The group flew toward the center of the forest, toward the mountain range, at the center of which was a small pool of pure white Essence gathered at the center.

The Essence there was so thick that it took actual physical form, becoming a liquid for all to see.

Ning walked up close and touched the pure Essence.

His hands burned immediately from the overwhelming amount of Energy they came in contact with, but that sort of pain was nothing more than a tingle to Ning.

"Doesn't look much different from the one where we live," Emma said. "I wonder if I can touch it."

"Shouldn't be much of a problem," Ning said and let his daughter do what she wanted to.

Emma walked up to the pool and submerged her hand in the pure Essence. She sloshed it around and even pulled out a bit in her cupped fingers.

However, it very quickly disappeared after coming out of the pool.

"Hmm, it can't retain its physical form outside of the pool, huh?" Emma said. "I wonder if I should go dunk myself in there."

"That's… probably not a good idea," Ning said. "We don't know what would happen to your energy if you were completely submerged. Better to stay safe."

Emma shrugged.

"Can I try?" Umbra asked.

"No," Ning said. "The Essence here is so pure that if you, a Shadow Beast tried to touch it, it would ruin your physique as Shadow Essence isn't much compatible with Pure Essence."

"Your children, however," Ning continued. "They can probably do it. They haven't been exposed to a lot of Shadow Essence just yet, and thus do not have a core that is primarily for Shadow Essence."

"If we can slowly introduce them to Pure Essence, they will certainly be able to do what no one else could imagine of them."

Umbra's eyes widened in surprise. "Do you think that is possible?" she asked.

"Absolutely," Ning said. "I already asked the system if it's possible or not. Now that we've found the Origin, I will later ask my system just how to go about everything."

"Papa, what do we do now then?" Emma asked, looking around. "I can't think of anything."

"Hmm," Ning thought for a moment. "The only thing we can do is have you stay here so your body is acclimated to Essence. Once you have acclimated enough, your Sea of Essence will form, and after that, you can create your cores."

"So… I just have to do nothing but sit around then?" Emma asked.

"Yes," Ning said. "Although, let's see what the system suggests."

<What outcome do you wish for each individual?>

Ning thought for a bit. "For Umbra, I want her to reach the Divine realm if possible," he said.

Umbra's eyes widened in shock. Divine realm? That was something she could never imagine reaching in this lifetime at all.

The luck one would need to ever reach the divine realm was something impossible to obtain through hard work. Has she actually gotten lucky to meet the two humans?

<I can provide a strong absorption technique that can help her quickly improve her Essence.>

<To reach the Divine Realm, she will need a core that is absolutely all Shadow Essence. Unless she can reach that, she won't reach the Divine realm at all.>

"I see," Ning said and quickly explained what he learned from the System to Umbra.

Umbra's eyes were wide after finally learning what it was that was needed for her to reach the Divine realm.

"Just… a pure Shadow Core is all I need?" she asked.

"Just?" Ning chuckled. "Do you know how hard it is to get a core that is 100% just one attribute? Your current core is 92% Shadow Essence. 4% is Water Essence, and 3% is Pure Essence. The remaining 1% is an amalgamation of the remaining Essences."

"So don't say 'just a Pure Shadow core'," Ning said.

Umbra remained quiet and nodded.

"Alright, give me what we can use for her," Ning told the system.

The System created a few books, which Ning flipped through. "Huh, different techniques to improve her core, huh? I can see what it does," he said. He tossed the book to Emma, who quickly caught it.

"Since you wanted a beast as your pet, it is your task to teach her that," Ning said.

Emma didn't consider that a chore at all. She was more than happy to do as she was told. In fact, she even preferred it.

"Now, onto the two cubs," Ning said. "You haven't named them, have you?"

Umbra shook her head.

"We'll name them something later," Emma said. "Don't worry about it."

Ning shrugged. "I need something for the two cubs, system. Tell me what I can do to give them the best results possible out there," he said.

<There is something the cubs can do to reach a result that isn't easily acquired in this world. The cubs will however be in pain while they learn this method. Would you like to hear it?>

Ning frowned a bit. "How much pain are we speaking?" he asked.

<Like being shot with a pistol through the stomach>

After a bit of contemplation, Ning opened his eyes. "I can destroy their pain receptor before giving it back to them later, right?" he asked.

<You can do that as long as they haven't formed an Essence core yet. Once it is formed, the Essence Soul is also formed in its rudimentary form, and that will hurt a lot when using this technique.>

<if they have formed it, you cannot help them at all.>

"Great, then we have nothing to worry about," Ning said. "Tell me, what method is this."

<It is called the Twin Harmony Core Disorder technique>

<It uses a mixture of harmonious energy along with disorderly energy to soothe and then expand one's Sea of Essence while breaking apart the core inside of it.>

<The disorderly energy rips it apart, and the soothing energy heals it.>

<In the end, once you are done with it, you end up with 2 different cores, each of which you can use separately.>