"When I first came to this planet, I arrived on this island," Ning said. "At that time, I had removed my memories about everything regarding Essence and started my adventure here."

"That was about… not so long ago," he said. "I took you here so you could get away from your problems for a while."

Clara nodded. She looked around at the serene scenery around her. "Why is it daytime?" she asked.

"Because we are on the other side of the planet," Ning answered. "We should be… somewhere between Springwind and Blueflame continent. I think we will reach the Blueflame continent in a few days if I'm not wrong."

"Oh," she said. She was just too surprised by everything else to be surprised by this as well. She simply acknowledge what was happening and nodded.

"Rest for a bit. I'll take you somewhere after a while," he said, letting Clara rest.

He prepared a simple hammock between the trees on the island and let her lay there while he stayed in the sand. He looked at the beautiful blue ocean, the bright trees, and everything in between.

It was so quiet, so peaceful. Compared to the place he had just been to, this felt like paradise.

"Emma will love this," he thought connected with his other body inside his Inner world. He realized that barely a day had passed in the time he was gone and sighed.

He was with his wife, who quickly realized he had changed.

"What's wrong? Are you checking in?" Ely smiled.

"No, not checking in," Ning said. "I'm here to bring Emma out. It's a new place, so I think she'll love it."

"Is it a fun place?" Ely asked.

"Yes," Ning said.

"And why are you not calling me then?" Ely said.

"Father-Daughter time. No moms allowed," Ning said.

Ely chuckled. "Alright, go enjoy your time with her. But I'm next. I want to see the many worlds too," she said.

"I promise I'll bring you out before I leave this world," Ning said and quickly released his Divine sense and found Emma with the other kids, teaching them how to cultivate. She was the strongest cultivator and mage on earth, so she spent her time teaching when she could.

Ning quickly told her what was happening and she came running back.

"Other world?" she asked in surprise. "Really Papa?"

"Of course," Ning said. "Let's go."

"Wait, I need to say goodbye," Emma said, trying to go to her mother, but Ning stopped her.

"You'll be gone for a day at most. No need to say any goodbyes. Let's go," Ning said, throwing Emma out into the World of Astoria.

As soon as Emma was out, she looked around, confused for some reason.

"What's wrong?" Ning asked. "Do you not like the place? It's only an island for now. We'll go to different cities soon."

"No, that's not it," Emma said. "I feel… weird, weak. I think it's because I'm not on Earth anymore."

"Ah!" Ning realized what was going on. "System, will there be a problem with Emma staying away from Earth?"

<No immediate problems will occur from her staying away from Earth because of his unique situation as a living being that is a Will>

<However, because she is no longer on Earth, she will no longer have any means of using either her Qi or Mana unless she is in a world with that.>

<Also, the energy that she can use as a Will won't regenerate as her world is in another verse from this one. As a result, she will start losing her energy as a Will and will need to return back to Earth to gain more of it>

"How long can she last?" Ning asked.

<Depending on the situation, it can be anywhere from a year to a decade>

"And if she does lose her energy, she won't have any real problems will she?" Ning asked.

<Aside from not being able to do the many things that Will can do, she will have to live as a normal human being.>

<Of course, as a high-level Body cultivator, she will neither age nor have any problems living with the mortals.>

"Great!" Ning said. "Did you hear that?"

Emma nodded. "It seems I have nothing to worry about," she said.

"Who's that?" a voice called from behind them.

Emma turned around and saw the black-haired Clara. She turned to Ning and asked, "Since when did my ring have this language?"

"I added it just a little bit ago," he said and turned to Clara. "Come, meet my daughter."

"Daughter?" Clara looked surprised. "her?"

"This is Clara, say hello," Ning said to Emma.

"Greetings, Clara. I am Emma," Emma said. "It's great to meet a person I know nothing about."

"What?" Clara looked confused.

"Don't mind her," Ning said. "Why are you down? Go rest. We'll leave once you're rested."

"Sorry, hello. I am Clara. You're pretty." Clara couldn't help but add the last sentence on her own. It was hard to beat the beauty of a Planetary Will that was modeled after the humans that were born there.

Emma touched her face, wondering if that will become a problem here. She still looked no older than 15 years old at most, but that would be hard to stop creeps from trying to get to know her.

"But… how is your daughter here?" Clara asked.

"Clara, it's better if you don't ask these questions," Emma said. "The answers you get will be more confusing than the question itself. Just know that I am his daughter and now I am here as well."

Clara looked at Emma and frowned a bit.

Ning tapped Emma on the forehead. "Be more respectful with your words," he said.

"Huh? I am respectful though," Emma said.

"No, you are not," Ning said. "She thinks you are a 13-year-old child who is being rude to her. If you don't want to stand out, you will need to learn to be more adaptable."

"You will need to act your age and only then will you start having fun."