Emma managed to make it out of the city in about 2 hours by simply walking the entire way. While the city felt small while she roamed, it turned out to be quite big, the further she went the more rural it became.

At some point, she arrived in front of the forest where she was supposed to find her items.

"Alright, first is Maybell flowers," Emma said to Umbra who was next to her. "You two listen as well. This is what the flower looks like."

She created a picture of a beautiful pink layered flower that grew on a long stalk. "If you see these flowers, let me know," she told the two kids.

Lory and Lyra nodded furiously as they were happy to help.

Emma changed the pictures. "Next, we have the Stairway fern," she said, creating a picture of a fern that had leaves growing on it in circular patterns going all the way to the top as if it were a stairway.

"This might be harder to find, but just be on the lookout for it," she said. "Next, we have the Tremania fruit. This is apparently what it looks like."

She showed the picture of the fruit, exactly as she saw it back in the mission shop. It was a red fruit that was all jumbled up in a spherical pattern, somewhat similar to grapes.

Only these were a lot smaller in size.

"And we have this, this, and this."

Emma showed multiple images one after another explaining to the beasts what they were supposed to find.

Umbra was fine with the information dumped on her, but the two little ones couldn't keep up at all. They could only cock their heads in confusion while Emma explained everything.

"Finally, there is this," she said, creating the image of a dark brown moose with glowing red antlers.

"An Essence beast?" Umbra asked.

"Yes," Emma said. "This is the Flamelord Deer, and we will have to find this. We will be quite rich if we find it."

"Aren't we already rich?" Umbra asked. "Your father has all that you could ever need."

"Uhh…" Emma paused for a moment. "This is a different type of rich."

"Okay," Umbra said. "Let us continue then."

Emma led the way with the beasts following behind her. Lory quickly jumped down from his mother and jumped onto Emma's left shoulder to look around the forest. Seeing her brother do that, Lyra did the same and jumped on her other shoulder.

Emma pet the two beasts as she walked.

The forest she was in went deep for a few hundred meters before it sloped upward, going up a mountain. There were also ways to go around it, but that took a considerably long time to do so.

Even after a few minutes of walking in the forest, she saw nothing. "Damn it," she said softly. "The others must have collected what was toward the front."

"Zam iz!" Lyra said, copying her.

Emma panicked a little. "No, don't say that."

"Zam iz?" Lyra asked.

"Don't say that," Emma said.

"Zam yis!" Lory said it too.

"Don't…" Emma sighed. She realized that she couldn't make them stop by telling them to stop. The only way to stop them was to stop paying attention to them.

However, for the next few minutes, the two siblings continued repeating the same words. She focused on the ground in front of her, rather than the siblings, and looked for the items she was here for.

"YIS!" Lory finally changed what he said.

"Oh, are you done saying that?" Emma asked, turning to Lory. When she did, she realized that he was pointing at something.

"Hmm?" Emma turned to look at what he was seeing and saw a bunch of humans walking around the forest, just like her.

"Oh, other people," Emma said. "I wonder if they are here for the same things as me."

She tried to see if they had something that she could no longer carry, but they most definitely had a storage item and as such she couldn't tell.

She sighed. Just where was she supposed to find what she needed?

The other people saw her as well and a few of them stared at her. Emma quietly bowed toward them and made her way away from them, deeper into the forest.

Finally, she saw the first thing she was looking for. Deep in the forest was a red clump of fruit, the Tremania fruit that she had been searching for.

'There it is!' she thought with a smile and made her way toward it.

"Emma," Umbra said. "There's that plant you wanted."

Emma looked to where Umbra pointed and found a small patch of ferns that were more than enough for her to claim the rewards of the missions.

"Yes!" Emma cried out and quickly ran to the ferns. "I found it. Thank you, Umbra."

Umbra smiled and looked at Emma quickly going and picking up the ferns.

Emma took her time as she properly pulled out the ferns from the ground. She didn't want a chance that her fern would be rejected just because it wasn't fully left or some other reasons that they could come up with.

As she gathered it all, Umbra spoke again.

"Emma!" she said softly.

"Yes, I'm done," she said. "Did you find others?"

"No, Emma!" she called out with a bit of urgency in her voice.

"What?" Emma quickly turned around and saw a bunch of people walking her way.

"We have guests," Umbra said.

Emma put the ferns into her storage space and slowly walked up front toward the people who had come.

She put the two siblings on top of her mother and stood before them.

"Hello," she said politely, quickly recognizing that these were the same people from earlier. "Can I help you, seniors?"

The group of 5 men had people that ranged from someone in their late 20 to someone in their mid-60s.

The man in his 60s was the one that spoke up. "Your beast, girl," he said. "I wish to buy it."