"My beast?" Emma asked. "I'm afraid Umbra is a friend and not someone I can sell."

"Everything is for sale, my girl," the old man spoke. "You can even sell your fiends for the right price. We will just have to find the right price for your friend too."

Emma frowned a little. "As I have said, my friend here is not for sale. If that was why you came here for, then you may leave," she said.

The old man laughed and the other men laughed as well, almost as if following the old man's lead.

"Are you sure you don't want for me to buy your friend?" he asked.

Emma nodded.

"Very well," the old man said. "I won't buy your friend."

"Thank you," Emma said.

"Then how about the little ones. How much will you sell them for?" the old man asked. "They will sell for even more. Maybe 40 thousand Fire coins each."

"That is a lot of money," one of the men said.

"That is life-changing money," another man said.

Emma was starting to get angry, but she held onto her anger. "You are being rude to me by asking me to sell my friend. Please leave and let me alone," she said before turning around.

"Let's go."

Emma let Umbra turn around and start walking. Umbra walked away first with Emma behind her.

"You girl!" the man spoke again. "Don't you dare leave."

Emma frowned. "Please don't bother me. I don't want anything to do with you," she said.

"You little… do you even know who I am?" the man asked.

"Yes, do you not recognize him?" a young man asked.

Emma shook her head. "I only came to the city yesterday. If he is supposed to be someone important, I'm unaware of him," she said.

"You're quite well-spoken for a girl that is somewhat rude," the old man said. "I am Darris Tobbler."

Emma looked at him blankly for a second. "Okay," she said. "Can I leave now?"

"You… do you not recognize my name?" the old man asked.

"Like I said, I came to this city yesterday, I am not sure of anyone or anything in this city," she said.

"Do you know the name of the city/?" the man asked.

Emma thought for a moment. "Tobbler City? Oh, you're a Tobbler. Are you important to this city?" she asked.

"Yes!" the man said. 'I am Darris Tobbler, the mayor of this city."

"I see," Emma said. "Good for you. I will be leaving now then."

"What…" the old man was surprised. "This little girl is so rude. I'm done with this. Take her beasts. She shall be punished by having her beasts removed from here.

Emma quickly turned around. "I dare you to try it!" she said with an angry look on her face.

The men were taken back for a second before they got their composure and started coming up to her.

A person brought out an Earths word and used it. A spray of rock spikes appeared around Emma, capturing her inside of it.

"Alright, go and get the beasts," the mayor said.

Just then, the rock that covered Emma blew apart and she walked out of it unscratched. "You really dared!" she said with an angry face.

She looked in front of her at the people and looked at the person that brought out a wind sword. He was about to attack her, so she picked up one of the rocks that she had blown apart and threw it at him.

As a Will, it was hard for her to want to cause pain to others. That didn't mean that her human side didn't have a say in her own will once in a while.

The rock she threw wasn't very strong. It was her barely using any force at all. Even then, the rock hit the man in the chest and sent him flying away, incapacitating him in a single strike.

"What? What did she do?" the people asked in surprise.

No one could make sense of what had just happened. As they were all confused, Emma pulled out another piece of rock and tossed it at the next person that was next to the first person.

The man tried to protect himself, but before he could do so, the rock smashed into him as well.

A massive rock in the shape of a fist flew toward Emma, but she casually punched it, breaking it apart at once. She caught one of the broken pieces and offhandedly launched it at the third man that was in the group. That man was sent flying as well.

There were only two more people remaining. The first was the man with the earth sword and the other one was the 60-year-old mayor.

Emma looked at both of them and moved. She arrived next to the younger man and reached for his sword.

The young man didn't even realize that his sword had been stolen until after it had been. She remembered what her father did the other day and crushed the sword.

The sword turned into a large piece of rock that suddenly appeared in front of them, crashing onto the two. The two men fell to the ground, none seemingly getting up in time.

Emma walked around the rock and arrived next to the old mayor before looking down on him. "You may have sold your friends a lot when you were young, which is why you think everyone does that," she said. "But that's just you being a bad person."

She then turned toward the man that was looking at her in shock. "I shall leave you unharmed so you can take care of these men," she said. "Until then, they will be unconscious."

She turned to the mayor and gave him a sharp chop to the neck, knocking him out and possibly even breaking his neck a little.

Then, she turned around and walked away, making her way back to Umbra and the kids.