A pure white ball of Essence floated out from behind Ning. There were some wisps and tendrils of energy growing from the white ball, but they disappeared as quickly as they came and didn't remain there long enough to be a permanent part of the white ball.

The people looking at him were surprised and confused at the same time. After all, what they were seeing was not something that they had ever seen before.

"Is that… an Essence Soul?" a person asked, very much flabbergasted by the situation.

Saburn looked at the massive white ball that was nowhere near the shape of any living beings out there. He could not tell just what he was looking at.

Ning took a deep breath and released it before looking toward Saburn.

"Come, let us start again," he said.

A small tendril floated out of the Essence Soul, that instantly glowed with blue light. At the next moment, a massive bolt of lightning flew through the sky, hunting for Saburn.

Saburn swooped below immediately the moment he sensed the attack. He dodged the lightning bolt and came for Ning.

Ning looked at the man and pointed his sword at him. "Hmm, I wonder what else it can do," he thought. And then, used another essence.

A geyser of mud sprung out from in front of Ning, shooting into the sky. Saburn had to stop and move away from it, to not get hit.

He took a bit longer coming this time around and when he did, multiple crystal spikes shot at him.

Saburn stopped in his track again, having to dodge the crystals. When he dodged it, something else came for him.


He dodged that too, but it had been really close. He could feel the heat as the magma went past him.

He stood there for a moment, stupefied as to what had just happened, before flying in another direction as a massive ball of fire flew in his direction. He stopped at one point and instantly created a volley of wind feathers from his Essence Soul that he sent toward Ning.

Ning frowned a little. This was the thing about using a conduit that was always a con. He could never use techniques with specific shapes as the sword he used would never have that.

He could create arrows, feathers, or some other shape. The most he could do was give a rough shape to his creations and hope it was good enough.

A wall of rocks formed in front of Ning, followed by a wall of crystals. Both were thick enough that when the barrage of feathers landed on him, they were stopped.

Ning pointed his sword to the sky. Another Essence.

Nothing happened.

"Ok, no Void Essence," he thought. "What about the other one?"

That didn't work either.

"Light," he tried. It worked. A bright light spread from the sword, lighting up the area around him to the point that Ning himself had to close his eyes.

The burst of light was mostly directly in Saburn's direction and was fast enough that he couldn't stop it. Of course, they were also so weak that it barely tingled the man when they landed on him.

Ning then created a sandstorm around him, only now realizing this was why he could create a Sandstorm during one of his fights when the sword should have been just a normal sword.

"Just how many Essence does this damn sword have?" he wondered. He threw the sandstorm in Saburn's direction while running in another direction to dodge the next incoming attack.

Saburn was tired of this all. He wanted to end it, go kill the young man. He couldn't handle being played around by someone two realms lower than him.

With the many people watching, he was destined to not have a favorable impression on the Emperor in 4 years when it would be his time to become the ruler of the Whiteowl region.

"Come here you little bastard!" he shouted, following Ning's Essence even when he couldn't see him at all.

He arrived out of the sandstorm and looked in Ning's direction. However, to his surprise, he couldn't see him at all.

'What?' he thought, surprised. 'What's going on? Where is he?'

He could swear that he could sense him right in front of him, but he couldn't be seen. Saburn focused a little more and looked at the place more carefully.

When he did, he noticed something that he would've otherwise missed easily had he not tried to look for it.

Down on the ground, near a ruined spot, there was a small boulder, and next to the boulder was a shadow that was a bit too dark and large for that boulder.

'Shadow Essence?' the man looked in shock. That was one Essence he was quite careful about since that was what had gotten the Grazers killed.

He was well aware of the fact that it was the Emperor that had killed them but had to act like he did not know that.

"Do you think hiding there will help you in any way?" he asked as he prepared a tornado around him that he was ready to throw down.

The wind gathered around him, green in color as it was filled to the brim with Wind Essence. As it gathered more and more, he got ready to send it all down at Ning.

However, before he could do it, he sensed Space Essence form behind him. "You won't catch me off guard," he shouted, turning around at the last moment as he pushed the Wind into the portal that opened.

However, as Ning appeared out of the portal with his sword in hand, something else came from within him that terrified Saburn.

It was an Essence he had never felt before, being used by the massive pure white sphere that was the Essence Soul.

A bubble of Void Essence spread out of Ning, erasing any and all Essence that was in the surrounding, removing the tornado.

Then, Ning arrived on top of the man who was temporarily without any Essence to use and swung his sword.

In a single strike, Saburn was cut into two.