Ning arrived back at the store with Emma and this time the young man let them in without any hassle.

They walked in and were immediately awed by the size of the building.

They knew that it was tall from the outside, and maybe even quite a bit wide. But they weren't expecting it to go as far as it did.

This was no different than a supermall at all.

Various types of goods and services seemed to be sold here, all of which seemed premium from what Ning could tell.

"Does this sort of place even buy things, papa?" Emma asked.

"I don't know," Ning said. "Let's go find out."

He walked through the mall, going deeper into it before realizing he couldn't find a store that sold what he was trying to sell back.

Emma looked around with him but she didn't find any either. "Maybe we have to go to the upper floors," she said.

"Maybe," Ning said. "Let's go up and check."

The two of them made their way up the mall until they arrived at the shop they had been looking for.

An Essence Crystal shop.

Ning finally sighed. "Here it is," he said. "Let's go in."

Neither Ning nor Emma felt any different in the atmosphere around them, but they knew that if they had been in the Essence Sense realm, they would've felt it so easily.

A female attendant quickly greeted them. "Welcome, may I know what you might be looking for?" she asked.

Ning didn't speak immediately and looked around to see what he could find there. Emma took his place and greeted the young woman.

"I'm sorry, we are not here to buy something," she said. "Instead we are here to sell something. Does your store buy Essence crystals?"

The female attendant hesitated a bit. "I'm sorry. You are here to sell?" she asked.

Emma nodded.

He tried to see if they were joking or not for a second. However, seeing the seriousness in either of their faces, the girl knew that they were serious and were here to sell.

"I'm sorry, miss. Our store doesn't buy Essence crystals from customers. We have our own suppliers and we only buy from them," she said.

"Is… that so?" Emma said and looked toward her father who was still looking around. "Papa, she says we can't sell here. Let's go find another store."

Ning finally stopped looking around and turned toward his daughter with a bit of chuckle in him. "Just because they are saying no right now doesn't mean we can't try and persuade them a little more," he said and turned toward the lady.


"Dana," the girl said, showing the name badge on her chest.

"Miss Dana," Ning said. "I understand that you do not want to purchase something from two random strangers. I do not know whether it is because you think we are thieves that are trying to sell something, or you want to protect the reputation of your company."

"But let me ask you something. If by chance your higher ups find out that you refused us, and that we instead sold something very precious to the other stores. Would they let you be, or would they fire you?" he asked.

The girl wasn't sure what to say at all. This wasn't the sort of situation she was prepared to handle at all.

"I…" she tried to form some words to drive away the silence.

"How about you tell your higher up that there is a customer that is willing to sell something very precious and that if he comes to meet me within the next 2 minutes, I will sell it to him," Ning said. "If not, I will go to the other store."

"Uhh…" the girl paused for a moment before bowing a little. "Please wait a minute. I will go talk to my manager."

Ning smiled at his daughter. "See, that's how you do it," he said.

Emma frowned a bit. "Why are you showing off to a little girl like her? She practically went away because she was too confused to do anything else," she said.

"Eh? No, but I used my words to convince her to go find her manager," Ning said.

"I'm pretty sure she just doesn't want to deal with you," Emma said. "Besides, whats the point of lowering yourself just to sell something. There are so many stores. We didn't have to sell it here at all."

Ning pouted after hearing all that. "Why are you being so mean?" he asked.

Emma shook her head and sighed. "Is this what you do when you are out on adventure?" she asked.

"No," Ning said. "Maybe."

The girl quickly returned, and behind her was a middle aged woman with a stern face.

"Is this him?" she asked.

"This is the guest that wanted to meet you," the girl said and stepped back.

"I hear you want to sell something," the woman said. "Could you please not harass my staff just because you don't like their answer? We are not in the business of buying from someone we don't know about."

Ning was so taken aback for a few seconds that he didn't even know what to say at all.

"See? Can we leave?" Emma said.

"No," Ning said and looked at the woman. "You can reject me if you want, but the thing that I'm selling is something that your shop isn't selling at all."

The manager's footsteps paused and she turned around. "We sell everything."

"Do you?" Ning asked with a doubtful look and then turned toward the display.

"Light, Fire, Water, Wind, Earth, Sand, Mud, Steam, Explosion, Ice, Magma, Crystal, Moonlight, and Shadow," Ning said. "You truly have a lot of crystals here, but you do not have everything."

The manager frowned a little. "That is everything that can be found and sold," she said.

"If that is so, then what is this?" Ning asked, bringing out a glowing white crystal.

The woman looked at it for a second before her eyes went wide in shock.