Lory and Lyra's fights against the men left them bloody and bruised. They only now realized why they hadn't been punished the other day. They were clearly being kept to be punished today instead.

They were also surprised at how tough the two cubs were. They had all seriously tried to fight them and yet they had lost so easily.

In the end, it only stopped when they could no longer move.

Ning walked upto them and crouched in front of them. "Do you know how long it has been since you all started fighting?" he asked.

The men shook their heads. They were in so much pain that they would rather not talk at all right now. They didn't care how long it had been either. Why would that have mattered at all?

"15 minutes," Ning said.

"What?" one of the men asked, even as his body hurt from the vibrations from his own voice. "We've fought for longer than that surely."

"Nope," Ning said. "Just 15 minutes. Well, closer to 16 minutes, but who's keeping count, right?"

He looked at the men that realized that they had been beaten to this stage by two beasts in no more than 15 minutes.

How was this possible? How were the beasts so strong?

The men could not make sense of any of the situation, and in the end could only resign to their fate of being left alone while they were beaten and swollen.

"Do you know why I asked you how long you fought for?" Ning asked them.

None of the men cared enough to answer him.

"Because I wanted to tell you all that it is a bit too early to just give up on fighting," Ning said.

The men quickly perked up, not understanding what Ning was talking about at all. So what if it was early to lose? They had lost. That was it. What else could they do in their current beaten up cond—

"You are all healed!" Ning said.

A seconds later, each and every young men inside of the warehouse were fully healed. Even the man who had his knuckles broken the other day was surprised to see his knuckles be healed as well.

"What? What's going on?"

"I don't fell any pain?"

"Am I hallucinating?"

"Mother, your son is coming to see you very soon."

The sudden absence of apin caused them all nothing but confusion and somehow bliss. They were happy at the suddne lack of pain as well as the ability to move around without in pain.

"Thank you!" one of them shouted.

"This is like heaven. Am I in heaven?" another one asked.

"We must be in heaven."

NIng sighed. "Stop being so dramatic," he said. "It is time for you all to go and fight again."

The men paused. They looked down at Ning and then at the two cubs, one of which was more than excited to fight them.

The men gulped and looked at Ning. "Can… can we not fight? We already fought," they said.

"Oh, is that so?" Ning said. "Well I guess then I must take back all the healing I just did."

He cracked his knuckles to make a large cracking noise. "Come. Let me break your bones in the exact same way you were beaten earlier."

The threat was more than enough.

"No, no, no, no, no, no. We will fight," one of them quickly said and turned around to the pumas.

The men gulped and quickly formed in line. The front portion was taken up by the people that wanted to get this over with. The the rest of them that hoped Ning would get bored at some time and stopped making them fight.

Lory looked at the man at the first and charged without even waiting for the fight to begin.

The man quickly reacted and placed his hands forth, but it wasn't enough. He was struck so hard that he was sent flying away by a single strike.

In the end, that man got what he wished for. A swift dealing of matters. They wanted it all to be over with quickly and it was.

However, they hadn't realized that being beaten up early meant that they had to stay in pain for a long time still.

Lyra made the second attack. She ran toward the other man, copying her brother as she did so. When she arrived there, however, instead of headbutting them, she ran underneath their legs and jumped before slamming their back with their paws.

The strength of these cubs were enough to send the man flying through the room.

He flew in Lory's direction, who quckly jumped and dealt the knock out blow that sent the man's body flying like a ragdoll.

The fighting continued a little more before Ning arrived around them.

"Not yet!" he said, once again healing them all.


"Please! We will leave this business."

"Please, I will give up myself."

Ning shook his head and smiled. "My beasts need training and you guys are the perfect training materials. You all showed to our door so easily. We didn't evne have to go find some targets," he said. "Thank you."

These men had heard nothing more demonic than the words 'thank you' that they heard just now.

The fight continued for 2 more hours in which the most the men had managed to last was no more than 20 minutes.

Each time they lost, Ning would heal them and make themf ight all over agan. The men wanted to cry blood in the end by all the pain and suffering.

The fighting stopped when Lora and Lyra were tired and wanted to go sleep.

Ning nodded and let Umbra and Emma take care of thei two kids. Then, he finally turned around toward the men in front of him.

"You have two choices now," he said. "First, you will come here every morning and train with my beasts."

"Or second, you will go and turn yourself over to the authorities, while also telling them everything about your little organization."

The choice for these men after today was obvious.