Not all of the Wind Blade exploded at once; just a part of it. But, that part alone was enough to tear the rest of the blade down to the point where none of it could even come close to Ning at all.

Saburn looked at the scene in absolute shock as he had simply no idea what had just happened. One moment he was preparing his attack and the next moment… his attack got destroyed? By a Low Essence Soul kid?

Had the world gone mad today or what?

Damien looked at Ning in surprise as well, and so did the other 6 True Essence Soul realm guards who were standing far around Ning to just make sure he didn't run away from the location. Once the Emperor was done dealing with the girl that he was fighting with, he would soon come to deal with it.

They too had no idea what Ning had done at all.

Not a single person did, because not a single person knew what Essence he had just used. It was… black, and yet it was colorful. Like every other color mixed into one, shining through a veil of darkness that gathered it.

'What was that?' Damien wondered.

"Hahaha!" Ning laughed out loud when his technique worked way better than he could have expected it to. "You can't do shit, bitch!" he shouted at the man in the sky. "Do you think you're safe? Nah! I'm gonna kill you."

His roaring laughter caused the other people in the area confused and worried. Most didn't know what to think of the situation.

There was no way someone at the Low Essence Soul realm could possibly beat someone at the True Essence Soul realm… right?

At least, that was what nearly all of them thinking. Saburn on the other hand wasn't thinking much at the moment.

His mind was filled with rage. Rage at the fact that he was being humiliated by a youngster that was barely at the Essence Manifestation realm just a few hours ago. "You little shit!" he shouted out loud as the green Essence of Wind flowed around him, covering him all around. At the same time, two giant bird wings spread wide behind him in the sky.

Then he flew down at an incredible speed.

"Shit!" Ning realized he was in great trouble. He poured Essence into his sword, creating a giant pillar of stone out of pure instinct. At the same time, a portal opened up and he teleported somewhere close by.

When he reappeared, he quickly closed the portal and watched Saburn burrow through the ground to land where he stood before. He looked around searching for Ning, saw him, and then paused.

Ning was a little surprised that he paused, but then he saw someone standing behind him. He quickly turned around to see a person dressed in completely black that he had seen attack Clara in the audience area of the Arena before.

These were… the Emperor's people.

Now that Ning looked around, there were more people than he had thought. "Are you here to kill me?" he asked.

"We do what the Emperor commands of us," the man said, bringing out a Fire sword. "Now, just remain here, the Emperor will come for you soon."

Ning's eyes rapidly moved around, trying to think of what he could do. He could fight this man, most likely, but… could he fight the rest of the 5? And what if Saburn joined them? Could he fight them?

He also saw the Crown Prince at the far end of the arena, walking towards him. 'Great!' he thought. 'Another one to add to my problems.'

Ning was starting to get a little annoyed.

"You! Stand back," Damien shouted as he came toward the man. "Don't you dare touch him?"

"Your Highness," the man in black spoke, a little surprised to see the prince here. He was supposed to be with the twins.

"No one will touch this young man while I am around," he said and walked up close to Ning.

Ning was confused and even believed this was a ploy and remained alert. But the Prince showed no hostility at all.

"Your Highness, we are ordered by the Emperor to make sure this young man doesn't leave the premises of the Arena. I am afraid we cannot do as you ask," the man spoke even as he lowered the sword.

"I don't care," the Prince said. "I'm here to oppose my father. I'll oppose all 7 of you along with him."

The man showed a slight grimace at the word '7', but the prince didn't see it. "Don't worry, I'll save you. I won't let my father do something like this again," the prince said as he patted Ning's shoulders.

Ning was genuinely confused. Was this still a ploy?

"Where is his Majesty?" Damien asked. He was a little surprised to see Ning alive for sure. He was sure he would have been dead by now.

A few noises and a single finger from the black-clothed man took Damien's focus toward something that was in the distance, away from his sight. He turned around and saw his father… fighting.

He looked at who he was fighting with and saw a girl dressed in black clothes. He watched only for a second when the girl brought of black spikes from the ground, trying to stab his father, who brought out white crystal spikes to fight back.

He shot a few toward the girl, who quickly hid herself in the shadows, appearing at a different location to attack the Emperor.

At that time, her hair flipped, revealing her fair and beautiful face to the light that shined on her.

The moment Damien saw her, his heart skipped a beat. He walked away from Ning, in a daze as he walked toward where the fight was.

Those skills. Those Essence. THAT FACE.

He couldn't help but look at her in shock. Was it truly her? Was the love of his life truly returned again?

He couldn't help but rush close enough to see her. When he did, he couldn't help but shout out her name.