmm?" the Emperor looked at the young red-haired lady and nodded to himself. "You can take her away if you want. I have no requirement of most of them staying here."

"Thank you, your majesty," the ruler said and called her daughter before walking away.

Kaleb left as well, walking away with the head of the Hass family.

The Bluesparrow region's ruler walked away after bowing to the Emperor while Saburn did not want to leave just so early. He wanted to see if he could find a moment to take the sword that Ning had with him.

He acted as if he left, but instead, he planned on waiting to the side.

By the time the Emperor was alone and stood before the students of Blackhawk Academy, the sun had already hidden past the arena, filling the arena with darkness.

Bright lights were still high in the air, however, giving enough light for everyone to see.

"As an academy that bears the name of my family, I applaud you for the achievements you have gained today. It is no small feat to become first in the Interschool Tournament, even less to do so by such a large margin."

"As such, I would like to congratulate you all for your performance in the competition," the Emperor said.

The students felt proud, the headmaster even more so, but even then he knew it wasn't him that had achieved it. "I'm afraid while the others helped a lot, it was these three that did the most work."

"Had it not been for them, we wouldn't have won by such a large margin," the headmaster said, looking toward the twins and Ning.

"Yes, I know," the Emperor said. "Leave me with these three. The rest of you may leave and go back to your lodge."

The headmaster quickly thanked the Emperor and took the students and teachers away, leaving only Ning and the twins alone with the Emperor and Crown Prince.

There were other people there, he could tell, but they were all the Emperor's bodyguards certainly. With that in mind, they were gone from the new arena in a matter of minutes.

The Emperor looked at his grandchildren and hugged them both at the same time. "I always knew you would do me proud," he said. "You especially, Alena. You beat your brother, even though he trains more than you ever do. That is no easy task."

"Thank you, grandfather," the girl said with a small happy smile.

"Don't think I think any less of you for losing," the Emperor told Allen. "You lost against someone with two cores. Had it been a regular fight, you would have won that match."

"Yes, grandfather," the prince said.

"Alright, you two leave as well," he said. "I have business with your friend here for now."

"With Ning?" the prince asked.

"Yes," the Emperor answered. "Damien, take them away and send them back to their academy. I will remain here with this young friend."