Umbra had sized down to about what was acceptable for a normal beast to be. She was no bigger than a big horse and was even ridable if need be.

As a beast in the Stellar Harmony realm, she didn't need to worry about others sensing her Essence and could easily pass as a normal beast that wasn't very strong.

They had teleported onto the ship and that felt like the most normal way to enter the Trobble City.

Ning and Emma walked to the front of the passenger ship and saw that it was being dragged by giant aquatic beasts all the way to the city.

The Water Essence on top of the Ocean was simply very strong. There was not a single location here that wasn't filled to the brim with Water Essence.

Ning couldn't help but wonder if there was any other Essence possible to be found here at all. However, once he got close enough, Umbra let them know that there were other Essences there too.

Soon enough, they could properly see the land.

The port of Trobble City was filled with many boats, most of which were fishing boats. The western side of the city was known for its fish market after all.

This reminded Ning of a certain city he visited on the planet of Nulwurn, but this seemed a lot better.

"Woah! Look at all those fishes," Emma said, pointing at a small boat that was so filled with fish that any more and it would capsize under its own weight.

After a while, they finally arrived at the port, and one by one, the passengers started leaving.

Most of the passengers had no beasts, but there were also enough there that did.

Ning and Emma were around the latter half of the people that left, and they walked down the platform with Umbra and the two cubs.

Ning held onto Lory, while Lyra slept on Emma's shoulders.

"Tickets and license," a man said with absolutely no enthusiasm at all.

Ning nodded and pulled out a few pieces of paper from nowhere and gave it to the man.

The man yawned and looked at the papers for a bit before his eyes widened. Finally, he bothered to look up at all. When he did, his eyes fell on Umbra and the two cubs.

"Quite the rare beasts you have there," he said. "Where did you find them?"

"In the Springwind continent," Ning said simply.

"Seriously?" the man said. "You've got some luck, young man. You can leave."

He tore up the ticket and returned the license before letting Ning and the others go.

The license that the man had asked was one that denoted that the beasts that were with them were properly trained and harmless in general situation.

Because of how dangerous it was to let beasts roam around in the open, in the continent of Blueflame, one was required to own a piece of license at all times.

Ning and Emma walked past the man, walking into the city.

The bustling city showed its face as soon as they climbed up the stairs and got a full view of it.

Emma's eyes widened in surprise. "Woah!" she said. "This is amazing."

Ning looked at Emma's smile and smiled hismelf. He understood the feeling of seeing a new and unique city that you knew next to nothing about.

As a Will incarnate, she could never really get that feeling back on earth, so seeing her eyes widen in surprise at this outer world was something he was more than happy to see her do.

Emma turned around at a sound and saw a man carrying a lot of fish in basket. She turned to the other side to see a woman walking along with a deer that carried a flower basket on ist antlers.

A little kid held his nose from the smell that was ever present in a fish market, and a woman that ran after him so he didn't get too far away.

Emma's face was full of grin and happiness as she got to witness what she had been missing for a long time.

She got to finally understand the feeling of being ignorant. The feeling of not knowing what was happening anywhere. The feeling of not knowing who a single one of these people were.

This was the feeling she had been missing. This was the feeling that she wanted to feel, which was why she was annoyed with her father all those years ago to make him make her feel these feelings.

This was exactly what she had been missing her entire life.

"Amazing!" Emma said, looking around.

Ning rubbed her head a little. "You having fun?" he asked.

Emma nodded.

"Very much," she said with a grin that showed all her teeth.

Ning smiled back. "I'm glad you're having fun," he said. "But we need to leave. If we stay any longer, we are going to start smelling like fish."

"Oh, yes," Emma said and walked away with Ning. "Where do we go next?"

"That depends," Ning said. "What do you want to do here?"

"What do you want to do?" she asked back.

"I… let's see… I think I want to learn to be a Converter," Ning said. "Either that, or I want to learn to make various arrays with Essence. I have barely any idea how either works, so I want to learn those from scratch."

"Oh," Emma said. "That's not what I want. For now, I just want to go around and visit the various locations. Find the various places to eat, shop and stuff."

"I see," Ning said. "Then I'm afraid we will have to find a way to earn money."

"Can't you just create money?" Emma asked.

"Nope," Ning said. "Not when it involves something created through Essence itself. I can do nothing about those."

"Then what do we do?" Emma asked.

"There is only one thing we can do now," Ning said. "Let's go find a shop. I might have a few things to sell."